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  1. I enjoyed the insight the Mannings provided. Favre was good, once he got it out. That might have been him fighting tech issues, though. I'd like to see a defensive mind paired with Peyton on the broadcast.
  2. My $.02 Don't disregard the effect Landry had on all phases of the offense. Third downs, gadget plays, and especially downfield blocking. The man balls out every play!! He'll be back in 3-4 weeks. In the meantime, DPJ got a lot of usage in week 2, albeit without many fantasy points. I'm guessing that continues, at least from a usage standpoint. I think he's ahead of Higgins right now. Schwartz is OBJ's back-up, it seems. He'll see reps as OBJ is phased back in. My guess is, it's OBJ & DPJ with the rest sprinkled in. Also, don't forget the TEs. They are used extensively! Felton, BTW, is a KR and COP guy. He isn't a WR.
  3. My $.02 from CLE... The only limiting factor is the number of weapons on the Browns offense. It's not his "flakey" nature or his injury in 2020. He is 100% and focused. It's not Baker Mayfield. Baker's 2020 was superb given the circumstances, and the Browns averaged over 30 ppg when the two of them played together. If he doesn't put up 10 TDs, it'll be because the ball gets spread around. Everyone, the backs, the TEs, the many WRs, will eat!
  4. Once bitten, twice shy. When he first appeared, I gambled on his potential. He, needless to say, came up short. I won't be drafting him on potential again. His value going forward lacks that aspect in this house, making him a wr4 at best.
  5. Would you trade Rodgers for Watson?
  6. Still curious how people would evaluate a Watson for Rodgers trade.
  7. Especially days 2 & 3, I'd like to see every pick announced within one minute of receiving it (the pick is in...). I spent WAY too much of my life waiting on BS.
  8. Yeah. It's nice to see them target specific guys for our team. I like it!! I want to see the drafting part playout, though.
  9. Wasn't fond of the QBs, especially JM, but I thought acquiring the top CB in the draft was a slam dunk. A kid at Christmas!
  10. True dat. I suppose getting a good CB added to the team should be enough. Everyone else looks to (potentially) have flaws, depending what you read. MAYBE JOK is the next big thing, an evolutionary step at LB. I hope so. MAYBE Schwartz shows he's not just wheels. MAYBE the 4th round linemen are able to produce at this level despite some shortcomings. MAYBE I'm just jaded because all the Indians' "maybes" turn out to be zeroes. I've said I trust AB and I do.
  11. I'm usually giddy after a draft. I'm generally an optimist. I'm not feeling it this time. I LOVE the FAs they signed, but the draft leaves me MEH. Hope I'm wrong.
  12. ESPN lists them both at 5'8", 201 lbs.
  13. Three picks in round 4. 5, 8, and 27. This is where they shine. Go AB!! Link to ESPN best available
  14. I dunno. I just perused the roster & there were twice that many guys I was unfamiliar with. Roster on ESPN
  15. Enjoy!! Been hearing a lot of chatter about a WR. Personally, if they take one before rnd 4, I will be disappointed.
  16. Hourly forecast has temps at 50 & wind <= 10 mph. Radar forecast says no precip at that time. All-in-all, tolerable. Dodged a bullet!
  17. I agree there. The pro game is quantum leaps above the college game. You gotta hope the GMs have the ability to gain that info!
  18. True dat. The trade itself netted much opportunity which, due to incompetence, went for naught.
  19. I don't have a logical guess. "Trade down" was my most likely of various scenarios, but even that was in the 15% range. The good news is AB's doin' it, not me. Also, it's certain that a very good player will fall, if the mocks are at all accurate. Can't wait!
  20. (insight) What was there: prototypical NFL QB physically. What was amiss: accuracy. What wasn't disclosed: level of coaching, mental ability. It was my opinion at the time (and still is) that accuracy issues are mechanical and can be fixed.
  21. "Something big" implies acquisition rather than trading out. It may well include players, making room on the roster & the cap. Hmmmmm...
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