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  1. It frustrates me how many horses are pulled from the Preakness. Was it always like this?
  2. So am I waaaayyyyyyy too late to learn and become a part of whatever is going on? My brother-in-law says it's not difficult.
  3. My 17 year old daughter played Lacrosse the day of and the day after her 2nd shot last week.
  4. Yeah, not what I was expecting. Wife was bored. I was waiting for action as well. Ended horribly.
  5. No thanks. I'll take the monster OT over a 165 lb WR everyday. Fields I could see.
  6. He's done. Not sure how you can argue against that when a new regime comes in and does what they just did. Horrible pick in my opinion.
  7. That is the one I purchased but, like I said, it doesn't look as clear since swapping it out. I have also tried adjusting the lenses. No idea.
  8. I bought a 3rd party strap and after swapping it out, we all feel it's not as clear. I have cleaned the lenses (with dry cloth as suggestion) but it just doesn't seem right. Any suggestions? Also, bought the Walking Dead game a week or so ago with the coupon and couldn't play it more than 5 minutes without feeling sick. First game I ran into that problem.
  9. Wife and I watched News of the World with Tom Hanks. Honestly don't understand the high praise and ratings. Very slow, very little action, no big payoff.
  10. Mine is at 60 in said room with windows. Maybe people like watching TV while burning their retinas. ??
  11. Criteria is so crucial. If talking natural beauty, Michigan needs to be near the top along with the states out west that are home to the best national parks in the country. If we are including roads and how the governor managed Covid, then Michigan would be near the bottom.
  12. Went back to Universal in February with my two daughters being 17 and 14. Last time we were there they were 12 and 9. They liked it better the first time. Universal is full of simulation rides. So age may be an issue when deciding. My girls now prefer Cedar Point, Kings Island, Dollywood, etc.
  13. I know I have said it before, I do not understand the complaint about how bright OLED TV's get. My OLED is in my front room that has four windows. It is plenty bright. I honestly wouldn't make that my deciding factor.
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