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  1. Baltimore is the obvious choice except no way does Indy trade him to Baltimore or any other AFC contender.
  2. This is kind of my point. It seems some are content with his usage. I disagree. I think, much like Henry, as Taylor goes the Colts go.
  3. Went late last night to see No Time To Die First thing first, tragedy how little screen time Ana de Armas had. She looked amazing. Movie lacked action. A bit too much dialog for my wife and I. Especially in a 2 hour and 43 minute film.
  4. I'll let you know in a few hours. Seen this script before and no, it hasn't worked well.
  5. I've never wanted a team to lose so badly. There is no excuse for Gaskins not being in there.
  6. 10 catches for 74 yard sand 2 TD's is pretty darn good. Do I think he's great? No. But best RB they have.
  7. The entire Miami staff should be fired. Last week proved Gaskin is a key part of their offense. To go away from him like this is ridiculous.
  8. Despite the monster numbers, I am nervous. Seems like without a few plays here and there, he would be a below average fantasy QB.
  9. Knew I should have ignored the rankings and went with my gut in regards to Hurts.
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