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  1. Wait....Lashley isn't really in the title hunt is he? To me he is one of the most overrated, overhyped wrestlers ever.
  2. Please delete. It would help if I was logged in before checking. My apologies
  3. Spent the week in Orlando last week. Visited Universal three days and there is absolutely no way they are limiting capacity. Couldn't even walk through Harry Potter. Absolutely ridiculous. Disney sounds like they are doing a much better job.
  4. My guess is McIntyre will win the belt at WrestleMania with fans. He was robbed of it last year.
  5. I though I liked Kevin James because I really enjoyed King of Queens, but I think I just liked Leah Remini more than I already realized. I will give The Crew a shot however.
  6. My wife is a soap snob. Black Cherry Merlot is probably my favorite. By far the worst is candy cane or whatever it's called.
  7. I haven't participated since the Yahoo days but am looking to make a return. Can I get the cliff notes for joining? EDIT: I am in.
  8. That's fair. I have three big windows and it's never been a problem. I just wouldn't hold up buying one for 20% more brightness. Take care
  9. The brightness on my 2020 OLED is more than enough at 60%. How much brighter do you need?
  10. I love Salma Hayek, but I can't convince myself to watch "Bliss" on Amazon Prime Video.
  11. This was talked about a few months ago. Very well done. Extremely creepy. The ending got me really bad.
  12. The updated LG Nano series has received a lot of negative feedback. I would skip on them. TCL 8 series would probably be the better option.
  13. I think I posted this here once before, but unsure. I have a Panasonic ST60 plasma in my basement. After playing COD or watching TV with a static image, you can see the logos on the screen. I usually put on the Disney channel for 5-10 minutes and it goes away. In July I bought an LG OLED for upstairs. Never.....never have I seen any image retention at all. I would not be concerned. Also, my TV goes into a screensaver when left paused, etc.
  14. Oh it should have been so much more. Don't recommend it at all. Too slow.
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