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  1. I said this earlier, I like Joe and the team, but I already miss Dodds and the website is not good. I like the traditional layout just like I loved the old school information that was provided. I have struggled paying the past few years and I also think this may be my last. Seems like there is more effort into updating and upgrading the site. It wasn't broke. Just provide good, clean content that is easy to find.
  2. Seems obvious Urban doesn't care for him. Drafted his replacement and even gave Hyde way more touches than needed. I am very concerned.
  3. Urban clueless and obviously hates Robinson
  4. Exactly my point. Isn't Fantasy 101 "Never bench your studs"? Yep. Guy is Elite when healthy.
  5. Highest paid blocking FB in the NFL.
  6. Fair point. However, we are all just trying to compose the best team we can under the cap. Personally, for me, I wanted some late bye weeks. Can't win it if you don't make it to the end.
  7. Could not agree more. First one was creative and unique. Even as a standalone movie this one was average.
  8. J Taylor is the absolute stud some of us feel he will be Ekeler will be a fantasy bust. (Felt this even before the injury) Ridley #1 WR Harris becomes L Bell version 2.0
  9. QB - Matthew Stafford - 14 QB - Ben Roethlisberger - 9 QB - Sam Darnold - 8 RB - Jonathan Taylor - 31 RB - Javonte Williams - 18 RB - James Robinson - 16 RB - Trey Sermon - 15 RB - Gus Edwards - 11 RB - Sony Michel - 5 WR - Robert Woods - 22 WR - Odell Beckham - 13 WR - Corey Davis - 10 WR - Antonio Brown - 10 WR - Michael Pittman - 9 WR - Marquez Callaway - 5 WR - Bryan Edwards - 4 TE - George Kittle - 22 TE - Jonnu Smith - 9 TE - Chris Herndon - 5 PK - Rodrigo Blankenship - 4 PK - Matt Gay - 4 TD - Cleveland Browns - 3 TD - Denver Broncos - 3 Total value: 250
  10. No rose colored glasses here. Just the reality of the situation. If next season, a group of 6 women made a pact to get to the end, I would be cool with that too. I wouldn't call them sexist.
  11. I'm truly surprised by how some of you view him. Not only are you questioning whether he is a #1, you're questioning whether to start him?
  12. Hard for a team to produce two WR1's and a top 5 RB no? I don't think Cooper, Dak or McCarthy are ready to pass the torch just yet. Give me Cooper.
  13. Geez. I don't know how to explain this any more clearly. The cookout is not targeting white people because they are white. They want to make history and bring all the African Americans to the end. To me, that is a huge difference and no different than women or men forming an alliance to bring all the guys / girls to the end. Some of you need to relax.
  14. So any chance he killed his wife and son and this was to help cover it up? First thing I thought of. He suffered a grazed shot to his head while changing his tire?
  15. Got him in round 4 of a 12 team PPR league after going Zeke, Ridley and Waller.
  16. I feel like I may have one of some variety. If I lift something fairly heavy, I will have discomfort in my groin area for maybe a week or so and then it slowly goes away until the next time I lift something heavy. I've just been dealing with it and either avoid lifting heavy things or ask for assistance. Any long term issues with doing that? Doesn't feel like I need surgery.
  17. I'm sure Louisiana is beautiful down there, but I don't understand why you would build a house on stiltsin an area that is hammered fairly often.
  18. Thanks. Yeah I dropped the ball on Pollard. Rookie mistake. I like the though of Ollison.
  19. Got him for $1 in an auction keeper league. I was stunned and excited. Guy has league winner written all over him.
  20. Got him at 6.7 in a very competitive, 12 team PPR league last night.
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