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  1. My thought was go say it takes 150,000 signatures to get in office, and you can collect up to, say 175k. That way, 25,000 people could disagree with you and pull their support, but you'd still keep the job. Drop 25,001, though, and you're booted for the next-highest supported candidate. Simultaneously, the cap would prevent someone popular from under-representing those people who like him: Say, a Bernie Sanders-type guy who has a million people who would support him... instead of "wasting" the 850,000 additional signatures above the threshold, he tells his followers to sign the petitions for friends of his who he supports and agrees with. So Bernie takes 175k, and he picks five "Bros" to form a coalition with and they distribute the rest of the million between them, putting six Bernie Sanders's into office. Track it all online or something, or register your petition support by mail. Mail in the name of the guy you support, plus a ranked-list of others in case the guy you want is over the 175k. Withdraw your support at any time. Do a yearly or bi-annual survey or caucus, like an "open enrollment" period, where everyone has to re-up and new people are seated.
  2. Get a bag of potatoes. Boil a few in a pot, with at least an inch of water above them, for 15 to 18 minutes after the water starts to boil. Refrigerate them overnight. THEN, do whatever with them. Once you pull them out of the fridge you can make wedges, cubes, hash, "fries", whatever.
  3. I think we should get rid of districts entirely. Allot, say, 1000 seats in the House, and fill them by petition. Each registered voter can sign on to one petition. Anyone who runs for office who gets 150,000 signatures or whatever it takes to be in the top thousand gets a seat. Let the voters hop off your list at any time. Drop below 150k supporters and lose your job. Districts make no sense anymore. I live in one, work in another, commute through two more on the way in between. Shop all over many more. No one district represents my life. And my political interests are different from my neighbor's. Geography is not how I'm defined. No reason for geographic districts anymore.
  4. Why a normal dinner? More benefit by denying your body the fat and kicking it into burn mode. Seems to me you'll sure reduce overall calories, but might not trip over into fat burning mode.
  5. What's impossible? The Orlando shooter was reported to the FBI, what, 6 times? He certainly should have sent up a flag somewhere.
  6. What I'm saying is, after this Dallas incident, we hear renewed calls of "Let's get rid of the guns!" My point is: "What gun control policy will prevent incidents like this?" Since this event, and Orlando, were committed by people generally authorized to have guns in our society (army soldier, police officer trainee/security guard), what's the solution being proposed? If it's really "get rid of guns", then you're saying soldiers and cops should be disarmed. If you're not proposing that, then whatever policy is being suggested would not have prevented the incident which leads to the call anyway, so what's the point? The only solution I see to prevent incidents like these specifically relies on better screening and mental health procedures. Yes, that's "in a perfect world" in some way, as there will always be crazy people. Sure. But it would certainly have seemed to prevent at least the Orlando shooting if the guy who was reported to the FBI a half-dozen times was actually looked at responsibly. I lay the blame for that incident on the government. I don't see any other way to solve the problem, perfect-world or not. These were not ordinary civilians going nuts. These are people who should have been identified as unstable much earlier.
  7. You are in the distinct minority if you don't want police or soldiers to have guns.
  8. This is exactly my point. We should screen people better instead of banning the guns themselves. We should allow normal sane people to have guns. We should do better to keep the crazies from getting them. We want security guards, police, and soldiers to have guns. We should keep guys like the Orlando shooter from becoming a security guard, police officer, or soldier. Same with the Dallas shooter. And the Orlando shooter was removed from the watch list inappropriately. That should be investigated and prevented from happening again.
  9. Hearing the suspect in Dallas was out of the Army. Does any gun control proposal include not letting soldiers have guns? Just like in the Orlando nightclub shooting, it appears the person behind it is exactly the type of person that we as a society actually want to have guns. The Orlando shooter was a police trainee and licensed security guard. The Dallas guy appears to be a vet. And once again, it's apparent that the issue is proper mental health screening, not gun control. These are the type of people who should have guns, but as individuals, they should have been screened out psychologically before getting them. The real gun control issue shouldn't be what kinds of guns to ban, or whether ownership in general should be legal. It should be what safeguards are in place to prevent unstable people from taking advantage of rights that sane people should have.
  10. Weird gif in that it makes it appear Juno slowed down due to the gravity boost.
  11. This is an interesting one. First heard about it a while back as the Tamam Shud case, I think in the "interesting wikipedia articles" thread. Obviously a spy. Russian? Seems likely that they've identified his son, but he'll never consent to a DNA test.
  12. Ouch. Die Hard, Groundhog Day, The Hunt for Red October, Spaceballs... a 4. Shuke is not to be trifled with this day.
  13. Remember you can wait as long as you want to reimburse yourself from the HSA. I'm paying all my out of pocket expenses from cash & savings, and holding on to the receipts. If I ever need to pull money out of the HSA, I've got over $3K in receipts to take money out penalty free. Until then, I'm using it as another tax free growth account. Pre tax money goes in and untaxed money comes out whenever (up to the receipts total until I reach the age where all withdrawals are without penalty).
  14. You still can pull to either side. The gas hose has a retractable line that'll let it stretch far enough to reach the cap even if you're facing the other way. One of my little joys in life is passing by all the other "left" cars waiting for a spot to open, pulling into a "right" spot, then pulling the hose all the way down and across. Bye suckers!
  15. The proper pronunciation of "pubes" is 'pyoo-bees', not 'pyubz'. Look it up in the dictionary.
  16. That's not how star trek worked. They still had bar tabs to pay and the guy cleaning dishes at Sisko's dad's restaurant wasn't doing it out of the creative pursuit of wiping the perfect plate. Roddenberry never fully developed an explanation for commerce.
  17. Jalopnik says the driver posted a youtube video of a near-accident in April where he admits he "wasn't paying attention" but the car saved his life avoiding a crash with a truck merging in front of him. So there's certainly the case that Tesla's "autopilot" still requires human attention. Obviously from reading the report it seems that it was only scanning normal-light vision, instead of using radar/lidar to identify objects in front of it. I've always imagined that full autonomous driving will require more than just scanning the normal visual range.
  18. Seeing news articles saying "confirmed" Edit: Tesla blog post: https://www.teslamotors.com/blog/tragic-loss
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