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  1. Spence/Crawford still a tough call for me, size advantage not as pronounced in that one. Spence is a helluva boxer. Nevermind the power (which is hellacious), but the guy just doesn't put many punches wrong. He's extremely responsible defensively, he sets up well with the jab and varies his attack, and his defensive anticipation is really good. He looks good inside, he makes excellent adjustments, etc. etc. It's a joy to watch him fight. That and the size advantage, Mikey was just up against a wall.
  2. I think he beats Thurman. I also think he beats Pacquiao. I'm pretty confident he beats anyone below that.
  3. Not really impressed with any of the quarterfinalists tbh.
  4. Garcia would run circles around a crude destroyer like Lejarraga (who, btw, has one of the best homefield advantages in all of boxing. his fights are nuts), but Spence isn't just power and a set of big nipples, that guy can really box. And he can cut off the ring on fighters and punish his opponents. He's also a superb finisher. Garcia's a good fighter off the back foot, he's extremely versatile and he does everything well, and he's quick, but the size is going to be an issue he just can't overcome. I think Spence wins, but I also think Garcia's probably going to be the #3 guy in that division, even in defeat. That vaunted crop of PBC 147's is starting to show its age.
  5. Lot of chiming in from people who do drink, if only occasionally. IT IS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU.
  6. Hey uh, I don't want to be a ####, but where are we on eliminated teams still making pickups?
  7. https://twitter.com/DAZN_USA/status/1104546264635633664
  8. PBC has another 6-fight "overcard" tonight, dudes fighting in front of a couple hundred people in the cold, no TV. They are weird sometimes.
  9. Super-welterweight Ismail Madrimov knocked out Frank Rojas in brutal fashion in the second round. Only his 2nd fight and he's fighting 10 rounders, dude looks very legit.
  10. GGG to Da Zone for his next 6 fights. Wilder's in talks to do the same. ESPN was wooing him too, the PBC was going to have to make Wilder/Breazeale a ppv, and that would've gone over like a fart in church.
  11. I want no part of wildthing in the semis fwiw.
  12. Those Bulls teams when Jordan was suspended* were really good. * - Let's just be adults about this.
  13. Weekly. First show was ok, the second one (last week) with Don Cheadle was incredible. It was really just 30 minutes of non-stop ####-talking.
  14. The Kid Mero said Jordan's just DeMar DeRozan with a gambling addiction and while I don't necessarily agree, I appreciate that take.
  15. Earlier post pointing out that maybe people who separate legal asylum-seekers from their children, proceed to lose said children, and also subject said children to horrific abuse along the way, or the people that support said practices, perhaps don't have their hearts in the right place = deleted. Cool. Maybe that's contempt, when you disagree with the OP and said post just gets snipered. And, I think just contempt by itself doesn't do anyone any good. Sophie Scholl surely felt a lot of contempt, but she also took action.
  16. Loblaw 2nd in points and fighting for his playoff life. Mean game.
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