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  1. This is old already.Well, Aaron, how long will it take for you to make it TimTebowFan?Good shtick. Remind me not to give me so many timeouts in the future.when do i get changed to RaiderNationFan :heartstarssugarnipples:
  2. I'm a Bears fan. He will have no problems beating this defense.really? the only things the bears defense does well is stop the run,,, right? i could be wrong
  3. Gonna drag this poop out cuz knox is throwing a fit. Cool or not cool?
  4. I don't even know what that is.Red wine. Like $17 a gallon
  5. I drank 3 huge plastic cups of lambrusco today
  6. Atheist here, and I love the kid for what he does and how he carries himself as a professional athlete. Couldn't care less about the noise and other stuff.great posting - I'm agnostic and I completely agree. The kid is just a genuinely awesome person.carburetor here, i love his drive. great motor on this kid.
  7. No I don't think if that's all Joe heard he needs to "follow up". I take it I'll be in the minority on this but he's a 70+ year old head coach of a major college power. He's got enough on his plate and playing investigator is not one of those things. He did what he I think he should do which is tell the GA to report it the correct parties and let them handle it. At this stage of the game Joe lacks the mental capacity to oversee every aspect of what goes on at Penn State or deal with every issue.he lacks the mental capacity to know that sexually abusing children is wrong?
  8. No offense but your FIL is not Joe Paterno. Who said he was? I was just addressing the chain of command in a university to another poster.Right, but the situations aren't comparable because of the power differential. Your Father-in-Law might get in trouble for circumventing the proper chain of command. Paterno wouldn't.chain of command gets thrown out the window in situations as severe as this one.
  9. how about selling a used car without buying one? have to sell my gf's 2010 challenger with less than 10k miles. she still owes about 19 large. same car with more miles was selling on carmax for about 24/25k a few weeks ago. not exaclty sure which features she has. what kind of offer can i expect if im not buying?
  10. My next 4 beers will be my first as a father. congrats!!!boy or girl?Boy! Knox Irving. Thanks drunks.
  11. My next 4 beers will be my first as a father.
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