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  1. one- what the hell brah?

  2. thanks for the kind words about my breasts and paintings

  3. yep, they keep me busy

  4. is this where "everything goes down?"

  5. can i help you with something?

  6. stopping by to say cleavage

  7. is this where the smell is coming from?

  8. whats going on in here? checking in...

  9. i loveth thee

  10. do me a favor and pour some sand into your pee-hole.

  11. 1 stars! everyone is special in their own way!

  12. you are extremely good looking

  13. if i could, i'd never leave the house, chief.

  14. hey toug guy, go fly a kite.

  15. hey tubby, want some salt water taffy? huh tubby? you fat piece of garbage. ill send yu some cuz im drunk. if bentley wants soe, tell him to go play in a puddle.

  16. you have some real cool friends!

  17. 5 stars! real knob job.

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