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  1. My kids took tae kwon do and I would go to pick them up and watch. I finally got lured into taking it, and started when I was 38. I started BJJ at the same time. I'm 42 now. You aren't too old. Its fun. go for it!
  2. I've been married 18 years and we've had two mattress purchases during that time. I've felt ripped off with both purchases. I can only afford 2k or less, but really want to get the right one this time. What matress is the best??
  3. My kids have been taking Tae Kwon Do for years. When I went to pick them up, I would see the 20-40 year old men walk to the back gym for their BJJ lessons. I decided to give it a try ~3 years ago when I was 40. It isn't a crazy competitive school, but it is definitely enough to feel it after a rough night. You also really hurt if you take more than 1-2 weeks off and come back into it. There is no better workout that I've ever done (including P90x plyometrics!). Stick with it. Its a blast learning what you are good at and how to bait people into your favorite moves. Its also fun having
  4. 1 stars! everyone is special in their own way!

  5. since I'm the first that made a comment, does that give me an in?

  6. I've worked for large companies (AOL, Accenture) and small companies. I always really preferred the small ones as you had more sphere of influence on decisions. In July, I partnered with two old co-workers and 1 ex-competitor and started an IT Consulting company. I have 5 kids, house payments and the economy stinks. I must admit that the "in your gut" fear of failing still hits me every now and then, but I'm still convinced I made the right move. I have near complete control over my day, I can see exactly where we are financially (as opposed to having to trust executives), and I love the
  7. I'm being offered 4.875 with zero points for a 30 year fixed refi. The broker advised that I should NOT lock yet as it was going to go lower (he predicted close to 4.5 -- no points -- by late dec).
  8. 1. Not a co-worker2. What in the wide, wide world of sports is wrong with you?
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