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  1. Just because you don't appreciate IDP doesn't mean it's a small group. There's more of us out there than you realize. Of course we are not a large of a group as tame offense only leagues, but we deserve some information. I am only asking for what was on the site previously, not anything new.
  2. I disagree. As Sigmund says: "IDP is REAL fantasy football", as evidenced by him including IDP in his Bloom 100.
  3. I for one am very disappointed in the IDP content on the site. The IDP Roundtable Podcast has been a must hear event for me in past years. Why has it disappeared? Also, injury updates for IDP before gametime is no where to be found. If this doesn't change, this will be my last year subscribing to Football Guys.
  4. Thanks Gene. This is one of my most trusted and relied upon resouces.
  5. If Gene doesn't get this done soon, he may as well not bother.
  6. Is Jene going to post his combined draft board for 2021? I certainly hope so. I have come to depend on to navigate my 14 IDP rookie drafts.
  7. Well, getting Bramel's combined draft board is one of the main reasons I continue to subscribe to this site. I'll have to consider going somewhere else next year.
  8. Rookie drafts in IDP dynasty are a big deal. We subscribe to this site, in part, to help us navigate this process. The combined rookie draft board is a key resource. If we're not going to get this before our rookie drafts are over, then I think we need to question whether or not this is where we want to spend our dollars. Thank God for Bloom or we wouldn't have anything.
  9. I agree. I depend on this resource to guide me through my 12 IDP dynasty league rookie drafts. Sadly, three of them start today.
  10. Is Jene going to do a combined offense and defense rookie rating sheet this year? This is the most helpful index I have ever used to navigate IDP dynasty rookie drafts. If anyone knows could you please enlighten me? Thanks.
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