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  1. Lol yes that's Rex. He's a champ at press conferences and sound bites.As a Jets fan, my 2 cents: I was a big Rex fan and thought he got a raw deal from having the worst GM in the sport. Players run through walls for him, and he's a genuine, emotions-on-his-sleeve guy. As a defensive mind, he is elite. Probably would be the best (or top 3) DC if he chose to stick with that role. That being said, I totally understood his dismissal. Four years of no playoffs and overall regression are going to carry consequences. Yes, Idzik was far more to blame, but you cant fire the GM and keep the HC twice in a row...Woody Johnson learned his lesson. Rex never showed that he could cultivate offensive talent. His focus was not balanced...far too defensively-minded. If you're going to operate like that you damn well better have an incredible OC running the show. As a true HC who should be in charge of the entire team, Rex did not do a great job. Like i said, I am of the opinion that he is a near-perfect DC, with a lot to learn about the "CEO" durties that go along w/being a head coach. The buffalo situation is not ideal, since your team also has glaring QB problems. I was surprised at the hire, but Rex is prideful. He couldnt pass up the opportunity to face Belichick and the Jets four times a year haha.
  2. Agreed.He's more likely to fall out of the top 5 than to go to TB #1. Todd McShay just brought out that Mariota is asked to make less than half of the NFL-type throws that winston is asked to make. When he does, he makes those throws with far less accuracy. McShay's basic analysis was Mariota checks every box and is everything you'd want as an NFL prospect....except for the most important box, which is handling and passing from the pocket.
  3. Haha, i was going to say the same thing. Both are top prospects...one is more pro-ready and the superior NFL prototype but with character concerns...one is an ultra-athlete with spotless off-the-field image, but needs more pro coaching/polish. I prefer rolling the dice with Winston, but I'd take either on my Jets.
  4. Ive enjoyed the whole series and believe it's worth watching, but not enough to get Netflix for. However i highly recommend getting Netflix because it's awesome. Oh, and as far as "Series Good Enough To Get Netflix For", there's Arrested Development, House of cards, Archer, Breaking Bad, more. For anyone looking for the Xmas special, try this video site called "YouTube". The kids rave about it.
  5. This. The idea that he's some kind of a lock elite franchise QB is silly at this point. Not to say he has no chance of becoming that player, but what he does at Oregon doesn't fit what he'll have to do in the NFL. At Oregon he throws out of the spread against minimal pass rush to wide open receivers and takes off running when things get messy. In the NFL, the pass rush will be exponentially more difficult and the passing windows will be a lot smaller. He'll still be able to run every now and then, but he won't be able to lean on that crutch nearly as often. He has some legitimately good qualities and I think there's a chance that he'll become a franchise QB, but he's not Andrew Luck or even close. There's lots of bust risk here. If I were the fan of an NFL team sitting near the bottom of the standings, I'd be hoping that my team takes a safer player at another position rather than gambling on the huge risk of Mariota. For that matter, I'm not convinced Winston won't be rated higher when the dust settles. He's not as mobile, but he's much less reliant on his legs and Florida State's offense is a lot closer to the pro style. I've been saying the same thing. 50/50 as to which QB ends up being the first picked. Strictly based on on-the-field performance, Winston is a no-brainer, imo. There's months of dissection ahead!
  6. He'll probably have a bad Pro Day. Whatever, maybe he makes some mistakes tomorrow night. Maybe Winston looks like a stud. Not sure why this needs to be said every year, but everyone's 'locks' right now are probably going to look silly. None of the top draft guys have gotten any actual inside info from their sources yet, because teams haven't started stacking their boards yet. So their own boards haven't magically changed post-season. Which magically change the boards of everyone else. Raider fans this time last year were bummed out that they won too many games to be in the Teddy Bridgewater hunt, he was a top 3 lock. This x 100. This literally happens every single season...it's like people have never been witness to the NFL draft process before. When was the last time that the top 5 "locks" in December ended up being the top 5 picks? Manziel, Bridgewater, Matt Barkley, Geno Smith, Quinton Coples....all top 3-5 "locks" in december.
  7. Probably Gordon, but what's your point? Not Gordon-Drew Bennett, last 8 games of 2004.The point is that a small sample size doesn't always extrapolate to season-long, or career-long numbers. ODB has been a stud over the last 8 games. That doesn't mean he will put up those same numbers over the rest of his career, or over an entire season. Bennett was not a rookie in 2004, but we get the point (although Beckham only being a rookie is a major factor in the hype he's getting). I certainly agree that Beckham will not have a 2000 yard rec. season next year, or ever. However, i have not seen a rookie WR dominate like this since Randy Moss. Someone who is eye-poppingly and obviously the most dangerous weapon on the field. The Claytons/Boldins/Allens of the world had impressive, very good rookie seasons. None of them were on the level as OBJ.
  8. forgot that Keenan had an extra 1/4 of a season to put those numbers up He did most of that in 13 games (68/1016/9) compared to what Beckham has done in 11. No question Beckham has had an all-time great rookie year, just putting it in context. so beckham had better numbers across the board in two less games isnt really putting anything in contextTotally agree. "Guys don't forget....Allen did less than Beckham in more games! Context!"Also, if you use your two eyeballs to actually watch Beckham and KAllen play football, the difference in ability is evident.
  9. Probably, but then he will throw in a touchdown and another 30 yards rushing on a reverse for a touchdown. Him and Leveon Bell are winning people titles
  10. Ki'Jana Carter Blair Thomas Tim Worley Sammie Smith Dude I can go on and on and on with first round bust RB's. But T'Rich is right up there. As not only was he taken really high...he was then dealt for another 1st rounder. Doh!!!!! Trent, as of today, is the biggest non-injury RB bust I've seen since Lawrence Phillips (who was an even more impressive college rb imo). I was a big proponent and I've never been so wrong about a running back. Loved watching him at Alabama, but it's clearly not clicking for him as a pro. I hope he can miraculously learn how to not suck someday, but it won't be on my team.
  11. My favorite 15 TZ episodes : 15. To Serve Man (season 3) 14.Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (season 5) 13. The Midnight Sun (season 3) 12.The Rip van Winkle Caper (season 2) 11.Shadow Play (season 2) 10. The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street (season 1) 9.Mirror Image (season 1) 8. Stopover in a Quiet Town (season 5) 7. Five Characters in Search of an Exit (season 3) 6. Living Doll (season 5) 5. The After Hours (season 1) 4. Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up? (season 2) 3. The Invaders (season 2) 2. Time Enough at Last (season 1) 1. Eye of the Beholder (season 2)
  12. Totally stunned. W...T....F.... As was mentioned, 2014 first round should be fantastic and Cleveland is setting themselves up to make a splash and draft whomever they want. If they want Bridgewater, they'll need the ammo to get him. Well...they might not need to trade up now.
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