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  1. Gronk saying news will drop Sunday night. Does this mean he wants to play again and join AB, Edelman, and Gordon to make a run for glory? Or is he messing with people and going to do something like announce a new personal line of alcohol? Thoughts?
  2. Hey, in the big picture, this stuff doesn't compared to family. Sending prayers your way.
  3. He deserves this contract and the reconginiton as one of the greatest WR's of this era! Go Julio!
  4. This may only apply for a few minutes, but as of right now, I make more than Antonio Brown! WTF?! ( Yes, yes, yes - I mean salary - not endorsements and everything else, but still)
  5. Thanks in advance for humoring us amateurs and best of luck to you this year! I am in a PPR league and have a WR question. Can start 3. I have M Evans(if not ill) , T Boyd, and W Fuller. But I have Josh Gordon and Tyrell Williams on the bench. Are either worth a start? And who would you sit? Thanks Scott
  6. Anyone else think it's ironic that as the main story of the morning (on the NFL channel) is that AB is spiraling and the circus continues, that the crawler below and other big story of the day, is that Julio Jones, who could be the total opposite of AB, as far as personality, behavior, and person as a whole, is signing a bigger contract, (per year anyway)? Good for you Julio!
  7. Your team has been successfully entered. QB - Carson Wentz - PHI/10 - $19 QB - Lamar Jackson - BAL/8 - $12 QB - Derek Carr - OAK/6 - $9 RB - Nick Chubb - CLE/7 - $25 RB - Kerryon Johnson - DET/5 - $23 RB - Josh Jacobs - OAK/6 - $20 RB - Duke Johnson - HOU/10 - $9 RB - Alexander Mattison - MIN/12 - $6 WR - Mike Evans - TB/7 - $27 WR - Julian Edelman - NE/10 - $23 WR - Robby Anderson - NYJ/4 - $17 WR - Tyrell Williams - OAK/6 - $13 WR - Josh Gordon - NE/10 - $6 TE - Jared Cook - NO/9 - $17 TE - Mark Andrews - BAL/8 - $9 PK - Matt Prater - DET/5 - $4 PK - Greg Joseph - CLE/7 - $3 TD - Atlanta Falcons - ATL/9 - $5 TD - Cincinnati Bengals - CIN/9 - $3 Trying this year to actually put together a team that might compete, never got beyond about week 10. Think I am ok for Bye weeks, but if you have any thought Any thoughts? Thinking about maybe dropping a QB for RB? I have Mattison, based on Cooks health in the past, but I'm just some guy, I dont spend hours or months researching, but trying to be smart. Thanks Pyro boy
  8. I used the DD last year and all the other guys want it this year, but I have a question. Are the projections that are in the program, and that get updated weekly, adjusted for the settings I put in? What I mean is I play in a PPR league and drafting for that means that some guys are ranked a lot higher or lower based on their # of recptions, will the DD take that into account? A Happy Customer Pyro boy
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