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  1. There are a couple of tough games ahead after the Giants which is another "should win" game. The Chef's don't look like the previous years Chef's but I am not going to count them out just yet. The Bengals are a legit threat. Beating the Ravens today definitely should wake everyone up to that. The Cowboys finally realized the rest of their division sucks and they shoulx easily win it. They are playing well. That will be a tough three game stretch. Washington will be another should win then we get the Chef's again and right into the Browns who should be healed up then and a tough game. The thing is the... the last couple of years, we beat good teams and then sucked against bad teams. I think we would have won the Bear game if not for the email drama. Losing to the Chargers isn't anything to be ashamed over and if we had played half way decently in the first half, we could have won that one too. BTW: As of tonight, of the season ended, we are in first place in the division and would be the second seed in the playoffs. My full game thoughts tomorrow. I don't want to type it out on my phone like I am now. 🤣
  2. Carr almost always distributes the ball. How far into the game before the ball actually hit the floor (the INT was the only miss)? I really like they play calling by Olsen and approach. The team does look loose to me. I am really getting excited about Bisaccia as the HC. I think the yeam is fighting for him. All reports are pointing to all the players love him. Win or lose, if they keep playing like this, I think Bisaccia gets the intern title taken off. I like Mayock as the GM and gaining the 51% of power. Biasaccia looks to be as advertised by pretty much anyone who talks about him from Mayock, to the players, to media, to ex-players etc as a true leader. I am good with Olsen and Bradley as coordinators. I have no position coaches I would like to see replaced. Maybe a new ST or promote Storer if he is ready. We still have a bery young team and even the vets, except Incognito and looks like Wright, have a few years left in them. Solidify the offensive line add depth and we are a team that can be in the playoffs consistently and fight for those SB berths.
  3. I don't remember... I don't keep a notebook but I know there were some here before for sure. They know who they are. Plus TONS of so called Raider fans in the general populace.
  4. Carr finished 31 of 34 for 323 yards, and remains paced to break Peyton Manning's NFL record for passing yards in a season (5,477). Derek Carr threw for a career-best 90.9 completion percentage Sunday, the best single-game percentage of the NFL season to date among qualified passers. Carr's previous career high was 90.6. All you Carr haters should send Carr personal correspondence begging him to forgive you for not having a clue.
  6. Calm down nothing. This is a game we should win which means in the last couple of years we would lose it. Further, witu the Grudem drama there was plenty of questions. I don't care who the Raiders are playing... the answer to the question if how they would play on the backside of it is answered and put away sll those questions.
  7. Raiders playing hard for Bisaccia. Olsen simplified the offense a bit to focus on execution. Is calling a great game.
  8. Maxx flying in to stop and then next play pick up the QB fumble. RAIDERS! Game is done and over.
  9. I didn't get the chamce to see last weeks Raider game but saw highlights and heard the glowing reports. Seeing this game, I am LOVING how the Raiders are playing under Bisaccia. Olsen is calling a great game.
  10. That is a lot of crying about nothing. Littleton was going for the loose ball which is what you do in football. Kelce got mad and got called for his reaction. The broadcast booth missed the pushing down and standing over Littleton.
  11. So 4 players is the max on any game, yes?
  12. If Mahomes doesn't have a concussion then I don't know what gives you one and how a player acts with one.
  13. Wow... screw up burning a time out and then proceed to get no where near making the field goal
  14. Are there any games that Mommy and Daddy can and will want to play as a whole team? Is there a handheld game that is decent for at least my little boy?
  15. I thought this was basically the same Chef team as last year but with an upgraded offensive line? Both the offense and defense look very much less and Mahomes looks like a regular QB. Did I miss some huge change that is making the difference?
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