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  1. Dynasty IDP 14 team league needs two replacement owners. Bylaws: 1) This is a Dynasty league. Each owner that enters does commit to this league with the expectation to be an active member of the league. All fees are expected to be paid promptly before the draft and involvement in the leagues day to day operations is expected to a degree. This would include votes of any kind (trades, rule changes, or disputes) as well as the community message board. 2) Division winners have a bye week in playoffs. The 2nd and 3rd placed teams in each division will play each other in each division in wee
  2. Las Vegas Raiders Nick Kwiatkoski Receives Career-Best Grade Nick Kwiatkoski received a career-best 75.3 coverage grade for the 2020 season, possibly the most underrated player on the Las Vegas Raiders. HIKARU KUDO Linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski made big strides for the Las Vegas Raiders last season. Kwiatkoski had a total of 81 tackles, including 53 solos. He booked three tackles for losses and two quarterback hits. Kwiatkoski also added an interception and one forced fumble. His performance earned him a Pro Football Focus coverage grade of 75.3, a career-best for the lin
  3. https://www.raiders.com/video/the-raiders-report-coach-gruden-talks-2021-offseason-alex-leatherwood Kennedy interview with Leatherwood Erin's legs Allen interview with Gruden Schedule release video with Woodson
  4. Silver Minings: Dez Bryant says Raiders ‘got a steal’ signing UDFA rookie WR Dillon Stoner The All-Pro has high praise for the fellow Oklahoma State product By Bill Williamson @BWilliamsonNFL May 14, 2021, 7:02am PDT One of the players from the Las Vegas 10-player undrafted rookie class who is getting a lot of publicity is Oklahoma State wide receiver Dillon Stoner. A lot of people around the league were surprised Stoner went undrafted. This week he get perhaps his biggest dose of hype when Oklahoma State legend and former Dallas Cowboy star receiver Dez Bryant pumped St
  5. Raiders DE Maxx Crosbyy has 93 pressures since being drafted After an incredibly strong rookie season, Maxx Crosby took a step backward for the Raiders in 2020. Or so it would seem. Crosby saw his sack totals drop from ten in 2019 to seven in 2020. However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Crosby had more pressures in 2020 and was actually the more complete player despite lesser sack numbers. He’s had quite the start to his career, totaling 17 sacks. He has the 15th-most sacks since entering the NFL and no player drafted in 2019 has more sacks or pressures than Crosby.
  6. Literally the biggest swing of emotions I think I ever experienced in my life..... being anxious to pure joy to crushing depression in the matter of like two minutes. I have experienced awesome highs and horrible lows but never the skyrocket high and following depths of hell that that damn play made me go through.
  7. I expect a jump in production. There is a reason why Gruden has favored vet WR's since his system is not rookie friendly in general and even more so for WR's. Add in the COVID year of screwing everything up for the learning curve and some time off for injury, having time to learn and practice should help him and Edwards get into the offense and be more effective.
  8. Looking to go down to Indy for New Years and catch the Jan 2nd game. I am suppose to be in Vegas sometime in Nov I think.... need to see if I can swing a home game.
  9. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/raiders/raiders-tickets-at-allegiant-most-in-demand-in-nfl-2353433/
  10. Funny.... I don't ever remember anyone ever saying anything about Aaron Donald being only 6'1'' and 284 (looked it up because I was like really?) Sounds like the type of undrafted FA that actually makes a team and can have an impact. They measure the measurables which are not what they think is ideal but then how do you measure the things that aren't actually about height and weight?
  11. I don't want to see Worley or Young back. If they do come back that tells me we got decimated with injury. Beasley... we didn't see anything from him after falling out in Tenn and only having that one year in Atl. But that one year was a nice one. I would keep him on the radar but I see no reason to bring back. Wilber is a ST guy and we should be able to fill that need elsewhere.
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