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  1. Mayock isn't going anywhere... at least not this year. If they fold and don't make the playoffs then he will be on the hot seat for next year but I don't see Davis sweeping the front office out too on top of this with Gruden. I think Mayock is entrenched. Bisaccia has the job to lose. If we make playoffs then Bisaccia will have the job. If we don't make playoffs then I think they will interview (and depending on how badly we miss playoffs include Bisaccia in there). Mayock isn't one to say things he doesn't mean and he freaking loves Bisaccia. Mayock still the GM means Bisaccia very much has this job unless the team just crumbles. If he continues leading the team and it performs like it did against the Donkey's consistently through the year then it will be Mayock and Bisaccia next year.
  2. You can still like a boss and not like some stuff they do. I don't think it is an all or nothing thing with Gruden and players. I don't get the sense that the players didn't like him or didn't want him to be coach. Clearly Jacobs prefers the sideline as it is now. There was some talk about liking how Drake is being used now versus before (which seemingly is another Jacobs comment). I also posted about some changes Bisaccia made right away that were different. That being said, I did not get the sense that there was an overwhelming sense of relief and joy from the players that Gruden was gone. I have seen no reporting of concrete evidence of this. The nearest is people saying what they think was happening in the locker room and vague comments about how the players reacted to the emails. I think that Nassib, for example, was shook and took a day off to process because he liked Gruden and then the emails were presenting him in a way he didn't know Gruden. I mean, if Nassib didn't like Gruden and wanted him out then it would have been all happy, joy, joy and no need to take a day off. I think some comments on the board here is more about projecting the writers feelings than an objective reading of the situation.
  3. https://heavy.com/sports/las-vegas-raiders/kenyan-drake-usage-jon-gruden/ Some interesting insight here... First, apparently players not being happy about how Drake was being used... not sure if that means Jacobs or more than Jacobs. Second, that this was primarily a Mayock signing and Gruden went along... however, I seem to remember there being talk about Drake wanting to come to the Raiders because of talking to Gruden and how they would use him but I could be wrong about that.
  4. Not good... Edwards was limited at practice Wednesday due to a hamstring injury, Paul Gutierrez of ESPN.com reports. In addition, Henry Ruggs (knee) was limited Wednesday, but the Raiders haven't indicated that either wideout will be at risk of sitting out this weekend against the Eagles. Edwards caught two of his four targets for 67 yards in this past Sunday's 34-24 win over the Broncos.
  5. https://www.silverandblackpride.com/2021/10/20/22737572/raiders-josh-jacobs-jon-gruden Apparently Jacobs likes the sideline better now.
  6. Not expected to keep him out longer than 3 weeks. I like him. Versatile being able to play both S and CB if pressed into service, had time in the system under Bradley and adds as a special teamer (couldn't resist). On a more positive note... Hankins back practicing.
  7. I think the team loves Bisaccia and he is, by many accounts, a great leader. Does he have the ability to handle all the aspect of being a HC? I don't know.... but if you give me a great leader and a team that loves that leader and that is all he is while having good coaches around him that know the technical aspects then you will see a lot of wins from that team. Olsen has been around the league as an OC and QB coach for a while... he had basically no talent on offense to work with in 2013 and not that much better in 2014 with a rookie Carr and very little else. Same in Jax, though better, still not overflowing with talent and Bortles as QB. He has a system that Gruden put in that he has worked with for the last 3 years and now can adjust and add his own flavor (apparently that included simplifying a few things like drops) and his play calling (have we done a screen past in the last 2 years?). I think Olsen is competent and can handle the offense and from Bisaccia it is also an open input from guys like Cable. Bradley was brought in to fix this defense and he has done it. Life likely hasn't changed much for him whether under Gruden or Bisaccia. I do find it kind of humorous that you hear Bisaccia talk about ST's more than your typical HC after the game which they tend to only mention if it changed the game good or bad or asked a question.
  8. Guess they liked what they saw. It likely is a signing to PS to get him to speed. I don't think he is a player you sign to the PS for development. So, as long as he catches up on things likely will be called up. ETA: I did not realize he was on a 6 game suspension which explains why he wasn't signed. PS to get him into football shape and up to speed... I have a feeling he will be replacing Parker at RT in a few weeks.
  9. How does an intereception turn into a reception for 12 yards? Was it like one of those they both catch at the same time things?
  10. Texans signing Jimmy Morrissey off Raiders’ practice squad
  11. Exert from an article last week that I thought was interesting... After Gruden stepped down, sources say Bisaccia quickly put his stamp on the program with a number of player-friendly changes, such as moving back the team's daily schedule to start a little later, reducing the number of plays per period in practice and spending less time on artificial turf (which players roundly dislike compared to grass).
  12. Raiders CB Nate Hobbs highest-ranked rookie defensive back through Week 6 Marcus Mosher October 19, 2021 Another week, another strong performance by Nate Hobbs. The rookie cornerback continues to be among the best defenders for the Raiders. Hobbs allowed just 40 yards on six targets, most of which occurred late in the game. Through six weeks, he has yet to allow a big play or a score. For a Day 3 rookie to play 318 snaps and not allow an explosive play or a touchdown is highly impressive. In a recent article by Pro Football Focus, they listed the top-15 rookies so far this season. Not surprisingly, Hobbs made the list, coming in at No. 6. But what is impressive is that he is the site’s highest-graded rookie defensive back. Here is what the site had to say about the talented cornerback from Illinois: “Hobbs already looks like one of the best slot cornerbacks in the league, and he’s done a terrific job of limiting yards after the catch for Gus Bradley’s defense. His 25 targets have resulted in only 10 first downs so far. More importantly, he’s yet to allow a score. He looks like another win for Mike Mayock on Day 3.” Hobbs is currently the fifth-highest graded cornerback in the NFL. And while we are here, his teammate in Casey Hayward Jr. is ranked at No. 1. They have been fantastic together and just haven’t allowed much at all to opposing receivers. Every single week, the selection of Hobbs in the fifth round is looking better and better. It’s time to give some credit to Mike Mayock and the scouting department for nailing this pick.
  13. Take a look at the latest power rankings following the Raiders' 34-24 win over the Broncos. NFL.com Current ranking: 15 Previous ranking: 18 Analysis: "The Raiders delivered their most impressive all-around performance of the season in a 34-24 whooping of the Broncos. Interim coach Rich Bisaccia had the team ready on both sides of the ball: The Vegas defensive line battered Teddy Bridgewater all day, while Derek Carr continued to make sweet music with Henry Ruggs and his underrated collection of playmakers." ESPN Current ranking: 13 Previous ranking: 17 Analysis: "It was truly the Raiders' most complete game of the season – and when they needed it most." Bleacher Report Current ranking: 15 Previous ranking: 18 Analysis: "It was a contest dominated by Las Vegas on both sides of the ball. Derek Carr threw for 341 yards and two scores, while the Raiders defense picked off Teddy Bridgewater three times and sacked him five times." CBS Sports Current ranking: 11 Previous ranking: 14 Analysis: "They beat up on Denver without Gruden, who resigned last week... That says a lot about this team." Yahoo Sports Current ranking: 14 Previous ranking: 19 Analysis: "Derek Carr was great, Henry Ruggs continues to grow as a deep threat, Maxx Crosby's three sacks led a defense that shut down the Broncos. That was a great performance."
  14. Pro Football Focus: “Leatherwood continued to play at guard after beginning the season at right tackle and drowning in that role. He has been markedly better at guard, which is not to say good. He surrendered two total pressures from 30 pass-blocking snaps this week against Denver, the first time he has been as low as two pressures since Week 2. Leatherwood earned his best PFF pass-blocking grade of the season this week (62.3) and the only one that has topped 50.0. Whether he is a long-term tackle remains to be seen, but it seems likely Leatherwood will stay at guard in the short term given how much better he has been.”
  15. We gave workouts today to DJ Hayden, Darqueze Dennard, DJ Fluker and Chris Slayton. I guess they didn't like what they say in Hayden and Dennard and signed Trufant. I read Teamer spent time at CB during the game which is not good. I don't know how Facyson or Nixon did. Robertson is such an enigma as he is built to be a good slot corner but apparently can't play the position and against bigger/taller WR's is so small that he can be worked. Trufant isn't a game changer but we do need depth at CB until Arnette and especially Mullen are back. Smells like a rental to me.
  16. Just the first ibe I came to that said the same things... the main info seems to be from Jason La Canfora who is solid and dependable. Many have picked up ftom there. Here is the CBS piece written by Jason: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/raiders-owner-mark-davis-believes-nfl-is-out-to-get-raiders-lawsuits-over-gruden-email-leaks-possible/
  17. From NFL.com: I was fascinated to see which way these Raiders would go after the head coach's abrupt exit, and boy did they ever answer the bell. It's one thing to preach focus and togetherness in the immediate wake of a shocking resignation, but it's quite another to travel to Mile High blow past the Broncos to create a tie with the Chargers for first place in the AFC West. What a performance! Derek Carr set the tone on the very first drive of the game with a beautiful, 48-yard touchdown pass to Henry Ruggs III. The quarterback continues to prove bullheaded doubters wrong, torching Vic Fangio's for 341 yards and two touchdowns on just 27 attempts. That's a whopping 12.6 yards per throw -- remember when people said Carr couldn't throw downfield? Meanwhile, Las Vegas' defense racked up four takeaways and five sacks, with Maxx Crosby returning to dominant form. The Raiders entered the fourth quarter with an eye-popping 31-10 lead before eventually prevailing 34-24. Long story short, these Raiders are 1-0 without Gruden. Where will interim coach Rich Bisaccia lead the Silver and Black from this point on? Can't wait to see. But for a moment, let's just marvel at how the Raiders performed on Sunday, at the end of a very long and trying week for the franchise.
  18. Which part? Raiders/Gruden settlement https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/jon-gruden-emails-raiders-to-work-out-contract-settlement-over-remaining-40-million-due-per-report/ Possible lawsuit, pissed and out to get him https://heavy.com/sports/las-vegas-raiders/mark-davis-nfl-lawsuit-rumors/ I have seen similar reporting in other articles. Nothing hard concrete... mostly sources and people close etc...
  19. The talk now is that Gruden and Davis are working on an amicable settlement on tbe remaining contract. The team isn't off the hook for 60 million but it isn't paying that either. There is also talk of a lawsuit from Davis over the emails... carrying on the family tradition. Davis did not want this and is pissed about it all. He believes the league did it intentionally and is out to get him too. Paranoid. Maybe... but it isn't paranoia if it is true.
  20. Only catching some highlights... a difference maker this year for the Dline is the middle guys. At least one of Maxx's sacks was possible because there was no pocket, it was collapsing. Previous years (even before with Mack) there was almost no push up the middle or disruption there and the QB's could simply move up and have time. I was worried about the middle with Hankins and Philon out but it looks like Jefferson, Thomas and Square stepped up. I saw Abram with the nice INT late in the game. He got up and snatched that ball out of the air. Facyson and Moehrig had INT's I see in stats but haven't seen the highlights yet. 32 and 33 yard average per catch for Ruggs and Edwards. The only concerning thing I see in the stat line is Jacobs 3.3 average per carry but Drake had 8 per carry and both did damage in the passing game. There is a lot of young talent on this team. Regardless of what some want to say. Sure, you can question some early draft picks during the Raider era but a lot of those questions over time have been silenced. Miller is a solid LT.... just like Leatherwood, we were mocked for taking him and just like Leatherwood, he struggled a lot in his rookie season. Will Leatherwood get better like him? I hope so. Ruggs and Edwards were written off last year. Same with Abram. Yes, it looks like Cle and Arnette are misses for being selected where they were. I think the one thing I totally missed on this off season in my rants was that Cle would have much more snaps than he is getting which is about 25% of snaps and he isn't making much of an impact on those snaps. Here is a question I always had about the HC in the NFL. What makes a great HC? Most are not as involved in the offense or defense like Gruden was on offense. Many very good and effective OC's and DC's consistently fail as HC's. Many very successful college HC's tend to struggle in the NFL. Take Brady away (and Brady's ability to get very good players to come play with him on the cheap) and Belicheat looks like a below average HC but so many call him the GOAT. He had a year to blame the cap but then went on a spending spree this off season and is 2-4 now. If you look at the HOF of great coaches and you would be hard pressed to find any two of them to be similar at all. I don't know much about Bisaccia other than the info I have vacuumed up in the last week. It appears that the team did indeed rally amongst themselves and around Bisaccia. I certainly didn't call it but I did suspect it. They could have easily crumbled and the past Raider teams, even those showing promise, would have and did crumble under much less significant pressures. From everything I can see this team is well lead by Carr and it is a very close team. Everything I have heard or read about Bisaccia is that everyone loves him but more importantly "the best leader of men" is a common phrase used about him. Is it possible that "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done" Genesis 50:20 (NIV)?
  21. Correct. Gruden called offensive plays and Olsen now has play calling duties.
  22. This team of players is tight. I have commented on that before... especially when Carr got hurt. You say that tightness... and you saw that this team was Carr's. Both the Offense and Defense love our QB. Glad most of Raider Nation is catching up to that as well.
  23. I didn't get to see the game. Hoping to catch a reply. Glad to see the team seemed to refocus on themselves and the job at hand. Again... literally everything I read about Rich is nothing short of absolute praise. I wonder if he never got a HC shor because he was a ST coach and I can't remember any HC moving from ST to HC before.
  24. Henry Ruggs III had two receptions of 40-plus yards, including a 48-yard TD. Since entering the NFL in 2020, Ruggs is tied with Davante Adams for the most 40-plus-yard receptions (eight) and all four of his career receiving TDs have been 40-plus yards.
  25. If I ever hear of some jackrear ever say that the league being against the Raiders is all in our Raider Nation heads... I will punch them in the face.
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