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  1. Good nuggets there. Reading into that.... Don't get locked in on a OL selection which I think would be logical choice to fill that RT where it is harder to find a starter outside of the 1st where as FS you can find someone in the later. Those, to me at least, are are two major areas of need. Someone like Parsons might get taken if they value him. Speaking of wanting to get faster on D.... if Parsons is available, how can we pass him if we want to get faster? The dude has speed and burst. I think he would be a good fit and could fill roles at WILL, SAM and LEO at times in Bradley's system
  2. You allllllllmost made it through the post without being negative.
  3. Yea, there has been at least 3 occasions of "Screw it... I am eating those eggrolls" or "..... sandwhich" or ".....pizza" not to be specific or anything. Thanks bud. I just wrote a post in another thread talking about how much value there is in these groups because of the community of people in here. You are one of those guys for sure that make this group something extraordinary.
  4. I have been around a while. I am not sure when exactly but I believe it was when I started getting into Fantasy Football which was around 1999 (Sadly, I did not party like it was). I have been in and out of the boards. At times, posting likely too much and then at times going a few months without even checking in. I have got a ton of great value on this board and even though it is free, it is a big reason why I pay for the pay services on this site even though I spend way more time on the free area than the paid area. The things that make this board superior to other boards I h
  5. 1/31: 328 2/11: 317 4/16: 304 I slowed down a lot. Mostly because I am an idiot and didn't realize something I was drinking a lot of (basically Aldi version of Cystal Light) to help keep kidney stones away actually had 12 carbs a bottle (3 packets) and I was often drinking 2-3 a day. So, I am pretty sure I knocked myself out of ketosis. By the way, I think the Slimfast Keto test sticks suck. I don't think they work at all. I have never registered anything on it even when I was sure I was in ketosis. 24 lbs lost in 2 1/2 months isn't bad. Not great either (not like the last t
  6. https://www.housingwire.com/articles/cfpb-begins-cracking-down-on-mortgage-servicers/amp/ Some lenders may be in trouble soon.
  7. Buying used is always the way to go.... er, nevermind... https://www.motor1.com/news/501056/used-cars-cost-more-new-cars/
  8. Yes, I did. "First time Homebuyer" is someone who hasn't owned in the last 3 years. The requirement for parents owning can be waived if you spent time in foster care. It also reads something along the lines of "historically disadvantaged" rather than minority, so not sure what people groups have been historically disadvantaged enough to qualify or not. To say that the bill is silly would make an Englishman marvel at the understatement.
  9. The down payment money doesn't help the people that have been hit hard by rona. They are not the ones looking to buy a house right now. It just doesn't make sense.
  10. It is already heated which is why it is unconscionable. I can see it making sense in the aftermath of 2008 when there are tons of inventory and not many buyers. Now? It doesn't make a lick of sense. Not only will it not help anything, it will cause damage.
  11. Trying very hard not to get political here... but... It is BEYOND moronic when inventory is ranges from low to insanely low in almost every market to think "You know what we need to do right now? Give people money to give them an incentive to buy". I can't express enough how dumb it is. Anyone that would think this is a good idea in terms of economic sense in any fashion has no clue what they are talking about. It may make political sense but beyond that, absolutely no sense at all. And this is the Chairwoman of the House Finance committee proposing this poo. It makes me mad. You want to
  12. Most people have equity in their homes (value exceeds what they owe) since the market is either hot or solid pretty much everywhere. The idea here is to use that equity to pay off the old loan with a new loan. The big benefit would be getting into a lower rate as these people have missed the chance to refinance as so many others have taken advantage of because they could not since they were in forbearance. Lower rate, lower payment means they should be better off. If they have been in forbearance, they owe money (all the missed payments that they had since in forbearance) and in order to r
  13. It goes against basic underwriting principles. They have shown that they are unable to pay the mortgage. Likely the biggest issue is that it opens up the lenders to lawsuits as it would violate the qualified mortgage rules aka safe harbor. The gobermant men and women in Congress would need to stop screwing around playing politics long enough to put a law together that would address that and direct Fannie and Freddie to do it. If they can't pay- they can sell since most everyone should have equity in their homes and reset and then look to buy later.
  14. Let me be clear, you can not do a mortgage loan until the current loan in forbearance is made current. I checked around for any lender willing to do it and no one is willing to touch that. I also checked with my equity lender to see if they would and no, they will not. Conventional and Govies (FHA, VA and USDA) will not do it. So, it must be a portfolio loan and no lenders are willing to take that on. I was very clear a year ago screaming for people to NOT play the forbearance game unless they absolutely had to due to their circumstances. I am well aware of people who think they are smarte
  15. In my view 15 vs 30 is really about one question right now with rates as low as they are: What do you value more, cash flow or overall savings. The 15 will get your a better rate and the larger payment together will result in significant savings. On the other side, the longer payment increases your cash flow. With being able to get rates as low as they are now, it doesn't cost much to essentially "buy money". Can I get a better return on my money than 3% elsewhere? I think so. I did a 30 yr when I refinanced my own loan a few months back. For a purchase, the only difference of the questi
  16. If you are buying it as your primary and keeping your existing home that is one thing. Buying a second home for a second home is another. Saying you are buying the second home as your primary and not moving is not advised as that would be mortgage fraud. The difference on rates available would be roughly about 25 bps or so. It isn't going to be a huge hit, well, at least not with a broker.
  17. Rates will be higher than a primary residence. It would really depend on what you debt to income ratio in how it looks with current loan and second home addee in.
  18. You can not do a loan until the existing loan is made current. Even non-QM (use to be referred to as sub-prime) won't touch it otherwise.
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