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  1. It's been three years and I'm starting to agree. If they had any faith in him, they wouldn't have rushed to sign Maclin. Now I see why. What is it with this guy? Just constant injuries?
  2. I still can't fathom why anyone would think that was a good film. I can only understand them the way I understand Star Wars prequel loyalists. I accept that they exist, but they live in their own corner of the universe, a planet or two away from the die-hard Trump loyalists and Nickelback fans.
  3. Hey Jays fans, anyone know who the hot blond serving girl is behind home plate? Every time the Yankees play in Toronto I can't stop watching her when she comes out. It's actually distracting... You guys must know who I'm talking about, right?
  4. Because he's not. Injuries have limited his playing time, but with even bad QB play he is lights out on the field. Now he has at least a mediocre QB who throws a great deep ball, and may leave Buffalo after this year.
  5. I'm a big fan of the graphic translations of literary works. They've done some great work with Kafka, both the Metamorphosis and The Trial are pretty good. I even had the graphic novel version of Gregor Samsa tattooed on my arm.
  6. Yea, this is an experience kids shouldn't miss. I'm lucky to have a very well maintained and clean comic book store in my town and my 10 year old son loves poking through it. They keep a separate section for adult graphic novels that I peruse when there too ("adult" as in mature themes and literature, not porn). It's like the used bookstore phenomenon. Sure, you can download older books for free on your tablet, but it doesn't beat the experience of getting lost in a used bookstore and coming out with 6 new finds for $20.
  7. Parker and Stark have had this type of relationship in the comics. It's been strained at times, and in Civil War Spidey saw the error of Stark's ways and switched to team Cap (and was nearly killed for it), but Parker and Stark are two sides of the same science geek. It makes sense in the MCU. ETA: Stark even makes Spidey a special hi-tech suit in the comics as well.
  8. Outstanding casting as Maximus the Mad. Perfect actor for it. Hell he even sorta looks like Maximus.
  9. Healthy and looking good so far this year. I have a feeling this is when he takes over the #1 spot and hauls in a bunch of deep TDs. People will score big taking him in middle round redrafts. He'll finish a good fantasy WR2. Also, I had no idea he's Brett Perriman's son. Damn I'm old. I remember watching those high flying Detroit offenses back in the 90s - Barry, Mitchell, Herman Moore, Perriman.
  10. Nothing tops the Joker as a villain. But Doom > Luthor imo. Doom's story is great, his pathos very tangible, his cunning unrivaled.
  11. I knew little of Kilgrave from the comics, but holy hell did Tenet nail that guy. But hey, it's David freaking Tenet. That guy is an incredible actor.
  12. Yes, television was different then. But so were movies. Point? Cinematic, according to your definition, related to motion pictures. Motion picture Phrase. Noun. Pictures that f@#king move.
  13. Agree on Hulk. But Iron Man/Stark was only B list if you confine the A-list to Spidey, Hulk, and Cap. Stark is pretty much the next in line, imo.
  14. If Marvel/Disney ever reacquired the FF rights, they would be awesome. The villains alone would make it great. With the exception of Thanos, MCU villains aren't that great. Credit Hiddleston for making Loki so amazing in the MCU, because he isn't as great in the comics, imo. But Dr. Doom? Galactus? I'd kill to see Marvel get a hold of them. ETA: Annihulus! K'lrt the Super Skrull! The Skrulls! A Skrull invasion movie!
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