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  1. Chark should pop off today with Peters and Smith out. Quite possibly his best game of season..
  2. I would pick up Pollard if you can. Zeke has a calf and a hammy. He may not make it out of the CIN game, I don't think they push it. I wouldn't be surprised if they shut him down next week.
  3. Bc the NFL stands for not for long. Continuity is so hard to achieve because success is dependent on other players. For us to assume all the conditions will stay the same is kinda wacky to me. I expect things to change, defenses to adapt and injuries to happen. Drafting a RB in the first few rounds is no longer a statement as it used to be. Many teams draft RBs early bc they they fit the scheme. Edwards-Helaire comes to mind. Sony Michel comes to mind. More than half of all RBs drafted fail and are out of the league within 3 years. I tend to like players that can create on their own. Beca
  4. It's talent evaluation vs. fantasy evaluation. If you can get the first part down, then the latter becomes easier. Most people do the opposite, they look at the stats first, then evaluate. Then they complain when they end up dropping a player two weeks later. I like to know what exactly I'm investing in. If I'm investing in someone with a long term outlook, I need to understand what makes a player successful. You put James Robinson behind this line and he leads the league in rushing
  5. Nobody is touting Henderson, I never thought much of him, never will. The fact that he ate early in the season supports my feeling on this. My whole stance here is that it's the scheme and blocking that is responsible for most of the run game success. The other reason for the run game success is they have many receivers you have to pay attention to.
  6. We don't know why Henderson has all of the sudden turned into a pumpkin, but I assume he is dealing with an injury. McVay and Shanahan are very tight and I suspect McVay is trying to take a page out of Kyle's run game philosophy where everybody blocks. You plug anyone in there and they're going to eat. My question that still hasn't been answered is, will Akers turn into a pumpkin when things break down or aren't going his way? What will he look like if a lineman or two go down, can he manage to create on his own? It's just hard to be objective about the talent when you're a cog in the machine.
  7. Is he not the next man up? Were the Rams top 5 in rushing before Akers got his recent burn? Did Gurley and Darrell Henderson find success? It's the blocking and the scheme here. Akers hasn't impressed me, and I want to be impressed, I'm not trying to fight it.
  8. I'll be the first to give credit where credit is due, but his blocking is the main reason behind his recent success. I have yet to see him create on his own tonight.
  9. They couldn't have done it without one another. /thread
  10. SF hired Shanahan before Lynch. I think this approach will be more common moving forward for head coaches that deem worthy of it.
  11. Imagine Terry with a competent downfield passer. Yikes
  12. I'm going to assume JK gets some good burn this week with Lamar not being able to practice for a while. The passing game always needs more practice reps than the run game.
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