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  1. Yes, everything is based around Lamar. But when you haven't developed as a passer, the defense will begin to cheat without the inside/outside RPO. Right now there is no established inside runner, yet. Let's see what Williams can do. But if the inside run game is not established, that's one less thing to worry about for defenses and ultimately, the threat of his legs is tremendously diminished.
  2. I reckon it’s just the opposite. The design is for the RB to hit the A gap while Lamar gets to the edges.
  3. The RPO doesn't work without strong A gap runners. Lamar's effectiveness in the run game will be entirely dependent on Williams being able to run between the tackles with authority.
  4. Indeed. I have Jonnu accounting for a few of those rushing touchdowns as well. Jonnu is going to be the queen piece on the chess table in the redzone.
  5. Looking forward to seeing the new scheme. I think Carson finally puts it all together this year. I believe they will try to spread the carries around a little more to keep him fresh but that should help with his longevity and the grind of a 17 game season. With obvious health, easy Top 10 on the strength of double digit touchdowns.
  6. I'm not down on Harris at all. I just think Bill is a compartmentalizer. His philosophy is situational football, he adjusts the personnel to the situation. And who he decides for the situation is who excels in those situations. Harris is the meat, the between the 20s guy. He's getting you into the redzone. Rhamondre's strength is short yardage. He has shown a strong proclivity to get into the endzone, more so than Harris in my opinion. As much as I love Harris, my eyes can't deny what Rhamondre does well at the goal line.
  7. This is the key. I'm not a believer in Kingsbury. The element of surprise is gone. I think the NFL figured out his basic college spread offense in the latter part of last season. When watching this offense last year, I kept shaking my head about how easily they telegraphed what they wanted to do. If he can evolve and adjust to the NFL's adjustments to him, he has a chance. I'm just a little skeptical. The OL continues to be a worrying aspect to me as well. I still love Kyler Murray's potential, but he might not jump to the next level in the NFL if a change in scheme isn't implemented for him.
  8. I think TB plans to run the ball a little more than last year as well as throw into the flat to Gio. I think Tom wants to get back to controlling the middle of the field and attack the linebackers and nickel/dime backs which is where the holes of the defenses usually are. Last season, they essentially had no time to develop chemistry and just did it on the fly. With a full offseason to acclimate, AB is a darkhorse for Comeback Player of the Year.
  9. My favorite WR in the NFL. His knees should be scared of him. Darkhorse to lead the NFL in receiving touchdowns.
  10. I believe he will change the culture, along with the new regime. It usually takes a couple years to turnover a roster and assemble their guys. Give it some time.
  11. Volume hog. It's always been mental with him. Elijah Moore should open things up for him a little. Zach Wilson is the difference.
  12. To me, Tee has a pretty good chance of being the best WR in what was one of the deeper drafts for WR in recent memory, if not ever. I realize there is a recency bias with Justin Jefferson scorching the earth coming out of the gate, CeeDee too to a lesser extent. But if I'm playing the long game here, the guys with the highest ceilings sometimes take a little longer to get going. Whether that be from a controllable developmental standpoint (physical and mental) or an uncontrollable surrounding talent and scheme standpoint, it's all about timing in the NFL. I strongly believe he is the most slept on WR coming into this year and that he will undoubtedly take it to the next level.
  13. Oh for sure, without a doubt. It’s just that the things you listed are not in his control, so I can only focus on what Stevenson does. If I’m looking at the things that he can control, the foundational things like vision, anticipation/instinct and feet, they are there. Those things will translate eventually.
  14. Stevenson has looked incredibly decisive, something I think NE really covets. Reminds me of a young Frank Gore, vision, compact and nimble feet.
  15. I couldn't have said it any better myself, 99. Although you're much nice than me. You did the work for these instant oatmeal heads. You show them where the food is at they expect you to feed it to them as well.
  16. Two questions: Are you 12 and do you wake up angry?
  17. I like Fant jumping into the Top 5 this year and Jonnu Smith obliterating the adp
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