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  1. Which would be rad if it were the stock market or Bitcoin or something. Not fake basketball cards. Oof.
  2. Market keeps going down, frustrating. Seems the prices are getting hammered today. I got a pack with a nice Harden that I turned around and sold did $440. Not bad for a $14 investment. I then bought a few packs off some random stranger on the secondary market for like $160 a pop. Looks like they’re probably work out well, a few nice value cards in those. I have way too much money sunk into this though and need to stop.
  3. Checking in. Bad week and stayed basically flat. Good half the week, bad half the week. Rowed one day, first in a while. Trying. Next week will be a good one. Need a good push.
  4. I wear my Garmin watch, and leave on the display showing the heart rate. But Eagan's idea of a chest wearable one is probably better -- I've just never bothered to buy one and pair it up, and since I'm monitoring the workout on my Garmin anyway, that has worked for me.
  5. Happy to do some rowing with you GB. It’ll earn me a bunch of calories each day. Let’s do it.
  6. It’s so true. And here’s the thing, in short bursts, you can even enjoy the good stuff NOT in moderation. You can go totally bananas for a day. Or several days. Or a week. It’s a long term game. It helps us to track calories daily, but really it’s calories weekly or even monthly that make us look how we look. So live your life, enjoy some stuff, just don’t be stupid. God this is so damn easy when you have clarity.
  7. Keep posting on Fred’s thread instead of this obviously superior one. Despite some cheat days and even a couple full weeks off the rails, down 16lbs on the year in less than two months. And it hasn’t been hard. Just tracking on MFP but letting loose at times when it makes sense. It’s freakin working. And I haven’t even exercised much other than walking the dog (literal). Having some wine tonight. Enjoying life. Let’s go everyone. You really CAN have it all.
  8. Drinking wine tonight Sorrynotsorry. Also not calorie tracking. Though probably not going over. Had my usual low cal breakfast, skipped lunch, some chicken tikka masala and rice for dinner and some red wine. Feeling great. This is the way to live. Track carefully and splurge carefully. Looking forward to getting down closer to 220 next week.
  9. I’d like know more about this 3 hours a day job. Wtf
  10. PS, I’m down 16lbs on the year so far. Whatever this is, it’s pretty painless, it’s allowing for “mistakes” and a binge day here and there, even a bad whole week, and yet, it’s working... #STAYTHECOURSE
  11. ANNOUNCE after extensive consideration and discussion with Mrs. O, we’ve decided we may have two glasses of wine tonight. That will break my 5 day streak, but may be nice. Will report back. But this seems like a legitimate way to live: Mostly eat healthy and limited amounts of food and don’t drink, but then sometimes drink a little. ****** the more you know *****>
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