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  1. Hovering right at 225 still. The off weekends have face punched me repeatedly, but I haven't lost ground, and so I'm taking that as a huge positive. Usually Mrs. O and I do Friday lunch out at one of our favorite restaurants, with some ill advised food choices and drinks, and that can begin a chain reaction into Saturday. Today, maybe for the best, we're both busy and so there will be no lunch out. Could this be the A+ weekend I've been needing? Damnit I hope so. Hit the gym this morning, sticking with Noom, tracking stuff, getting walks with the dog whenever I can. Trying.
  2. Not to defend the model here, but you nerds totally aren’t getting it. The particular moment in a shot doesn’t matter. You card dorks aren’t valuing a Mickey Mantle card because he looks particularly handsome in the photo. IT DOESN’T ####### MATTER what the photo or moment is. It’s not the point. Jesus you guys are ####### dense.
  3. So love these Knicks. Hard loss to the Fakers last night, by 2 in OT. We just didn’t have the offense down the stretch. If IQ is healthy I think he’s a big help here; Burks too. Still not a bad road trip all in all, and then we finish with three winnable games at the Garden.
  4. Holy crap. Didn't realize this was a thing already. Better head out to fuel up the Escalade, so I can drive the half mile home and need to fuel up again.
  5. Well I've recently lost money hand over fist. Probably should have sold out of all this 2 months ago. Luckily I made a few bucks on a few big trades, which has offset most (all?) of my losses.
  6. Westin is super nice. But consider the Catskills. It’s beautiful. And there’s some stuff around.
  7. I doubt this. So far you can pretty easily make your money back and then some on special packs. And here where you have to have a certain score, it’ll be extra limited. These will be worth loot. I’m in.
  8. Knicks were great tonight. Back to solid defense and hustle. Even with Randle having a crap game, Rose stepped up big and Randle iced it at the end. This team could be a real sleeper in the playoffs. Coming for the Lakers next.
  9. Thanks for cheering on the Knicks. They’re going to be someone’s major headache in the playoffs. Just wait.
  10. Funny, the face time thing was still a thing when I started practicing 20 years ago. I don’t think as much anymore. But yeah, you didn’t want to leave before the partners, and if you were there on a weekend, you’d hope it would be noticed. (Saturdays weren’t required ever for me, but then again it was a bit of a badge of honor to be there on a weekend or late night, stupid as that sounds today.). Associates knew who was busy and there late on a regular basis, and who wasn’t. All of that seems to be gone. But you’re right, I get hours reports every week. I know who is billing and who
  11. Adjustable stand up desk from Vari on Amazon. Love it. Also need an extra wide monitor, or two.
  12. This is huge. https://abovethelaw.com/2021/05/ropes-grays-reopening-plan-puts-an-end-to-the-5-day-in-office-workweek-for-associates/amp/ I imagine if a number of top firms go this way, the rest of Biglaw will have to follow suit. If I’m a young associate and I have the option of being in the office 5 days a week, or for the same pay being on a flexible schedule in which it is “recommended” that I be there 3 days a week? Yeah, that’s pretty easy. Curious to see what others here think. I’m a big fan (including for selfish reasons, given the 1.5 hour commute I normally have ea
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