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  1. Patent law. Huge demand. Good pay. Go to law school. Go to law school at an evening program if you can, while you work at day time. It's 3-4 years, but you'll have plenty of options when you get out. Note -- important to try and go to a good law school, and work hard to get good grades. ETA: If you don't want to become a patent lawyer, become a patent agent. Take the Patent Bar exam, and get a job with a good intellectual property law firm or group. If you play your cards right, many of those types of firms have programs for their patent agents in which they will pay your law school tuition, in addition to a great salary, if you go to law school in the evening and work days with them. But even if not, huge demand for patent agents, with some experience under your belt, you could basically pick the city you want to live in.
  2. So this Huel stuff isn’t terrible. I’m not gonna say it’s good. Because that would be a lie. But it’s not terrible.
  3. Sounds like a reasonable approach to lunch, followed by a challenging dinner. Be as reasonable and you’ll be set! (I know I couldn’t be; I’d have to just stay home…..)
  4. First tell me how many digits is your member number
  5. Really good posting. I'm in the shape I'm in purely because of 7-10pm. Hell, even if I allow myself to do what I want in that time frame on weekends, if I just never ate or drank after 7pm on weekdays alone, I bed I'd lose the 20lbs I want to lose. Nighttime. Is. Hard. But it's not unbeatable. I actually the past two nights had a (single) drink each night. And it was wonderfully enjoyable. And I didn't need more. Maybe that's how normal humans are supposed to drink? Weird.
  6. Thread title is amazing. PS the Knicks are undefeated in the preseason, and it’s only the preseason, but man they look solid. So stoked.
  7. The dreaded witching hour. I'm stuck in my attic, still working, on like the 14th hour of the day.... I had a healthy breakfast, and walked the dog at lunch (and enjoyed a calorie- and carb-free cigar), and at about 6pm before my latest presentation, ran downstairs to throw some sliced ham on a rice cake, and jam a couple slices of cheese and a hard boiled egg in my face. Back up to my attic. After my portion of this presentation concluded, I reached into my mini friend and pulled out the only alcoholic beverage I had in there - a Toasted Lager. I'd have rather something with fewer carbs (this has 7, and put me 5 over my daily budget of carbs), but I'm still like 700 calories below my limit for the day, and a few carbs won't kill me. Two solid days in a row. My macros weren't as good as yesterday, but I ate fairly well, and I'm ready for tomorrow. LES GOOOO
  8. Love this activity! I finished yesterday logging all on MFP, under my limit, and also within my keto carb limit (30ish should work for me). I did break down and have a glass of white one (just one, and it was within my calorie budget). Also walked the dog yesterday. Healthy start to today and marching ahead, staying the course.
  9. These daily updates are stupid, but super helpful. I enjoy reading everyone else's, and it turns out that, when I'm doing them regularly, I tend to stay on course. Causation/correlation problem there maybe, but whatever, it seems to help... So keep it up! We all should, maybe we can get some momentum.
  10. Yeah, get that sugar sh** outta here, switch back to milk only for sure. And you're looking at probably 200-250 calories or more for that half bagel once you add butter or cream cheese. That bagel is 84% carbs. Better off getting something better tasting and better for you, like one of the flatbreads sandwiches or wraps. LET'S GO! My Huel will be delivered today, hopefully by lunch to be my lunch. If not, I may make it my dinner and go super light today. We'll see.
  11. Sorry to hear about your fathers, gents. That sounds like a really hard situation. Parents aging is rough. Day 1 here. 234.6. It’s not the fattest I’ve started out. But it’s pretty fat. If I could lose just 20lbs I’d be below my wedding weight. And lower than I’ve been in millennia. TWENTY POUNDS. Jesus that shouldn’t be hard. MFP breakfast logged. Some Uprising keto bread toast with peanut butter, coffee. Current plan is to not drink tonight, or any weeknight, though that’s a lot easer said at 8am than after a long day at 6pm. Let’s go gang. If we can do well for the next two months, just think about how much better off we’ll be at New Year’s Resolutions time! OT
  12. Love your plan GB. Sounds solid. Re: alcohol, honestly, I don’t know. I know that if I give it up that’ll be a huge advantage for me. but I also know how much I damn enjoy it, and I figure, if it is within plan — both the keto carb limit and my MFP daily calorie limit — then a drink or two will not kill me. So, I’m going to play it by ear. Going to start with course correcting on diet first, and I’m going to take up the alcohol issue and exercise issue as it comes to me. If I do keto + MFP + 5am weights at the gym + no alcohol, for even just 4 months, I will absolutely be at my goal. I’ll probably look and feel amazing. But do I have what it goes for such sudden changes across so many areas? Maybe. But maybe not. Though, as I type this, damn, that doesn’t seem all THAT hard, and for just 4 months?? hmmm….
  13. Ok fellas. Ok @bostonfred. This is it. I’m locked in. Dialed in. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing, but I have a bead on the diet plan, which is the most important thing to get me started off, and I’ll sort out the exercise part after that. 1. Keto diet + MFP. I’ve tried it before, had some success in spurts, and gotten off it. But when it works, it works incredibly well. And I believe very strongly in the fundamentals: that we stuff too many carbs in our pie holes, and that our bodies were built to eat less frequently and go into fat burning mode when we’re either not stuffing sugar in our faces or not eating enough at all. I ordered some Huel last week. I have no idea. I may hate it, I may love it, but I know that in my early 20s I lost like 40lbs by swapping out my lunches for Slim Fast shakes and then eating really light dinners. No reason that can’t work again. I got the Huel Black, which is high protein, keto friendly. This will by my breakfast and/or lunch replacement. I’ll also get back to logging on MFP. That way I can get some of those good habits back, and heaven forbid I go off the rails with a beer or two one day, I figure even if I deviate from keto, it can be a “win” day if I stay within calorie goals. 2. Exercise: I’m not entirely sure yet. I’m a little burnt out on the rowing, so may not do that just yet. I may just start with a daily 30 minute dog walk. From there, I may just add in body weight and dumbbell exercises in my basement, or I may unfreeze my LA Fitness membership and get back to the gym. But I want to get back to lifting weights — for me, I think that’s the better solution than cardio. I just know my body and what has worked for me in the past. I don’t want to churn up a ravenous appetite only to then be in the vicious cycle of eating a lot and then working out a lot just to burn the calories from eating a lot. For me, the better strategy has always been a restrictive diet and doing some kind of lean muscle building, not cardio. It worked for me in 1999, there’s no reason it can’t work again today. In the end, it’s 90% diet.
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