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  1. I'm obsessed with this book so far: "The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting" - Chung https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Guide-Fasting-Intermittent-Alternate-Day/dp/1628600012 It confirms everything that I've always intuitively felt about fasting, and further is supported by what I've actually experienced when doing multiple day fasts. I've never been so excited to NOT eat in my life. Last night I was feeling light headed, but it could be because I hadn't slept in two days and my body is all screwed up. So, I ate a
  2. Oh p and s this thread is over 5 years old now. For those of us who still haven’t gotten it done in all those years — isn’t it time now?
  3. Sunday was one low cal meal all day, salad. Didn’t eat Monday. Tuesday night had one sensible meal at dinner and a few drinks. Today was one sensible meal at dinner and two light IPAs. Feel great. Really want to string together another couple fasting days, but I can live like this indefinitely. And I think if I do I probably will lose some major weight. We’ll see what the weekend brings.
  4. Spent days including my weekend preparing for a client pitch, THEY reached out to ME, and 90 minutes later I felt like I wasted much of my life. Clients are jerkfaces. so, I decided to eat dinner. I had salmon, potato leak soup, and a few chocolate chip cookies, and some white wine spritzers. My stomach is rolling and rumbling like a Kentucky barn dog (is that a thing?). I feel awful. Note to self: just don’t eat. Not worth it.
  5. I weighed in this morning at 221.9. I was a bit to be at my lowest weight of the year given how I’ve been a bit off the rails the past two weeks. I suppose the IF and coupe days of fast really blunt the bad days. Amazing. Haven’t eaten since a salad and two cookies for dinner on Sunday, only thing I ate that day. Last night I was ravenous and thinking about making a bowl of soup, but powered through. Woke up this morning and leaped out of bed, feeling almost giddy. Energy, clarity, feeling good. I’ll continue to fast through the evening today and consider breaking it then, or, i
  6. The thing that’s helped me most likely to tame my appetite, both on fasting and just low cal days — I carry a big 40oz thermos of cold water with me all day. It’s easy to go through two or three without thinking as you go through the day. And I feel less urge to race to the kitchen at night die a cold adult beverage when I’m also sitting there drinking tons of water. I recommend. Going to keep doing that and see how it helps.
  7. I’m with you. Past week in my house was everyone off the rails. Way too much booze in recent weeks. Today I drank a ton of water, and though I was considering starting a fast today, I instead had a salad and two cookies. Didn’t drink alcohol. So, a good day. Hoping to string together a bunch like this, and maybe some fasting days in there too.
  8. I’m reading a pretty great book on fasting by Dr. Fung. I haven’t fasted this week yet, mind you, but it’s been one of those weeks. But I am looking forward to my next one. Perhaps tomorrow into Friday evening dinner.
  9. I’m just gonna start lying and be like “oh I had a salad already” or “oh I picked at the girls’ dinner, I’m good”. Stuff like that. Because I’m going to bed on a full stomach now and I hate it. Would have much preferred skipping and enjoying some nice meals tomorrow. Ah well.
  10. I drank water all day. Super hydrated. Dinner was rice, chicken, vegetable samosa, naan. And yes some alcohol. But civilizations have thrived on that meal. Anyway, I would rather have not eaten till tomorrow but wives, ammiright Gonna continue with the on/off fasting for a couple more weeks and see where we land. But so far I’m liking it.
  11. Was going to do another 36 hours or more, but Mrs. O on me pretty hard today about being too extreme, why can’t I just eat normally, etc. Honey, I’m kind of Internet famous for fad diets, have you met me? (She claims she’s worried about my health and having a heard attack. I think she’s just nervous I’ll get too handsome this way.) Anyway, just ordered some Indian food and cracked a beer. I’ll have a meal and couple drinks and then I’ll need to figure out a way going forward to lie about my fasting periods. Because honestly I feel awesome today. Not eating is way better than eating.
  12. 225 on the button this morning. It’s not a terrible weight for me, but I’d still love to try and make some progress to lose another 10 or 20, which would put me in all healthy ranges/metrics. According to my Wyze scale: - Body fat at 27.8% (in the yellow, but at least no longer in the red; in the green would be 21%, a ways to go) - BMI at 27.4 (smack in the middle of the yellow “overweight” range; but at least no longer over 30 (red/obese); under 25 would put me in the green - Visceral fat is at 11 (in the green; 12 being the threshold into the yellow region) 225is
  13. Say no to everything. It’s like a casino. They’re offering you the wheel protection because in the end the deal statistically favors them, not you. Hard no on everything.
  14. Trae was fine, but the Knicks beat themselves in this series. This wasn’t so much about ATL.
  15. PS I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice consult your doctor and all the other Bfred stuff.
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