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  1. Neither. I got stuck starting both. 😂
  2. Miami decided they want a higher draft pick.
  3. Great point Grove. I'm surprised the Bengals didn't yank him from the game!
  4. Giants just gift wrapping Chase Young to another team.
  5. Giants doing the same in Washington. FML
  6. OMG Cincy going for a 2 pt to tie after miracle comeback.
  7. Is Brees going for some record? They keep mentioning something about a record every mother f'n play
  8. Can't find enough data last minute other than the higher the wind the more the game heads towards the under. Maybe short passes? It's windy in central jersey... I think I'm going to go with Goff against Dallas..
  9. Started Doyle but got bailed out by the rest of my team. Ertz was a beast last night. Definitey starting him v. Washington!!
  10. They aren't reviewing tds in this game?
  11. Thought he was technically down by contact
  12. I'd be very happy if Powell only gets receiving TDs in this game!
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