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  1. ^ brackets open soon! http://www.pickhoops.com/2021ncaapool
  2. Bring it! ^ brackets open soon! http://www.pickhoops.com/2021ncaapool
  3. ^ brackets open soon! http://www.pickhoops.com/2021ncaapool
  4. update: 1400+ brackets in already. Bracket entry runs thru until Friday noon this year. Good luck if you decide to get in! Obviously last year was a no-go, but I do run what has turned into a pretty good sized $5 per bracket pool. Last year there was 2470 brackets and the winner took home over $2400 on a $5 bracket sheet. You're welcome to join and feel free to share with others if you'd like. The rules and payment info is on the site. Check it out. Many of you footballguys have been in it so you can vouch for its legitimacy if you don't mind. My info is on the site. To join, click here: http://www.pickhoops.com/2021ncaapool You'll be asked for your name and email address and to create a new user password for yourself if you don't already have one for the site. Bracket entry starts Sunday, March 14th at 11:00pm EDT Online bracket entry closes Friday, March 19th at 12:05pm EDT Be sure to get your brackets in early.
  5. They’re not new. They’re just mutations of the original Wuhan virus.
  6. Because it alone, in the entire country, is the nation’s capital and as such, should stay out of the fray and not have representation in the house or senate. If the individuals living there feel that strongly about it, they should move to a place that allows for that representation.
  7. I definitely did not like Trump but nothing Biden or the Democratic Party in general has to say is of any interest to me.
  8. Well, that wouldn’t make him unfit to be president. He IS unfit, but I don’t think that alone would qualify him for the 25th.
  9. I said - if he believed it to be true, whether it is or isn’t. It’s possible he believes it.
  10. Devil’s advocate here, but if he believed that to be true, whether it is or isn’t, the rally, timing, and location makes perfect sense.
  11. I said he provided the fuel. What more do you want?
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