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  1. She has evolved to be full ant-vax over the years. Went anti flu vax about 10 years ago. Thankfully our kids have all of the vaccines required for school.
  2. My wife is also anti-vax and I just recently got her to the point where she wasn't in an absolute panic at the mention of me getting the shot. Now I get to go to work convincing her to vax the kids. I gave up on ever convincing her to get one. She is college educated with a Bachelor of Science no less...
  3. This is not necessarily true. My first shot will be next week. 12+ just got approved and if all of them go for a shot, we are looking at weeks to get them all just the first shot. So... yeah, we aren't quite to the point where ending restrictions is a good idea.
  4. It could be worse. WV just announced that the mask mandate will be lifted when we hit 60% vaccinated or on June 15th, whichever comes first. Hint: It sure as #### won’t be 60%.
  5. I do t get my wife anything. My kids are old enough to figure that #### out. For my mom, I gave her a $100 for her birthday and Mother’s Day combined to buy plants for her front yard. My wife was horrified because I just pulled the money out of my wallet and handed it to my mom while we were eating lunch on the deck. My mom was happy. Wives are weird.
  6. Someone offers me 7 figures for my house, my family and I will be living in a van down by the river before sundown.
  7. They should just go with Pigskins. That way we can all just keep calling them the Skins.
  8. That is a ####load of people in Lawrence’s house crammed together so they can all be on camera.
  9. He looks exactly like his rookie photo. He might be The Highlander.
  10. Yeah, I’ve witnessed it from my time living in West Virginia and owning a ####### TV.
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