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  1. My Starlink dish has shipped. It is scheduled to arrive Wednesday of next week.
  2. I have a doctor probing the area every year.
  3. Yeah, I don’t care the political beliefs of the actors or of their bosses. They can hire or fire whoever the hell they want. If the show is good, I will still watch.
  4. This movie has Gerard Butler, therefore it is a fantastic movie. That man is a treasure.
  5. As I said before, if I had the option of a terrestrial option I wouldn’t have opted for Starlink. Anything from cable to fiber is more affordable at this time, and is likely more reliable as well.
  6. I signed up on their website in July. They closed signups until the end of December. When they opened them up for 2021, I signed up again. I know of people that signed up a few times a day since they opened signups.
  7. During the beta, the service is for 150mbps. The average appears to hover around 120 from what I have seen. Cost is $100 per month. There is no data cap or throttling like with other satellite options. My son is happy because the latency is lower than 20ms which is better than our DSL. Musk has promised Gig speeds when beta ends. We will see. If I had any other workable option, including the T-mobile WiFi plan, I likely wouldn’t have considered Starlink.
  8. Yesterday I was accepted to the Beta for Starlink satellite internet. The acceptance email arrived around 4PM. It directed me to the Starlink website to order. Once you hit the order page, you only have 15 minutes to complete the process before the invitation expires and moves to the next person in line. The equipment must be purchased, their is no equipment lease currently. Everything cost me under $600. I am a current customer of Frontier DSL with a maximum of 8.5 mbps. It routinely slows to around 5. This looks to be a game changer for my family. My wife and I have both been worki
  9. Your points are fair, but I don’t believe I ever said you can get to DC in an hour from Winchester. You can get to the burbs of DC in Fairfax in an hour or less. Pretty sure I was talking about Charles Town, but I could be misremembering.
  10. This all depends on where you are in each county. Much or Morgan County is sandstone based with deeper sandy soils. Most of Berkeley County is shale based with shallower silty soils but the shale is easily excavated. Jefferson County is predominately limestone based so the soil depths are variable and clay. Sometimes you have shallow ledge rock which must be hammered to complete excavation. Obviously this is a generalization based on the predominant geology. I have conducted soil evaluations in VA for nearly 20 years and am currently licensed by DPOR to do so. I grew up performing p
  11. If it weren’t for a pandemic, I’d treat you to a beer at a local dive. But, alas, we cannot partake.
  12. The areas really depend on what you are looking for. Berkeley Springs is a small town in a valley with a main access route running down the center. Anything to the South will be closer to Winchester, anything North will be closer to Hagerstown, and West closer to Martinsburg. For Berkeley County, there are a number of nicer areas near the Potomac and certain creeks. The Hedgesville area is rural and spread out. Back Creek runs through that area and is a nice wide, slow moving creek. The area along the Potomac in Berkeley is mostly Maryland owned, though many lots go right up on the wa
  13. Berkeley and Morgan Counties have no Zoning Department, so it is possible that your neighbors could build something you aren’t pleased with. However, most of the “unsightly” development is confined to the area adjacent to the I-81 corridor. I have lived in the area my entire life and this has never been an issue on any property owned by my family or friends. Industry wants two things, quick access to I-81 and public utilities. The public utility is the mitigating factor in the outskirts. The worst thing I have seen are the infrequent automobile gardens. The abandoned or junk cars that get p
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