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  1. Also doctors don’t know everything about everything regarding human health and wellness. It is impossible.
  2. Indefinitely, yes. It isn’t as difficult as people make it out to be.
  3. I think I might be a closer Canadian. Corner Gas, Kim’s Convenience, and Letterkenny are swiftly moving into my list of best Comedies.
  4. I have been a subject matter expert for court cases. The answer for me is 0.
  5. What you are describing is a symptom of an autoimmune disease, not a normal function of the immune system.
  6. Pre-COVID my commute was 200 miles per day 5 days a week. I feel your pain.
  7. As a manager, this seems like a pain in the ###. My evaluation of an employee’s ability to wfh is based on the productivity and responsiveness of the employee. If you get your work done and return my emails in a reasonable amount of time, I don’t give a shot if you binge watch The Wire while giving your dog a manicure.
  8. If your house is less than 17 years old and trees were removed to build it you will end up with a carpet of cicadas.
  9. The question also goes the other way. Show statistical proof that the vaccine will not benefit you. Here is the thing, when there is a lack of data pointing you in a direction the you look at the data you do have. People can get reinfected. The vaccine is safer than COVID infection. Therefore, getting the vaccine is statistically more beneficial than not getting the vaccine for previously infected people. And the immunity conveyed by the vaccine is proven, immunity and duration provided by previous infection is still under debate. The vaccine protects those who have received it and those
  10. Maybe I am the wrong person to argue for vaccines as I think any vaccine for an infectious disease should be mandatory for the common good. This includes the Flu vaccine, Hep B, etc.
  11. I just hope my alma mater isn’t left in the dust by the transfer portal, playoffs, image rights, and other rule changes. It would be a shame if only the same 6-7 teams had a legitimate shot at the title each year. Oh... wait...
  12. I have had occasions while in FL and SC where I have been on the edge of going MOP on a large crowd of unmasked people. Unfortunately I believe my home state is about to be just as screwed as the Governor intends to lift the mask restrictions entirely on June 20. His initial intention was to wait until we were at 70% vaccinated, but he wants to be like everyone else. They will be lifting all state mandated restrictions on June 20. Yay! COVID is over! We are at 41.4% with at least 1 dose. 34.7% fully vaccinated.
  13. I have had the “long term effects of vaccines” argument with my wife many times. Essentially we have no idea what the long term effects of even a mild COVID infection may be, but data suggests there is a risk of “long-haul” issues. With vaccines, we are very aware of the short-term effects, and oddly enough we are fairly well versed in the long term effects, most notably a good chance of being free of that disease for the duration of the vaccine’s efficacy. That is pretty much it. Even the mRNA vaccines are not known to have any lasting side effects. They have been studied since the early
  14. We homeschooled my 9 year old daughter this year. Some issues but we muddled through. My 6th grade son was remote for the first 9 weeks then went back f2f 3 days a week, then fully back for spring semester. My 9th grade some was f2f all year. It was mandatory for ROTC kids. My oldest was quarantined 5 times and had to be tested 3 times. Middle son was quarantined 3 times, all in the last weeks of school. Tested positive 3 weeks or more ago. Oddly, it wasn’t while he was quarantined and the HD was unable to trace the exposure. He also played soccer all spring. That is my
  15. Drove through but got gas right before I crossed into NC and blew through NC and SC
  16. We are vacationing at a resort in Florida. I drove down, my family flew. From what I have seen, Georgia and Florida DGAF.
  17. Smokey and the bandit is a classic and well worth the praise
  18. It wasn’t. Also a hand in the original series. Was ridiculous.
  19. Reached down out of the sky, can’t remember if he described an arm.
  20. I used to do a spaghetti quesadilla with garlic butter inside and would melt/ pan sear some Parmesan cheese on the outside.
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