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  1. Just letting you guys know. Based on the direction these boards have been steered the past few years and the thread deletions and strict policing I have decided to quit utilizing this site. The last straw was a recent thread that ended with Joe posting this: "We're in the busiest time of our year for trying to run our business. I normally see about .0001% of the posts. In August and September, I see about 00000001% of the non Shark Pool posts. If there is something over the line, please report the specific post and the moderators will try to look. Thank you. The other (probably better) idea is just shut everything but the NFL talk down for September." So, I'm out. Just an FYI so that any league details can be communicated to me on Fleaflicker.
  2. Good to know. Don't have to worry about me mucking up the place for the paying customers.
  3. I have found an Otis level weight loss solution, undergo laparoscopic hernia repair. I have lost 6 pounds in 7 days.
  4. Wonder what the odds are that Scott Frost gets fired before halftime on Scott Frost Day.
  5. Not really. It is 20 some main books and they are each long.
  6. I loved Fletch as a kid, but after a recent rewatch I just saw him as a giant, irredeemable ########.
  7. A good rule of thumb with hernias is that if it hurts go to a doctor.
  8. Couple days post-op. Will start working from home today. I can get in and out of bed with only a slight twinge of pain. The area of the repair with mesh is still sensitive. I am happy to report that my right nut is only twice the size of lefty. My incisions appear to be healing nicely.
  9. One does not simply walk away from a Government pension.
  10. I’m not looking forward to my right ball swelling.
  11. About 5 hours post-op. Laying in my bed. I got up to pee about 45 minutes ago. It was a ##### getting out of bed but ai think a few twinges of pain and my decades old muscle memory kicked in and I managed to get up with minimal pain. I hurt. I don’t take pain meds. I don’t like them. I just at a little bit of apple and some crackers so I could take some Advil. Did I mention that I hurt? The Da Vinci machine looked cool. Well the 30 seconds I saw of it over in the corner before they gave me the “good stuff” as the anesthesiologist said. I feel lucid for the first time since, though not hurting was pleasant. update: I attempted to post this 15 minutes ago and fell asleep before I could hit submit, so…
  12. I get not playing some starters in preseason, but why is Mariota not playing? Is it just insurance against Peterman ever actually getting the start?
  13. My vote goes to Silverado. This is a hill that I am willing to die on.
  14. Werewolves Within Just my oldest son and myself were at home last night so he suggested this movie for rent. I didn’t realize that it is based on a video game until he said something half way through. It is a horror comedy with some over the top characters, and was a fun watch. Plus AT&T Lilly is in it.
  15. Deep Blue Sea is a huge guilty pleasure for me. So stupid but so fun.
  16. Surgery scheduled for Monday so long as COVID doesn’t shut down electives in my area. Looking forward to it. Tonight I had a sneezing fit. My insides tried to become my outsides. Not awesome.
  17. Hornets in the house? The answer remains gasoline and a match.
  18. But can you use them as fuel for lawnmowers? Lori wants to know.
  19. I'd bargain with her and tell her she can transfer to a school closer to home, but stipulate that she cannot drop out. This gives her a semester to get her sea legs. It may take the pressure off and allow her to relax. Sometimes young people just need to know that they have an eject button.
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