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  1. Well, at a certain point we are going to knock this down to a mortality rate comparable to the flu. Its debatable if vaccinating those over 65 gets us to that point but it will happen.
  2. I only had the virus in January. There are so many opinions on the need to get the vaccine after having Covid. I've seen some say to wait 3 months. Other studies say it is "likely efficacious" for those that had the virus. I'll be getting a blood test in April and will see if I still have anti-bodies. I'm willing to wait until then to make a decision. I'm not against getting it but only if it is really necessary. At this point I feel as safe from getting it again as a vaccinated person.
  3. I was close to bailing right about then but powered through.
  4. My goal is always 1% for the week and I'm happy when I hit it.
  5. 500k no questions asked seems like it could lead to copycats.
  6. I see that the Tucci show will be in Bologna in an upcoming episode. We've only driven through and never spent time there. Any opinions on it from those who have? If we ever go back, we'll probably look more north/north-east. We loved Venice and Verona.
  7. Well, the restaurants were of about two weeks ago and the Knicks game was as of when? A couple of days ago? Cuomo did a horrible job and severely damaged NYC.
  8. Low volume on almost everything on my list, whether up or down on the day. Not a lot of confidence in either direction it seems. I'm not sure if that's good news and is a signal that things will look better next week or if the next shoe is yet to drop.
  9. Thanks! I'm thinking ARKG to go along with ARKK because I read it has the least crossover. Considering PRNT too.
  10. What is everyone's favorite ARK besides ARKK? Considering ARKG
  11. Any new rumors with SVFAU? Up on heavy volume today. It's my lone SPAC
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