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  1. We finished the first season of Last Tango in Halifax. It's a good show. A little more family drama than we're used to watching but the characters are all interesting and it's a nice change of pace from our current rewatch of the Sopranos and Deadwood.
  2. Decided to check out Unhinged last night since it was mentioned. It wasn't bad but I wish they'd try for a little more realism. Where were all the cops at these various scenes, where are the neighbors when this is all going on? I won't say too much but I thought it was more like a vigilante movie not just a nutcase.
  3. I have no problem wearing a mask in places that request it but we went to a BBQ restaurant last month where no one, not even the staff, were wearing masks and it felt so good to feel normal again.
  4. I found a facebook group that relates to the strange tastes and smells, if anyone is affected and might be interested. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AbScentParosmia Lots of discussion on chicken and eggs and also the altered poop smell. I hope it just stays with those things and doesn't go to other foods but I see a lot of people in the group saying how it started with chicken and progressed to all meats and many other foods. Ugh. I had an egg sandwich for breakfast and could barely finish it. It might be the last one I ever have.
  5. Loved the show but never watched S6. Ragnar was such a powerful presence that it was hard to continue on from him. Ivar was an interesting storyline but I think Bjorn was a stronger character. They kinda wasted him. They never seemed to know what to do with Floki. Still a good show.
  6. I've gone around my house smelling things, especially spices, and everything smells normal. The only things so far has been chicken and eggs...and...I didn't want to mention it but my poop has the same smell. I don't know about everyone else, but I know I;ve never had a problem with the smell of my poop but now it has the same smell as chicken and eggs. Not horrible mind you. Just different.
  7. We might actually upsize a bit to a 2 bedroom condo eventually. We took this one because it was about the last one in a newly constructed building right in downtown Boise. We figure we'll live there for a couple of years before deciding what to do. Lots of construction in and around the city. We might sell this one or rent it out if we move to a larger one. Right now, it's all about enjoying the city and the amazing surrounding area. I will be looking for a small commercial space to set up a voiceover studio. My wife wants half of her walk-in closet back...lol
  8. I will miss my home theater the most. Trying to sell my sub so I can move on to the rest. My projector is old but I'm actually hoping the new owners might want it along with the screen and rear speakers. I'm at the end of selling off my CD's on ebay. Sold my vinyl years ago, probably could have gotten a lot more now. Gave my DVD's to Good Will, they are worthless. I didn't have too many though. Oh, and I'll miss my Big Green Egg. The new owner was thrilled that I would leave it. Big downsize from our house to a one bedroom condo. We don't have kids either but our money went to expe
  9. Not sure why AUVI spiked. Can't find news. Even with the +25% today, I'm down 14%
  10. Well, when I posted this there was no way to know what was coming in 2020. But it still came together pretty well. We managed to get all of our new furniture, appliances and TV's into the condo just before the virus hit. Just sold our house. We'll probably take one more flight to Boise where we'll bring some more stuff in suitcases. Starting in May 2020, we took a trip there every other month and brought some stuff with us. We expect to close on our house in late June/early July and it looks like whatever we have left will fit in our SUV with no problem for the drive. Thankfully nei
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