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  1. Yup. He would have jumped right in once the issue started to become apparent. No way he would have waited this long to address this.
  2. ESPN+ came just in time for me having moved out of NY. Now if youtube.tv would only add NHL Network. #LGR
  3. Crime drama set in a small England town (Broadchurch) Young boy found dead on a beach. Everyone's a suspect and the cop brought in to investigate has a questionable background. Great cast and scenery.
  4. Who was transmitting the countdown. Were these intercepted Taliban transmissions or US military with actual eyes on the bomber?
  5. Finished Season 1 of both Broadchurch and Mr. Inbetween Two great shows so far!
  6. When asked about the harassments of Manchin and Sinema recently, Biden said "I don't think it's an appropriate tactic but it happens to everybody" That's his response? He really needs to take a firm stance that this is completely unacceptable and needs to stop.
  7. Nice comeback Sparty and great stretch run CharlieBrowns. I thought the way you piled up innings early would hurt you in the end. Not sure if that played into the final result but good battle to end the season. Losing deGrom obviously hurt me, as did Ozuna early on, but my team just did nothing in the second half. I had to work hard to hold on to 3rd. Thanks again RnR for a smoothly run draft and season. Thanks to those too that were out of it but continued to compete. That always makes for a better league. See ya next season!
  8. He did at one time. He's just a shell of his old self at this point. Much like most people his age.
  9. Again, it's not that big of a deal but all major media outlets reported that the event took place at the White House with their accompanying photos showing the fake background to make it appear as if that's where it was. It's deceptive. That's the last I'll talk about it. Just an observation.
  10. So I went back and skimmed through the first 2 seasons, since I watched them twice already, and watched S3 again. With a little help from the Dark reddit sub and wiki, I managed to be able to follow pretty much everything that went on. It's really impressive that everything is actually explainable and there aren't any glaring mistakes in the insane timelines. Some incredible work went into the writing. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to film and edit with all the jumping around. Just an all around great show.
  11. It is pretty innocuous and a mere blip in history but history will show that President Biden got a Covid booster shot at the White House forever into the future. It doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things but is indicative of the false transparency of this Administration and how the media supports it.
  12. "History is written by the victors" CNN knows it wasn't in the WH but no one will remember or know about the deception.
  13. So the philosophy of an organization changes when a co-founder leaves?
  14. He had to leave The White House to go to the fake set soundstage.
  15. CNN is on the ball President Joe Biden received his Covid-19 vaccine booster shot on Monday afternoon at the White House just days after booster doses were approved by federal health officials.
  16. It’s All Theater: Joe Biden Staged COVID Booster On Mockup Set Complete With Fake Outdoor Background Why would he do this on a fake set? So weird.
  17. So Biden's stupidity in saying they were being whipped comes back to hurt him, since they are his border patrol. Too funny. It did serve its purpose though of a distraction while they moved the Haitians out, mostly into the US.
  18. I went from long white tube socks to black ankle socks in the early aughts. That's about it.
  19. Ugh...the whole time watching the new season of Handmaid's Tale I thought it was the last. A good season, not great. They really should have wrapped it up. Not sure if I'll be back for another but probably will.
  20. ‘The View’ hosts return after false positive COVID-19 tests I predicted this Friday night. The whole thing looked staged and phony.
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