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  1. Forgot to mention, Dinosaur is also on 125th Street in Harlem. I need to go back there.
  2. The brewery options in Boise are insane, with so many more opening. Western Collective is excellent. Check out what they're opening soon. Can't wait!
  3. NYC has very good BBQ, including the places you mentioned, plus Hill Country and The Mighty Quinn's. There's definitely real BBQ in NYC and it's very good. It just costs triple what it costs in places like Texas. Virgil's and Blue Smoke are good. Not sure about Dallas BBQ. I just assumed it was a tourist trap so I never tried it. Hill Country is excellent if you like that style on butcher paper. I'm not a fan of multiple lines for food and drinks though. Is Mighty Quinns on 3rd and around 35th? Pretty good from what I remember from a while ago.
  4. The best I've found so far in the Boise area is Rib Shack BBQ in Eagle, about a half hour drive from Downtown Boise. BBQ4Life is good too. A few others that are passable.
  5. Put some money in this morning on the nice volume. Not looking long term, just hoping for a quick rebound.
  6. I look forward to the US pulling out of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing
  7. Thanks but he said "And its been gone over a few times in the other thread." but I couldn't find which thread. Looking for some discussion on it.
  8. Which thread is discussing this bill? I'd like to get more info on what's in it.
  9. Nice jobs report. Would've been a big day. Hopefully it holds for Monday.
  10. Looks like new seasons of How the Universe Works and Space's Deepest Secrets have started. Sometimes they repackage episodes to make them look new but these seem to be new ones.
  11. Nice action today, especially the close. S&P stayed above 4, Dow above 33. Start of a new quarter. April is historically a good month. Nothing huge on the near term horizon hopefully. Spring is in the air. Baseball is back! Barring anything unforeseen over the weekend, I finally feel confident plunking down some money for the long term.
  12. Kinda pivotal day for me. If S&P can hold 4 and the Dow 33, I'll be feeling confident. Even the Naz nearing the monthly highs should be interesting to watch. Hopefully today stays up where it is or higher.
  13. Yeah, I'm not clicking those links but congrats and keep on rockin'!
  14. Great news...congrats! NO MORE SMOKING!
  15. I've been a sucker for Rodon's potential since he was brought up. I think I've had him on my team at some point every year. Hopefully he can stay healthy and produce.
  16. I don't know if you have a more recent link but from what I can find, from March 1st, 2 people have been reinfected from the Brazil variant. That's not something I'm going to be concerned with right now.
  17. Right now, known antibodies have shown to last longer than the vaccine. Of course that's because the vaccine hasn't been around as long. I have a friend that caught it last April with almost no symptoms and is still showing antibodies as of a couple of weeks ago. I see no reason why I should get a vaccine if I am still showing detectable antibodies. There's not enough evidence to show that I would need to. I would have gladly gotten the vaccine if I never got the virus but as of now, I won't.
  18. What about people that have had the virus and now have a natural immunity?
  19. It would have been refreshing if Biden admitted that maybe they made a mistake in moving so fast and underestimated the surge that is happening instead of just saying it was Trump's fault. I guess politicians gonna politician.
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