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  1. I would think just about everything Disney does is to continue making money.
  2. I do recall Trump taking credit when gas prices dropped. Don't really remember him taking credit when they went back up.
  3. Maybe gas prices are going up because demand is going up? Coming off of a year where demand had been low, you can can bet the gas companies are going to raise prices as soon as demand increases.
  4. So the people against Ted Cruz because he is Hispanic going to be for Beto O'Rourke because his first name is Hispanic?
  5. My daughter got a new Polaroid just a few weeks ago. Not sure of the model. Guess some of her friends have them. Making a comeback. Edited to add: It's the One Step 2
  6. Better to get out there first thing before people walk all over it.
  7. Use to not bother me. Now we have a new neighbor from a southern state and they haven't shoveled one time this winter.
  8. Would Newsome win the California primary over Harris if the country is going forward in a reasonable fashion?
  9. He won't get my vote in a primary over Harris if things stay under control.
  10. This is the only answer unless you are thinking things are going to fall apart.
  11. Beto probably didn't have any vacation time saved up.
  12. After a little more reading I'm taking back my saying not a major ####up on Texas part. They went cheap and got caught.
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