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  1. Don't know what he is worried about. The SC is going to make Trump President by August.
  2. Good job Joe. President Biden · May 10 United States government official Since the time I took office, we’ve created more than 1.5 million jobs in the country. It’s the most jobs created in the first hundred days of any president.
  3. Jupiters Legacy did Leslie Bibb no favors in those flashbacks
  4. Do we get to decide that? Maybe I wouldn't mind that a few Americans are having their lives better for once instead of my tax dollars going to fix a bridge in bum #### Montana I'll never drive on.
  5. Bunch of ingrates. Not willing to go back to work for $8.25 an hour.
  6. Bunch of selfish Americans not willing to work for minimum wage for the man.
  7. 63% approval rating. Joe should get on Twitter and brag.
  8. https://www.paycor.com/resource-center/articles/minimum-wage-by-state/. Most states are no where close to a $15 minimum wage.
  9. Hope I didn't put God into a bind. I just prayed that they don't find voter fraud.
  10. Must have. Lumber is up 1000%
  11. So the pay raises are not suddenly happening and no taxes so far have been risen on the rich.
  12. When did wages go up and when did we raise taxes on the rich?
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