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  1. So you think it's OK that anyone with loved ones in hospitals can break the rules if they feel that's their right to do so. Probably everyone with a loved one wants to stay after hours. Why even have visitors hours at all, if people can just decide to come and go as they please no matter what the posted visitors hours.
  2. https://hslda.org/post/compulsory-school-age-in-wyoming
  3. Yea. How do you win if you can't get the votes. Change the law so votes are less important.
  4. Kind of late but I just saw 6 on Amazon prime. 4 with Pierce Brosnan and 2 with Daniel Craig. There are 4 on Hulu 7 if you have Hulu plus live Tv. Looks like there are some on Pluto tv. If you have Roku type James Bond in the search.
  5. I would take the 40k and not look back. A bird in the hand is worth more then 2 in the bush.
  6. Typically if a Survivor is voted out with a immunity idol in their possession the idol is put back into the game.
  7. It's kind of unclear. It says you must say the line at the next immunity challenge. https://www.reddit.com/r/survivor/comments/pyitxf/full_beware_advantage_text/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_title
  8. Close to 80% now have at least one shot. How many truck drivers do you figure are in the remaining 20%?
  9. That was my thought. Excitement or Stress Panting may have nothing to do with body temperature. Many dogs will pant when they experience fear, anxiety, or stress.2 Examples include car rides, fireworks, separation anxiety, vet visits, and other stressful events. Look at your dog's body language to help you determine if your dog is showing signs of fear or any other type of distress. Understanding the cause of fear or anxiety in your dog can help you minimize these incidents. If panting seems to be related to fear, anxiety or stress, it's best to remove your dog from the situation as soon as you can.
  10. People sue all the time. Until the law says it it means nothing. Link? It's in the the link you posted. Under the Trump administration, former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt removed groups of scientists from the EPA’s advisory committees and filled the roles with industry-based representatives. It was estimated he tripled the number of industry and consulting firm scientists on the SBA alone, and reduced the number of academic scientists by half, the Washington Post reported in 2017.
  11. Didn't the Trump administration get rid of a bunch in the EPA and appointed people who agreed with him. Happens all the time.
  12. Exactly. They wanted it to happen that night not spread it out over 3 nights.
  13. What does testing vaccinated people have to do with most of deaths are from unvaccinated?
  14. Yeah. Short season, 3 tribes, to many twist, just too much.
  15. But they aren't going up, up and up with those that are vaccinated. hmmmmmmm
  16. Seems like they are trying to outdo Survivor Australia but making it even more ridiculous then Survivor Australia with all the twist. But there is also a warning on the clues, taking this advantage might have consequences, which I do like.
  17. I would think a new clue will be placed for someone else to find.
  18. Someone once said "Australian Survivor isn't American Survivor" they should probably listen to that person.
  19. Dude I have already told you I don't care if you don't get vaccinated. I also don't care if someone decides to get an abortion. Since you want to choose how about letting others make choices as well.
  20. It serves China and China only as she points to a symbol that was used on a flag representing the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
  21. We made it through the last buffoon, will make it through this one .
  22. Exactly. Pretty much how we do whatever we want regardless want China thinks.
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