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  1. When is the last time anything the Democrats asked for got any GOP support?
  2. In the very first paragraph from that article. Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner Robert Manfred decided to move the All-Star Game on his own
  3. In her statement about the loss of the AllStar game she says she is. I have no reason to disbelieve what she said. Do you have reasons not to?
  4. I said it when Joe orginally said 100m shots in 100 days was smart. Now he gets to say "200m shots in 100 days look how good we did."
  5. Exactly. We had record voter turn out. The only reason to go back and not forward is because you want less people voting.
  6. Them as in Republicans? The voters seemed to embrace the new pandemic voter policies.
  7. Why go back to the days of voting before the pandemic? The people of this country got behind the new ways of voting by responding with record turnouts.
  8. Good question. We just had an election where there was record turnout across this country. Why isn't the goal to expand on that instead of going backwards?
  9. That's actually a good point. Why have all these voter changes when we just had an election with the most voters ever. Seems that's the way the people like/want it to be done.
  10. So GAs Republican government is doing what ever it takes.
  11. Exactly. How it works in Colorado. Even get a pre ballot postcard telling you to expect your ballot in the mail.
  12. Is it keep black people from voting or to keep people on general from voting? Every state requires an ID to register to voter, it's how they handle voting after that matters.
  13. Every registered voter in Colorado gets a mail in ballot. You have to show an ID to register the first time. You can vote in person on election day if you want. Probably have to show I'd. You can also register to vote and vote on election day at a polling place. One thing different is Colorado has passed laws making it easier to vote, not try to make it harder.
  14. Colorado votes by mail. Usually one of the top states in percentage of voters who vote.
  15. I guess. Just crossing the border doesn't turn anyone into skilled labor. But there will also be plenty of unskilled labor positions on lots of those projects.
  16. Yeah. It sounds great on paper but alot/most? of these jobs need people on site doing it. Some of that work will undoubtedly be out in the middle of bum #### nowhere. I don't know many of my friends in the trades that will be that interested when there's plenty of work where they live.
  17. So you won't go hang out in Coors Field and enjoy a baseball game because they moved the AllStar game?
  18. Lot of good paying jobs in there. All those projects won't build themselves. As someone who worked in the trades my always first thought is where is the labor force going to come from. Everyone I know in the trades are busy as is.
  19. It's more then infrastructure it's also billed as America's jobs plan.
  20. Sure but where is the labor force going to come from? A bunch of unemployed ex waiters, waitress and retail employees aren't going to really fill the bill.
  21. Exactly. Voters for Biden also knew Harris was VP. Personally I would have no problem with Harris as President if that's how things work out. It is what it is, crying about it won't change it.
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