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  1. I sent you a letter to your prison address but it was returned to sender, "HAS THE HIV" was the post mark, tough break.

  2. I've never danced on a finer grave. Now to piss on it..... good riddance.

    1. Doctor Detroit

      Doctor Detroit

      Greatest internet victory evah.

  3. Just like Rain Man except he isn't good at counting.

  4. So you REALLY think that all the PSU students were there in support of child abuse?
  5. Cheapest Nebraska-Penn State ticket on StubHub now $175, prices climbing
  6. Penn State President Graham Spanier will quit or be fired today in wake of Sandusky charges, source says
  7. JoePa clearly isn't an honorable man, he can't even step down for the betterment of PSU instead gives a statement on when he'll retire. What a scumbag this guy is.
  8. Let me remind you that people admitted in a grand jury on what went on, don't remember Duke players doing the same.
  9. Happy Valley will forever remind me of Neverland Ranch, two very bizarre, Disney Land like and secluded places that seem to relish in living in a fantasy place, away from real life.
  10. ESPN reporting ticket brokers are now being flooded with calls people wanting tickets to see JoePa coach his last game at home. Prior to his retirement they weren't getting calls for tickets.
  11. Yes, because the 45K current students and the million or so alumni deserve the school to be destroyed because of six or seven people.Its the other way around. It appears that some of the 45K current students and millions of alumni believe that the school will be destroyed if those that enabled and/or covered up or failed to protect other children are held accountable for their actions.yesPSU has shown that if you run PSU you can pretty much do anything, I don't see a few people getting fired that this will change. Great piece on Grantland about PSU.
  12. Yes, because the 45K current students and the million or so alumni deserve the school to be destroyed because of six or seven people.More than a few people knew about this. I don't think any university should be able to operate where the culture is so bad that a man can rape kids for decades at said university while people turn their backs. Hell I think yesterday ex PSU football players who played a many yeas ago said there were rumors about this guy loving kids.
  13. That statement by an 84 year old man can be construed several ways. Based on his previous statement that he had no knowledge of all of those details in the 2002 incident, and assuming that he had no knowledge of the other things laid out in the grand jury report, of course in hindsight he would feel he should have done more.Of course he's going to say he had no knowledge or he'd be arrested right now. He made sure to cover this up to hopefully cover his ###. I really hope the worst punishment this scumbag gets isn't that he gets to simply retire at end of the season.More kids are coming out and I will be shocked if at the end of all of this that JoePa was clueless about this. In fact I believe it'll come out he knew most of what went on and because he didn't want HIS legacy to be tarnished (for being friends and hiring a horrible person) he was very involved in covering it up which is almost as bad as committing the acts themselves.
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