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  1. I sent you a letter to your prison address but it was returned to sender, "HAS THE HIV" was the post mark, tough break.

  2. I've never danced on a finer grave. Now to piss on it..... good riddance.

    1. Doctor Detroit

      Doctor Detroit

      Greatest internet victory evah.

  3. Just like Rain Man except he isn't good at counting.

  4. Let Detroit have something since his teams (Tigers and OU) were eliminated and his Lions are going with them.
  5. No they won't.The truth lies somewhere in the middle. OU will have a chance if they win out. But that chance if dependent upon all of the schools ahead of them. It happens every year when we reach this point. There are still 7-8 undefeated teams and the talk is all about what happens if all or most of them go undefeated. But then they start knocking each other out and we're left with 1 or 2 undefeated teams. The teams with 1 loss that occurred earlier in the season get a boost over teams whose 1 loss happened later in the season under the "what have you done for me lately?" theory. Say Alabama
  6. What does your point #1 have to do with OU falling faster than a sinking ship? Ships don't fall you rube, they sink.So are you upset because I said the Tigers weren't going to beat the Rangers and OU was not going undefeated and winning a championship?
  7. What does your point #1 have to do with OU falling faster than a sinking ship? Should I just keep repeating 4-2 (Rangers/Tigers) to you as a comeback?
  8. I was clear they would not go undefeated and win the BCS championship game so unlike LHUCKS my prediction came true.
  9. Stevens was 19 for 23 last year, after Hunnicut missed that first one I thought they might go to him on the last one.I feel terrible for that kid. Any place like this where football is a religion... his life will never be the same.Hope he doesn't get death threats and sh#t.Not many fans in the stand when that happened so he probably got lucky.
  10. Reminds me of the Texas fans when they played ouTexas was ranked #3 playing against a non ranked opponent? I never remember that.
  11. at least the fan with the shark hat stayed..he got a lot of screen time
  12. where the hell are the OU fans? #3 and you bail on them when they get down. Worst fans I've seen this year on TV.
  13. Karma due for DD for a long time. First the Tigers and now OU. 55-17So beating UT > this loss and Tigers getting knocked out of the ALCS, good to know
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