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  1. The privacy angle is a red herring. The media gained access to written material where he [apparently] repeatedly showed himself to be at best a homophobic misogynist at a time where that is all every press conference would have been about for the rest of the year. He had to go.
  2. In poker terms it’s trying not to be results-oriented in terms of decision making. The equivalent would be folding J3 to a preflop raise that would have put you all in and then having the board come JJ3 - no, you still shouldn’t have called the guy with AA’s raise. You had a 13% chance of winning the pot.
  3. Bummer. That TD would have helped a lot. Not a super stat line for the kid. Hasty was back in on the next play.
  4. Did anyone catch whether Shenault was back in after he went down hard on the sideline?
  5. On RZ - here’s a relief for Bears fans - Andy Dalton is back in. well, um, actually…
  6. Starting Mitchell over Gaskin and the BAL dynamic duo.
  7. I really think the “I’m starting x over x” threads serve this purpose already. The bloom start/sit thread was really just a rehash of his rankings, and the value was more in seeing what decisions other people were struggling with. The player specific start sit threads accomplish the same thing in a more targeted way. I can understand them moving away from giving away info that others pay for, particularly given the time commitment and considering Dodds’ retirement.
  8. I’m using #1 waiver priority on him. Drafted first rb in 4th round so while not a lock, if this hits it could be a major season changer for me. Combination of opportunity and timing early in the year are the clinchers for me, despite the potential for RBBC hell.
  9. Any rumors out there? Bloom just called him droppable.
  10. Welp. Hadn’t seen the field in over a half hour and then misses his block on that play. Oof.
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