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  1. Referring to an election as “stolen” and inciting seditious insurrection because the governor of California tried to make it easier to vote during a pandemic? That’s a definite threat to our republic.
  2. If instead of going off on the Twitter tangent he had congratulated Joe Biden for winning the most secure election in US history, then yes it would have been notable. OR if he said this last Wednesday instead of tweeting about the Patriots who supported him
  3. I agree with this as well. At least today’s poll shows a major division among GOP about the insurrection- wise spread bans, and impeachment, will just serve to further cement polarization.
  4. Ok to be more specific, as I understand Brandenburg v Ohio (at least the wiki page) inflammatory speech aimed at inciting a riot is not protected speech. Which definitely applies. my point is that all of the people incorrectly screaming about the first amendment don’t even have it right if it was a legitimate first amendment issue.
  5. Yelling fire in a crowded theater is not protected speech under the first amendment. Screaming “stolen election” is the current equivalent.
  6. As long as our highly polarized and fractured media and social network ecosystems continue to persist, reforms at the government level will be ineffective. I have no idea how we come back from where we are on that front though. politically, in my mind the two most effective tools to fix our government’s inability to address big issues would be the elimination of gerrymandering, making more house seats competitive, and a return of earmarks that historically drove compromise. how did the civil rights act get passed? Because a NASA research facility at Purdue was authorized in the bill
  7. “Conservatives” we’re using the platforms to exhort and organize a violent seditious disruption of a joint session of Congress based upon fabricated claims of a “stolen” election. After being warned not to continue, what were the platforms supposed to do when people went right back to spreading the same seditious fabrications? the @potus account is still,active, by the way, and if the President wants to communicate with the public he can call a press conference or call into any tv network at any time of any day.
  8. My wife was at the South Park mall Dick’s one year when Cam came in with 25 or so kids, for whom he proceeded to buy Christmas presents - it seemed like pretty much whatever a kid wanted, he got. Cam spent the whole time wheeling around the store on a razor scooter, laughing and enjoying himself the whole time. I think a lot of the antics that rubbed people the wrong way - the Superman TD celebration, etc. were just his raw exuberance, really still a kid at heart. Unfortunately the image that I will most associate with him, however, was not diving for his fumble in SB50. The game w
  9. He’s done. Cooked. It’s sad.
  10. Diggs is on an awful lot of these rosters - not bad for my 8th rd pick!
  11. This lineup won me the cup, and scored the most points of the weekend (ppr super flex) Brady R Wilson Diggs E Sanders (over Godwin) Aiyuk Dobbins Gibson L Thomas (over Kittle, dropped Tonyan to pick him up on Saturday) Butker Tampa Bay For the year, my RBs were paper clips and scotch tape after my 1.02 Saquon went down. I only drafted 4 of the starting lineup. Pretty happy about this win.
  12. Thanks guys. I was going w HOU until I read the comments in this thread- went with TAM instead and coasted to the win.
  13. I am, over Pollard, Ogumbawale, Simgletary, and White
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