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  1. I’m using #1 waiver priority on him. Drafted first rb in 4th round so while not a lock, if this hits it could be a major season changer for me. Combination of opportunity and timing early in the year are the clinchers for me, despite the potential for RBBC hell.
  2. Any rumors out there? Bloom just called him droppable.
  3. Welp. Hadn’t seen the field in over a half hour and then misses his block on that play. Oof.
  4. Stanford’s wife is dressed like she’s running to Target. And chewing gum like a cow.
  5. I mean how does the ball go,forward if it wasn’t in his hand going forward
  6. Time to look for Brown, Ryan. Julio’s not happening.
  7. I feel the exact opposite - the ability to grab a potential RB1 off the wire is exactly the reason to wait on RBs once you got past the first 6-7 picks.
  8. I agree with your top two and managed to get both, but I think Williams gets first shot at this on Monday - and it should be his job to lose theoretically.
  9. Managed to grab both Williams and Murray on a RB-thin team, dropping Gio and Curtis Samuel to do so. Choo choo.
  10. I realize we are only a few series into the season, but I’m not feeling too upset I dropped gio for Tyson williams earlier today.
  11. Referring to an election as “stolen” and inciting seditious insurrection because the governor of California tried to make it easier to vote during a pandemic? That’s a definite threat to our republic.
  12. If instead of going off on the Twitter tangent he had congratulated Joe Biden for winning the most secure election in US history, then yes it would have been notable. OR if he said this last Wednesday instead of tweeting about the Patriots who supported him
  13. I agree with this as well. At least today’s poll shows a major division among GOP about the insurrection- wise spread bans, and impeachment, will just serve to further cement polarization.
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