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  1. Murray likely out this week. Come on Ravens... quit messing around and give up a 6th or 7th for Mack already. This AARP RB (AARRB?) room isn’t going to get it done late in the season. You guys are contenders, start acting like it.
  2. Come on Ravens... quit messing around and give up a 6th or 7th for Mack already. This AARP RB (AARRB?) room isn’t going to get it done late in the season. You guys are contenders, make the move already.
  3. Want to try and hold this guy until the trade deadline, but none of these rumored destinations seem appealing. Baltimore makes the most sense, but they seem to like their AARP RB room (or is it AARRB) for some reason.
  4. I see the logic in thinking Thomas won’t be returning to the same role we are all used to, but I still wouldn’t ever consider dropping him for Bateman. For as low volume a passing team as NO is, MT will at least we walking into the top role with no competition for targets. Bateman is at best the WR3 on a team that prefers to run (if their defense allows, which hasn’t always been the case this season).
  5. It’s over. NY OBJ is gone, a distant memory. The memory of what this guy was vs. the reality of what he is now is reaching Josh Gordon levels. Dude is dust.
  6. Damn, looking like Cleveland was the play. Teddy Two Gloves looking horrible
  7. Seems like nothing more than some typical Congressional grandstanding by those hypocrites in Congress, but if it at all increases the chances of Danny getting fired into the sun I’m all for it.
  8. WFT might bite, but again, they are totally incompetent so I wouldn’t judge that as a wise move. Recently drafted QBs are like new cars. The minute you drive them off the lot (or in this case, put them in game action and they disappoint) they lose a huge percentage of their value. See Rosen, Josh.
  9. So because DC had had a litany of bad QBs they should trade for potentially another one? Makes sense bud. ”coming off an injury” and “2 full games into 2nd season” when 6 games have been played this season are concerns. Another is the fact that he’s looked generally mediocre when he has been healthy enough to be out there. And lack of offseason didn’t seem to effect another rookie in Herbert last year. Bottom line is he is not going to be worth what Miami and/or Houston is seeking back in return for him. If it’s a Josh Rosen type package, maybe. But the compensation will likely be much higher.
  10. Please don’t send this guy to DC. This would be another dumb move by the WFT front office. They were actually smart to pass on him the first time, only now to double back and trade for him. FML.
  11. Yeah, this would be a typically bad move by WFT. They did the smart thing passing on Tua the first time around. Giving up significant draft capital for a guy that injury prone who was damaged goods coming out of college would be a mistake. Although it would be hilarious to see him back on the same team as Fitz again.
  12. Don’t disagree that Hopkins got made an example of here, and of course more fitting players should have been cut/benched (Collins) or better yet fired (Del Rio). And yes, it is another sign of weak leadership for a guy who leadership is supposed to be what he is known for (Ron). All that being said, Hopkins has been beyond shaky for the better part of two seasons now, and the fact that this team did nothing to address it up until now is indicative of their ineptitude. He consistently misses kicks in big spots, and his ability to kick beyond beyond 50 yards (basically a requirement in today’s game) was severely lacking. It was basically not an option and became a factor in playcalling. He had a rather disastrous preseason and should have been on an extremely short leash. Is he the reason we are losing? No, but he wasn’t helping us win either.
  13. Great post. In retrospect Herbert definitely should have been the pick over Chase, but that’s one of the few draft decisions I can’t rip the front office for since few people were right on Herbert and Chase was a consensus pick. But the other picks, totally agree. The problem this year is we find ourselves in what appears to be a particularly weak draft class for QBs. Rattler’s stock has completely crumbled. At this point it is looking like the kid from Liberty and who else?
  14. Hopkins cut. Shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic at this point but this was long overdue. I’ll never understand why Ron treated him with such kid gloves when it’s been clear for a while we are least needed to bring in some competition for him. For a guy who talked a big game about competition, that oddly never applied to Hopkins.
  15. No news on Gibson is pretty foreboding. I’m kind of expecting the worst at this point. They really just need to put him on IR and shut him down. Let him get healthy. This garbage team isn’t winning anything this year anyway. Let’s see what we have in Patterson.
  16. So, trade deadline two weeks out, are people trying to hold this guy through bye week hell? This was the initial report a few weeks ago: "The feeling around Indianapolis is the Colts want to do right by running back Marlon Mack, who has requested a trade, but there is not much interest just yet," Fowler wrote. "Things could pick up closer to the deadline, and a conditional late-round pick probably gets it done." What’s happened since then? Well the Colts aren’t keeping Mack inactive on game day, and there have been even more RB injuries. If the Colts are truly only seeking a late round pick, you would think some team might have gone for him by now. I’m having some doubt this guy is traded this year. A team like Cleveland makes a ton of sense right now, but we’ll see.
  17. With all the shenanigans coaches have been pulling with not putting players on IR when they need to, I’m not holding my breath on this one.
  18. This guy has been a savior the last few weeks. Only deep threat on the team, leading league in air yards, and Teddy is actually airing it out. Great too see. Whereas before I was concerned Jeudy’s eventual return would crater his value, I’m now thinking that, while he will take a hit on targets, the defensive attention Jeudy will draw will open things up even more. He’ll take a hit, but should still be quite usable down the stretch. There is more than enough to go around for both of them with the Broncos WR injuries. And the fact that this Broncos D is clearly not as good as those first 4 cupcake matchups made them look is also a big positive, as it should keep Denver in passing gamescripts.
  19. If you told me last year that The Mannings would be must see TV, I would have said you were insane. This booth sucks. Bring back Peyton and Eli.
  20. Have my Sanders going up against his Allen and Knox. After that offensive hold by Sanders on that TD throw all I can say is.... great defense Manny!
  21. Toney apparently seeking a 2nd opinion on the ankle. That awful MetLife turf claims another victim. https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamKoffler/status/1450204428301127682?ref_src=twsrc^tfw Pain....
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