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  1. Just don’t think he has the arm talent to be a reliable starter long term.
  2. I doubt Hurts is the long term answer for the Iggles, but he can probably hold the spot down for a season until they find their guy. They will probably be picking in the top 5 next year anyway so that might be where they grab a QB if they don’t take one with the 6 pick this year.
  3. Love the thread title. Well done. 😆 I definitely see you guys getting a lot of mileage out of the Sirianni hire. Have you guys confirmed yet that he’s settled into his row house in South Philly? 🇮🇹
  4. As great as Jefferson was, this has to be Robinson due to position scarcity.
  5. I think this has to be Waller, full stop. Guy was drafted after guys like Ertz and produced on a top 2-3 level. Once Kittle was hurt it was Kelce-Waller and then a Grand Canyon size gap between them and the next viable TE.
  6. As an Ertz owner last year I can safely say that any GM that gives up a pick for that guy is negligent and should be fired. He is completely washed. As a Skins fan, I wouldn’t even want them to take a flier on him if he’s cut.
  7. This exactly. I don’t think this one is even close.
  8. While he ended up tailing off at the end of the year due to playing through an injury, I would add Kyler Murray to this list. For the 3/4 of the fantasy season he was putting up 2019 Lamar cheat code numbers and he was consistently being drafted in that 3rd tier of QBs. And he was the number one ranked QB in most scoring formats for the bulk of the season. And he had many just nuclear week winning performances. For pure value based on ADP though, I think it is very tough to beat Rodgers. Guy was an afterthought and going in double digit rounds in most leagues.
  9. Great question. Arguments could be made for both. Tough to say until we see how things are shaping up in camp and when the live bullets are flying. The shark move might be to move both of them if you can sell someone on the Stafford hype and get plus value for them. At the end of the day, I still think McVay will want to run a rush heavy offense once again. And with that defense they aren’t going to find themselves in shootouts. I think Stafford is a massive upgrade for the Rams in real life, but I’m not sold on this move to LA boosting his fantasy numbers.
  10. Is the upgraded system still running like glacially slow load times for anyone else? Wondering if it’s just a problem on my end.
  11. He’s being paid 11m. Between him and Carr, that is a lot of the cap to tie up on the QB position. There has been much reporting that the Raiders might be looking on to move on from one of them given this situation.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcwashington.com/news/sports/nbcsports/report-washington-extremely-interested-in-qb-marcus-mariota/2573513/%3famp The latest hot off the press of the rumor mill has WFT highly interested in Mariota. I’ve mentioned him here before and I would like this move if the compensation is right. Most I would want to give up is a 4th or a 5th, but as a reclamation project he could be worth a shot. He fits the type of mobile QB that Ron appears to be looking for. He’s still relatively young, and he showed well in his one spot start for the Raiders last season. If
  13. You’re not likely to find the details unless you get your hands on the actual contract. It was widely reported he was seeking 12 mil. Ian Rapoport pushed back on the story but it wouldn’t be the first time he carried water for the NFL (his bosses). It was widely reported Matt Rhule got 9 per from Carolina, so if you think Urban and his inflated ego would settle for anything in that ballpark or south of it, I don’t know what to tell you. Given his mercenary nature and possibility of this being his last big cash grab, I would be very surprised if he didn’t get the 12 or very close to it.
  14. Username checks out. You go do that. You could also just cut out the middle man and literally light the money on fire as well.
  15. So much for Meyer’s “I’ve known him for 20 years” comment hoping to smooth things over. Coming from a guy like Meyer, that’s not going to help Doyle’s case. Like I said in the other thread, this move was hubris on the part of Meyer more than anything else. This is the type of hire he would have fully expected to get away with in his college jobs. And the poor judgment he displayed here is pretty remarkable for a guy lauded as a leader and “culture builder”. And JAX gets all this for the small price of $12 mil a year. I still can’t believe there are people that actually liked this hire f
  16. I can’t see any universe where Darnold is traded for a 1st round pick. As a Skins fan, these rumors that they might be interested in him are terrifying. As a prospect in his current form, his biggest selling point is that he could have the “post Gase bump” that many players have experienced. The problem with this thinking is a guy like Tannehill showed a lot more under Gase than Darnold has. When your biggest selling point as a player is your coach was awful, that’s not a great sign. Like if this guy happened to be drafted by a team with just a mediocre coach instead of a historically awf
  17. Yeah, the leader in the clubhouse is Houston and it’s not even close. As a Skins fan, I know dysfunction, and Houston is in rarified air right now. Other franchises here have your garden variety dysfunction, but I’ve never seen a team self detonate themselves like Houston. They are running future Hall of Famers out of town at a shocking rate. And their upper management, led by Jack Easterby for no good reason, appears to be almost implementing a cult like atmosphere at the top of the franchise. Houston might be a few pairs of Nike sneakers away from a Heaven’s Gate episode at this rate.
  18. The most likely scenario is none of these beat writers have any idea where he is going or even wants to go. This story has become pure clickbait. First NYJ was his “top” preference, and now he’s not interested? Whatever. With Watt leaving town it’s even more likely Watson will resist going back. If Houston wants to cut their nose off to spite their face and not deal him, that’s on them. And given how dumb the people running that franchise are, that’s a distinct possibility at this point. At the end of the day, if he hits the market, no team will be able to compete with the draft comp
  19. This exactly. Jack Easterby is driving everyone away from this franchise.
  20. Anywhere but the Chiefs or Bucs. Let’s keep the league a bit competitive next year.
  21. Wow. Watt cut by the Texans. Talk about a franchise in turmoil. This is levels of dysfunction that I haven’t seen before, and this is saying something since I am a Skins fan.
  22. Probably hubris more than anything else. I can’t even say I’m surprised. Meyer’s record when it comes to character issues speaks for itself. But the people who liked JAX’s hire of Meyer probably won’t be too concerned. This is a quote from the NFL.com article Faust linked above: “Meyer added that he is "very confident" there will be no issues with Doyle in Jacksonville. The new coach also said he doesn't believe that the accusations of racism attributed to Doyle at Iowa will prevent Jacksonville from attracting free agents.” When you even have to consider whether your strength coach
  23. Jags fans can rest easy on this news. We all know there is no better judge of character than Urban Meyer. If you can’t trust the guy who vetted and signed up Aaron Hernandez, who can you trust?
  24. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30882524/jacksonville-jaguars-urban-meyer-defends-hiring-controversial-chris-doyle Urban Meyer being forced to defend his decision to hire a former Iowa strength coach accused of making racial statements and abusing his players. “But it was the hiring of Doyle, who had been Iowa's director of strength and conditioning from 1999 until this past June, that drew the most attention. Over the past year numerous former Iowa players spoke out about mistreatment within the Iowa program. A number of Black players said that Doyle used racist language and treat
  25. But not to worry, Meyer assured the media that he has thoroughly vetted this Iowa strength coach and investigated the situation. And besides, there is no better judge of character than Urban Meyer. If you can’t trust the guy who signed up Aaron Hernandez, who can you trust?
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