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  1. I’m guessing you’re not a fan of this team. Trading up for him was a huge waste. Sixth overall pick plus what is shaping up to be another top 5 pick on top of that. Better hope he turns into Tyreek Hill. I don’t see it though.
  2. May not fit but how about “I want to hire our last 6 first round picks to be my pall bearers. So they can let me down one last time.”
  3. Offense used: Tennessee LA Chargers Baltimore Buffalo Minnesota Defense used: San Francisco Cleveland Las Vegas New Orleans Minnesota This week- Offense- Indianapolis Defense- LA Rams
  4. My advice on teasers would be to never tease totals. It’s a bad bet. You’d be better off looking for lines where you cross through 3 and 7 if you’re going to tease. Example, an underdog getting between 1.5- 2.5 teased up to 7.5- 8.5 and a favorite laying between 7.5-8.5 teased down to 1.5- 2.5.
  5. Point is you wasted your time watching drivel. Why bother? Did you expect to watch something enlightening when you clicked on it? Why get yourself so worked up? Totally not worth it. Of course you’re going to feel the way you do if you keep watching this crap put up by the extreme. On both sides. Yep, I said it both sides. They all suck.
  6. So, you’re a conservative who doesn’t watch Fox, but sits around and watches MSNBC? I’d suggest maybe turning the TV off. Its all brain rotting garbage.
  7. The next logical step in this saga is the NFL being pressured to change its halftime act. I’d bet it happens too. They’ll have to find someone who doesn’t offend anyone though. Tricky. Does Barry Manilow still tour?
  8. Depends. Who did they vote for?
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