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  1. My advice on teasers would be to never tease totals. It’s a bad bet. You’d be better off looking for lines where you cross through 3 and 7 if you’re going to tease. Example, an underdog getting between 1.5- 2.5 teased up to 7.5- 8.5 and a favorite laying between 7.5-8.5 teased down to 1.5- 2.5.
  2. Point is you wasted your time watching drivel. Why bother? Did you expect to watch something enlightening when you clicked on it? Why get yourself so worked up? Totally not worth it. Of course you’re going to feel the way you do if you keep watching this crap put up by the extreme. On both sides. Yep, I said it both sides. They all suck.
  3. So, you’re a conservative who doesn’t watch Fox, but sits around and watches MSNBC? I’d suggest maybe turning the TV off. Its all brain rotting garbage.
  4. The next logical step in this saga is the NFL being pressured to change its halftime act. I’d bet it happens too. They’ll have to find someone who doesn’t offend anyone though. Tricky. Does Barry Manilow still tour?
  5. The phone won’t be ringing off the hook I don’t think.
  6. Man this running game is plodding and ugly. Dobbins/Edwards co-MVP?
  7. He’s the worst. We need Peyton doing color in one of these booths STAT.
  8. Used O- TEN, LAC, BAL, BUF Used D- SF, CLE, LV, NO Week 5- Offense- MIN Defense- MIN
  9. I had a similar one. Off in the Woods
  10. Bayside Tigers Tua and a Half Men Zero Flex Given My all time favorite that I used was- It Ertz when Eifert
  11. Need two, one must be a WR, PPR. Davis vs. Jets Gainwell vs. Car Shenault vs. Ten Waddle vs. TB Mooney vs. LV Patrick vs. Pit I have Davis and Shenault in as of now.
  12. I’m pretty new to dynasty. I won last year in the league’s first season and my team is very good (top 2 in the league I think). Team in last place has Kelce and D. Cook. Was going to offer Hockenson and Mattison for Kelce. Too much? Not enough?
  13. Watching Justin Herbert play football makes me physically ill. Last one out, strike a match and burn it down.
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