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  1. We shouldn’t be surprised by the “dumpster dive” approach to the running back position. Coach Flo saw it work in New England. I don’t necessarily like it, but I trust him. He’s gotten nearly every ounce out of the talent on the roster so far in his time here. A lot of experts seem to love our draft. As Todem points out though, it all comes down to Tua. He showed signs in a few games last year that he can play at this level. His injury shouldn’t be a concern any more, full off-season and camp/pre-season. Time to prove it.
  2. That jump up for Williams hurts. I have Gordon on my dynasty team also. Yuck.
  3. The Bengals were in a classic “good problem to have” situation. They didn’t necessarily need Chase, and Sewell would probably have been the wiser pick. Man does that offense have lethal possibilities now though. Their front office will get massive scrutiny if Burrow goes down again however.
  4. Oh don’t get me wrong, I like Waddle’s upside a lot. Glad they took him instead of Smith. All I’m saying is that if the Bengals took Sewell, we run to the podium to get Chase. We’ll probably never know though.
  5. Disagree about Hyde. As a guy who has Robinson on a few teams, I was actually happy about them getting Hyde. They had absolutely nothing behind Robinson last year and needed depth. Hyde seemed like a sensible move that didn’t kill Robinson’s value and gave me hope that it was going to be the biggest name they added at the position in the off-season. Agree on Etienne. Last night was pure pain. No getting around it. This really hurt Robinson’s outlook going forward.
  6. Not many teams that deserve a franchise QB more than the Bears. Good move. Hope it works out for you guys.
  7. I like Waddle, but not over Sewell. I would have much rather drafted Sewell and drafted the best WR at 18 (or trade up for Waddle if they like him that much). I don’t buy that they had Waddle ranked ahead of Chase, insanity. I think they got cute with trading and got burned. They desperately wanted Pitts or Chase to be there at 6 IMO.
  8. Been AWOL for a while, but I’m looking forward to the weekend. I’d love for Sewell to slip to 6 and take him. Then trade up and get Smith or Waddle. We have a ton of capital. Let’s use it and get some studs
  9. He’s terrible. CBS has two play by play guys that are eons better.
  10. Had him at 40/1. Knew he probably had no chance to win it, but it does sting a little lol.
  11. I was having issues there too. Keep trying. Log in and out. My bets went through eventually.
  12. I love Tampa. Here are my donations. TB +3 TB ML TB -2.5 Scotty Miller o20.5 Scotty Miller first TD 28/1 Devin White MVP 40/1
  13. Wearing my Bayside Tigers T-shirt today in his honor. RIP Screech 😢
  14. Shorts are 90% mental and the other half is physical.
  15. No question. I don’t mind the move from the Rams standpoint either. Stafford is definitely an upgrade over Goff, and their window is now. This could definitely be a win/win trade for both teams.
  16. Don’t have to go back that far to realize how this could work out really well for Detroit. Nobody in their right mind thought that Houston’s 2021 first rounder would be the third pick in the draft when they had a 24-0 lead over the Chiefs in the playoffs last year.
  17. I think it 100% the opposite. This is what we should be paying attention to rather than fighting with each other about whataboutisms on Facebook
  18. It’s a big club. And you ain’t in it.
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