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  1. These old QBs all look old. Except for Brady. He’s some sort of droid or something.
  2. New lows in whataboutism in here. Congrats
  3. I expected to read a bunch of different takes in here. “It’s not that big of a deal” wasn’t one of them.
  4. You’re giving them too much credit. These aren’t Rhodes Scholars.
  5. I’m just glad these protesters didn’t take a knee. Then things might have gotten really bad.
  6. The death of a political party. Live on TV.
  7. Another stellar evening of officiating. Sick to my stomach watching this garbage.
  8. They’ll still win easily. Give Chubb and Hunt 20 carries each and use the tight ends. Win 24-3 and go home.
  9. Never mind. Looks like he’s out too. So am I. Chubb May run for 300 yards tomorrow
  10. Both are risks for sure since Flores seems to prefer to lean on one guy. My gut tells me Gaskin will get the most touches. Very possible that both put up respectable games against this defense though. Miami may get some of their receiving options back, but they are not 100%. I think it would be smart to run it until the Raiders make them throw. Very possible for them to rush for 200+ yards again tonight.
  11. Have him in one league and facing him in another. Looks like I can go fishing or something on Sunday 👍
  12. Probably the ugliest game of the day. So of course it’ll be 31-28.
  13. Swapped him in for David Johnson in daily which allowed me to play Mahomes. Let’s go Tony!
  14. I have this decision and I’m probably sticking with Watson. If Cooks were to be out, I’d be much more inclined to take a chance on Hurts.
  15. This is fair. I’m facing Henry in two leagues and I’m terrified.
  16. I posted how high I was on Allen, and the Bills offense in general here somewhere in the preseason but can’t find it. I have him on a few teams, and he may almost single-handedly (along with Waller) drag one of them to the finals. Arm strength, accuracy, rushing ability. He’s the total package.
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