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  1. Could have been offensive pass interference on that one. Metcalf getting this many targets would probably make any CB look bad, but I agree he’s having a rough night.
  2. He’s being abused tonight, but can’t fault him in that last play. That was pretty tight coverage. Great throw and catch.
  3. He was one of the best WR in the NFL for like a month and now he’s on milk cartons. This team is a tough watch.
  4. Denver has a former QB who is now a WR on their practice squad I believe. Maybe he gets a shot. What a mess lol.
  5. His E:60 made me a fan for life. He played really well today. Most of his passes were right on the money.
  6. I tried to get him in dynasty after last week. No dice. I shoulda put a sad emoji on my post. I own him nowhere. Looks the part for sure.
  7. I’m honestly at the point where I actually feel sorry for the people that keep donating their hard earned money to this grift. But I know that we sometimes have to learn life lessons the hard way.
  8. 20,000 plus lies. But, THIS TIME he’s telling the truth. I don’t know about you guys, but I believe it.
  9. This. I’ve felt pretty embarrassed for both parties over the course of my life, but this is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. Hopefully our citizens remember this the next time an unqualified person runs for any kind of important office.
  10. News conference to be held at the Ritz. https://twitter.com/peterwmurphy1/status/1325992496699113473?s=21
  11. I’m aware. I just don’t see him conceding. Or getting dragged out by force. What else is left? He’s going to resign.
  12. Trump will not concede and will instead resign. It’s the only trick left in his bag. He will then be pardoned by Pence.
  13. I thought Grant would get his chance when Landry was traded. He had an injury and the team was a disaster at the time though. I don’t want this to come across the wrong way, but I always thought it would be wise to use him like the Chiefs use Hill. Again, not saying he’s anywhere near Hill as a player but that’s where a player like Grant could really shine. Get him the ball in space, use touch passes, reverses, and let him do his thing.
  14. Preston Williams to IR. Bummer. Looks like he was injured by a teammate after the TD. I’ve always been a big fan of Grant. Hopefully he gets a shot now.
  15. Let’s not overlook how important Sanders has been as well. He’s been absolute money all season. 20 straight FG made? If you’re having playoff visions, having a strong kicking game is important. Looks like they definitely have that.
  16. I don’t buy it, sorry. If you allow all of your logic to be tossed out the window by watching a television program, you’re not very bright.
  17. They will just move onto the next Hannity talking point. History will reflect incredibly poorly on these four years.
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