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  1. I’m hoping that Flores dialed the playbook back a bit vs. the Rams, since the game script was so wacky thanks to the defense and special teams. The offense didn’t have to do much at all. Either way, I’m not going to judge Tua on one game. He didn’t play all that well, but his pass catchers didn’t do him any favors either. Big test today on the road. The offense will have to be much better if they are going to be in the game.
  2. The anti-Trump rhetoric is 1000% earned and justified. He carried himself like an absolute tool for four years, and continues to do so in defeat. He needs to get gone. Period.
  3. I’m just looking forward to getting back to somewhat normal life without losing a thousand lives every day, while the so called leader doesn’t GAF. Anything else is a bonus. YMMV
  4. Would you prefer circling the drain for four more years? Pretending Covid will disappear by Easter? Insulting anyone and everyone on friggin Twitter? Day one of many. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  5. What the heck is this pinching feeling in my cheeks? Oh yeah, it’s a smile. Been a while.
  6. It’s still an issue, but those are the big two. At least in my experience with conservatives.
  7. Voting is one of our greatest privileges. Nobody should ever be mocked or ostracized for who they choose to vote for. I wish people would keep it to themselves, but I’m old and that’s probably best for another thread.
  8. I don’t know if it’s this extreme, but you’re definitely in the ball park. Does anyone really believe a ton of conservative Christians voted for Trump because they like him? Twice? No, they’re pro-life and love their guns.
  9. One of the first things Biden will do is organize a coronavirus task force team. You can count on it. The virus isn’t going to magically disappear.
  10. As a 21 year Postal Service vet, I’ll volunteer
  11. Tommy Nyman @Tombiznar Who would have thought 2 men in their 70s could maintain an election for this long?
  12. So, no coherent answer then. Sounds about right. What has to happen for you to stand up to this guy?
  13. Again, if the election is being "stolen", why are the Democrats not racking up the seats in the Senate?
  14. The worst part is that thousands and thousands of hours, mostly volunteer, has gone into this counting process. And instead of getting recognition and praise, they get this crap. Completely shameful.
  15. How come the Democrats aren't "stealing" the Senate as well? They're really bad at this I guess.
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