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  1. You're being scoffed at because these other things that you bring up serve a main purpose other than killing/maiming as many people/living things as fast as possible. You and your ilk will never convince me that an average civilian "needs" to own a semi-automatic assault rifle. For any purpose. We need automobiles though, and unfortunately, people will die because of irresponsible people that drive drunk or text while driving. It's way, way, way past time for change in this country, but I'm not holding my breath. Like I said earlier, if nothing was done after Sandy Hook, nothing is ever getting done. We'll all just have to continue to hope that the next concert we go to, or the next time we go to see a movie, that we don't get killed I guess. I'm afraid we're too far gone. When there are more guns than citizens, I'm not sure there's much legislation that can fix it.
  2. This thing still going? I basically gave up after Sandy Hook. If #### doesn’t change after 20 kindergarteners get murdered, it ain’t changing.
  3. I’ve read a lot of the same opinions on him before. You’re not telling me anything new here. I like what I see with my eyes when I watch him. Having different opinions is one of the great thing about sports. Right now all we can say is “we’ll see”
  4. Ok, you do that. Just an opinion, not sure where you’re hostility is coming from. Anyway, he’s a much better passer than either of the guys you mentioned, and he’s a winner. Who knows what RG3 would have been had he not been riddled with injuries. His rookie year was pretty special.
  5. I know it’s really early in his pro career, but I love Watson. Always have. He has “it”.
  6. Really have a feeling about this guy this week. Don't think I have the nuggets to flex him in my PPR over Ingram or Duke, who seem to have a much safer floor. Hmmmmm.
  7. 118-110 lady needs to go work in a high school cafeteria or something. Joke.
  8. It really is incredible. This was a great fight and will only be remembered for the crap decision.
  9. I'm just too old and tired for the games anymore. Plus, there are options out there for a third of the price with no contracts, extra receiver fees, dvr fees, and games you have to play to get your bill into double digits. And like I said, since the merger, it's been a nightmare whenever I needed any type of customer service. It took 3 phone calls and an internet chat to finally cancel lol. System is down, transferring me to the "correct" department 4 times, etc. I'll sleep like a baby tonight knowing they wont get another nickel from me, ever.
  10. Just cancelled for good after 20+ years. Since they merged with AT&T, it's been nothing but headaches. Excessively expensive headaches. Good riddance to both.
  11. Do any of you live in the NYC area, and have found a solution to getting MSG Network? My PS Vue + Kodi set-up is perfect except for not having MSG. I wont need it for a few more months, but once hockey season starts, I'm going to be scrambling.
  12. Trying out PlayStation vue free trial for five days. Pretty good so far. Hooked up two fire TVs, runs like a top. Probably going to call DirecTV tonight to tell them to pound sand finally. ?
  13. Yeah, if you're looking for aggression, I wouldn't recommend rec league hockey. There's no checking or fighting. Matter of fact, you'll get tossed for either and be out a bunch of money. Maybe try MMA. As far as getting injured, I've seen some nasty ones since I've been playing. One guy dislocated his kneecap just doing a normal hockey stop. His kneecap ended up behind his leg.
  14. I play in a men's hockey league for Hockey North America. The fall/winter league is $600 for 20 games plus playoffs. This is in NYC, so their leagues in your area may be a bit cheaper. A full set of new gear will run you probably between $800-$1000 depending on what you buy and where you buy it. I would recommend going to a store and finding what you like, and then go online and look for sales/clearance at total hockey or similar sites.
  15. Sup guys. Haven't been around these parts for a while since I stopped gambling (no really, I did). I'm not sure who's still around that was here when I was last here, but I wanted to post an update on my brother, who was diagnosed with cancer a while back. You guys we're very supportive and the messages both here and private meant more than you know. Unfortunately, my brother lost his battle, and passed away on Thursday morning. He fought like a warrior, and wanted to make it to his birthday, which was yesterday, but it was not to be. I hope all of you are well and still killing props in here.
  16. I'm not sure exactly. I don't know whether these channels I'm getting are OTA or if the cable coming into my house for internet is providing them from the cable company itself. One of the channels I'm getting is called the Optimum Channel, which is the name of my cable internet provider, and there is also a channel that is a scrolling guide of channels for Optimium, so I'm guessing it's the latter.
  17. I'm in the process of figuring out if cord cutting is a realistic possibility for us, so I've been trying some different things. For those of you that use your cable company for internet, and are having trouble with OTA antennas for local channels, you may be able to get them by splitting the coax and running it to the TV. I tried this the other day and was able to pull in 50+ channels, including all my locals in HD. ETA: I should clarify that we don't use our cable company for TV, just internet. We have Directv for TV.
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