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  1. Not at all. I'm always laughing at him. But I am a fan first and respect the career the guys had. And I'm not going to be delusional about how well he's respected in the sports world. You've got a way abnormal hatred for the guy. Shame on you as a paesan. your respect for him is alot more abnormal than RNs hatredThe guy makes millions of dollars a year owning the sports talk scene in the most important market in the country. And he's been doing it for almost 30 consecutive years. And before that he had an impressive career with CBS college basketball and NFL. Yeah crazy to respect that. Guess what, he's a sour old man. You want to call his show like a moron, expect to be trashed. sorry. Someone who treats his callers like pieces of #### loses all the respect he has earned over the years Stop. You're just having fun in this thread. You really aren't offended at how he treats callers.hes a bully like richie incognito:handwave: I dunno what dat guy was even tawkin about. Max in da Bronx, you awe next on da Fan.
  2. Probably safe to change the thread title. They're both done.
  4. If she tried to defend him I'm sure she'd end up with at least one interception. :lmao:
  5. To be fair, the Jets have the worst skill position players in the NFL. I don't think it's close, either. I'm not saying Geno is blameless, but it's hard to play QB in this league when you have a bunch of #4 WR's and a pair of mediocre RB's.
  6. That's it I roll my R's. That's great Mike, but the guy doesn't have an R in his name.
  7. :lmao: Absolute genius. Love how he picked up on this also: His arrogance is really comical. One of my favorite calls ever (wish I could find a clip) was a guy a few years ago who called to let Mike know that the Indianapolis Colts head coach's name was Caldwell, not Cardwell. Mike blew him off, blaming his Long Island accent for his mispronunciation. Yet he won't hesitate to interrupt a caller and correct them if they mispronounce someone's name. Such a pompous doosh.
  8. Fact?I'd be shocked if it's not season ending. Knees aren't supposed to bend that way. Sucks.
  9. Belt. Steals bases + more upside - supporting cast (counting stats) and talent.Yeah I currently have Belt. Debated between he and Alonso during the draft and Alonso was cut yesterday. Like the fact that he's a cleanup hitter, but agree with the rest of your assessment. Thanks
  10. Who do you guys like better as a backup 1B in 5x5 roto, Brandon Belt or Yonder Alonso?
  11. Thinking about keeping Kipnis over Pedroia. I can only keep either for this year, then they are both free agents. Am I nuts?ETA: I guess I can keep both (we start two 2B) and not keep Butler, since 2B is pretty weak this year. I basically have to pick 3 of these guys to keep. We can only keep players for 1 year.Beltre- definitely keepingPedroiaButlerKipnisGio GonzalezSabathiaBumgarnerTrumboA. Cabrera
  12. OK guys. Deep breath. We re-signed Boone Logan. Everything is gonna be OK.
  13. Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. Dis idear dat da Angels wouldn't jump at the chance to bring in a future Hall uh Famuh like A-Rod and play him at 3rd base fouah da next 5 yeaz is udduh nonsense. Ok.
  14. Mike now waxing poetic on how A-Rod almost had 2 hits last night.
  15. Probably going to take McFadden with 1.01 in my keep one league. I'm keeping Rice and the possibility of having 2 top 4 RBs is going to be too much to pass up. I think Reece has a lot of skills and I will definitely be looking to draft him in the last few rounds. He will be the back to own in OAK if DMC goes down IMO.
  16. This is one of my favorite threads and I don't even really like golf.
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