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  1. Considering the fate of the other Best Pitching Prospects Everâ„¢, that's not very good company to be in.Yeah, it's pretty much the equivalent of being on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
  2. There are scouts who have said that this kid is the best pitching prospect ever.
  3. Definitely not a pro photographer are you... The butt itself is not bad, but the framing isn't great and just looks like a gratuitous booty shot. A little farther back to capture the whole "subject" while getting her face in the mirror would have probably done the trick nicely. In lieu of that though, and since you aren't there anymore, you might suggest to her to to have a gf take a pic of her looking back over her shoulder in something really girly for bottoms and no top. Suggestive, but not really slutty, and giving you room to amp it up in the next round if need be. The chicks getting my votes in this thing (besides yours) are the ones that have demonstrated a very pretty face in everyday pics with a couple of "look at me I'm fun in bed" pics thrown in for good measure. The ones that just say "I'll sleep with anyone 'cuz I'm a drunk tramp with a nice body" in every pic are nice to look at, but not "hottest babe" worthy. How can you possibly complain about this. It is beyond me.Thank you. I'm feeling very underappreciated right now.If it makes you feel any better, I retract my previous comment and will vote for your girl as far as she goes. You're doing good work here.
  4. Oh good. I don't feel so bad for voting for the other chick now.
  5. I heard that someone spotted Francesa and Max eating dinner together a few nights ago. I think it would make for interesting radio for about 2 weeks, or however long it takes Tank to strangle Max. Anything is better than Tank solo though. I'd love for the Fan to bring back Sid Rosenberg since he's done in Miami, but that's a long shot at best.
  6. Here's Mike's rebuttal that he ended his show with on Wednesday. "Bring more than peashooters!" Part 1 Part 2
  7. You guys still responding to this nonsense? Must be a slow news day.
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