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  1. This is one of the least repetitive games I have ever played. My group has played about 15 scenarios, and we can't get enough of it. New content is unlocked all the time. And that is what makes it such a heavy commitment. We can only manage 1-2 game nights a month, so it could be a couple years before we exhaust all the content. There are 18 characters in total, and at the outset, you can only access 6 of them. We finally unlocked the 7th in our last session. Maybe the biggest complaint about this game is the massive setup/breakdown time. We have found a couple of free apps th
  2. My group routinely plays Dominion, Power Grid, and Concordia. One of us got GloomHaven and now we're all hooked. Anyone else play this one yet?
  3. I don't think the incidence of 10km eggs changed, I got two post-update, ending a week-long drought.
  4. It's dumb luck. I caught a Machamp without ever seeing a Machop or a Machoke. A few days later I found a machoke. It was a while longer before I got the initial species, Machop, which eventually hatched from an egg. These are the only three I've ever seen, which sucks because the Machamp is pretty good in battle and I'd like to power him up. I also caught a Seaking before ever encountering a Goldeen. Those are the only two for me. The rest have always been base model first.
  5. FWIW I think the game checks your coordinates every 200 seconds in regards to calculating distance traveled. I checked frequently during a walk I took at lunchtime. It seemed the egg distances refreshed with regularity every 3+ minutes, and never sooner. I don't understand why the period is so long, especially given that the game checks your position relative to spawn points every 10 seconds.
  6. I have my starting Charmander from 7/10 I have only one other though within 11 days of that: a Koffing on 7/18
  7. Same - just got to level 24, and still waiting to hatch a Snorlax or a Lapras. My last two 10km eggs were both Onix, which look cool, but are really weak (<500CP at Level 20).
  8. From PokeAssistant, which includes tools to help you determine (or at least approximate) your pokemon's IVs:
  9. Don't make it about leveling up, otherwise it will be a grind. The slope gets ridiculous in the 20's and insane in the 30's. I am L23 like you, and the math shows I'd need to keep up my 100k XP / week pace for about 4 more years to reach the (current) highest level. No thanks. For me the fun comes from filling out the pokedex. Right now I have 105, and I think another ~10 are in reach. I don't really care about gym battles.
  10. Are you doing loops around the park? It seems to me the game periodically queries your coordinates, and determines your distance by calculating the difference. The sample rate seems to me to be more than 1 minute, maybe 2. I'm really not sure why it is so infrequent, but it is. In an extreme example, if it checked your location every two minutes, and you happened to complete a lap around the park every 2 minutes, the game could assume you had not moved at all. If you intend to go 6 miles, your best bet is to go out 3 miles straight, and make sure that distance is captured befo
  11. I have hatched 48 eggs. Oof, that is some awful luck. I would have expected to have at least 2 at that point
  12. I don't believe he got 52 candies. Unless you have a typo and meant 25. 52 is way more than I have ever seen. And dratini need only 25 to evolve. But I was in the same situation, and many probably are, I hatched a dratini +32 candy which essentially is a dragonaire...
  13. You keeping track of that, or is the game? The game tracks the denominator portion (I have 160 on my breeder medal + 8 currently in inventory), but I presume you were talking about the numerator (14): When that number was just a handful it was easy to remember, but yeah, I did jot it down once I realized I might lose track. I also did not want to lose the candy data (something I was curious about). Magmar +25 candy Magmar +16 candy Aerodactyl +22 candy Aerodactyl +16 candy Pinsir +30 candy Chansey +31 candy Jynx +20 candy Dratini +32 candy Scyther +17 candy Electabuzz +26
  14. In 1200+ encounters I have yet to see a Charmander or Dratini in the wild, let alone the evolved forms. So I assume my route to both a Dragonite and a Charizard will be through eggs. Frankly I think the Charizard will take longer. 2k eggs are more common to get, but they produce only 6-10 candy. 10k eggs come less frequently, but they give you 16-32 candy. With luck, you can to a dragonite by hatching just 5 dratini.
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