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  1. 1-5-5 I have grapheme-color synesthesia (I see letters, numbers, words in color).
  2. I’ve now refi’d my mortgage twice in the last year and wanted to check back in here and share my experiences. Quick background, last year I did a cash-out refi to make some home improvements. I did some rate shopping online and landed at credible.com. Super easy process since everything was online, took about four weeks IIRC from start to finish. The loan was from Rocket/Quicken, but there were no issues from my perspective. I got the rate and the terms I wanted with no hassle. When I mentioned it in the thread a while back @Chadstroma remarked: Fast forward to about a mo
  3. In 1987 he only had 5 games with a receiving TD. (In all the other games that year he scored 2+ TDs.)
  4. Stats-wise, the 1st 10 years of his career (age 23-32) he was one of the greatest receivers of all-time. Last 10 years of his career (age 33-42) he was basically Michael Irvin.
  5. Sure, that's an apt analogy because basically I get about as much enjoyment out of this contest as I would buying a quick-pick lottery ticket. I'll play this because it's free and there's a small chance I might win some money but there's nothing really fun about it for me anymore. Don't mean to complain too much, it's awesome that FBG do this every year and a nice perk for subscribers, I'd personally just like to see them change up the format to something new.
  6. I got the same letter the other day - I refi'd with Quicken last year and now the loan is being transferred to PHH Mortgage Services. Dumb question, but other than making my monthly payments on a different website, is there any reason I should really care about this?
  7. I used to like it but it's definitely gotten old for me. I genuinely don't enjoy the format anymore. I still enter because it's free and why not, but i put very little thought into my entry since it's such a crapshoot with all the bad entries inflating the cut. There are other playoff contests I enter that I'm much more excited about these days, would love to see FBG change up the format next year but maybe I'm in the minority there.
  8. https://subscribers.footballguys.com/playoffcontest/entry.php
  9. That’s wild. Obviously everyone’s situation is different but if my wife suddenly turned into that, I’d imagine I’d honestly be thinking about divorce. Not because politics are the be-all and end-all of course, but because walking around on eggshells like that sounds like a pretty unhappy/unhealthy way to live, and because being a full-throated Trump supporter is pretty much totally incompatible with some fundamental beliefs of mine. Not sure how I’d be able to reconcile that. More power to you for making it work.
  10. Or, you know, you can be respectful of others but not want to be married to them. “Doesn’t The Left think you should be a nice person?” Haha gottem!
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