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  1. On 2/10/2020 at 3:58 PM, wikkidpissah said:

    Allow me to use this to take an informal poll. i've long thought that voice-in-the-head, talk-w-the-hands and drive-to-work-without-paying-attention are interconnected and indicate that we each have a Caliban, a task-related 2nd self. Jung called it the Shadow, but also animated it with sinister implication and subconscious baggage, as Freud did his bugaboos. I believe it to be the creature within which arose from us as animals to ask "fight or flight" and has become the translator of our lower brain functions.

    Anyway, i'm curious to see the relationship between the visual acuity and volatilty of the voice and gesticulation levels, so....

    1) how clear are your visualizations? 1=clearest- to-5=vaguest

    2) how volatile is the voice in your head? 1=loudest-to-5=calmest (0 if you dont have one)

    3) how much do you gesticulate? 1=waviest-to-5=stillest



    ETA: i am a 3-2(only because i do exercises to keep it from being a 1)-1


    On 2/10/2020 at 4:21 PM, wikkidpissah said:

    also, if participants want to list any possible synesthetics in their thought processes. synesthesia is traditionally considered seeing colors in music, but i extend it to include color-coding or letter-shaping of the +/- attributes of words & concepts

    I have grapheme-color synesthesia (I see letters, numbers, words in color). 

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  2. I’ve now refi’d my mortgage twice in the last year and wanted to check back in here and share my experiences.  

    Quick background, last year I did a cash-out refi to make some home improvements. I did some rate shopping online and landed at credible.com. Super easy process since everything was online, took about four weeks IIRC from start to finish. The loan was from Rocket/Quicken, but there were no issues from my perspective. I got the rate and the terms I wanted with no hassle. When I mentioned it in the thread a while back @Chadstroma remarked:

    On 1/24/2021 at 12:04 PM, Chadstroma said:

    But if you refinanced with Red Rocket last year you are due to talk to someone good and look at your refi options. 


    Fast forward to about a month ago and I noticed rates had dipped even lower than they were when I refi’d last summer, so I figured why not? and started shopping around online again. This time I landed at better.com, but remembering Chad’s advice I reached out and he quickly put me in touch with a broker in my state. 

    I shared the loan estimate from Better with and he said he’d be able to beat it. But when I got the loan estimate from him it was actually about $2k higher than what Better had quoted. When I pointed this out, he claimed his price was in fact lower and asked me specifically what was cheaper on the Better estimate. The answer was pretty much everything (and it felt silly to have to answer that question in the first place since he already had a copy of Better’s loan estimate). The only thing that was cheaper on the broker’s estimate was the points (I opted to pay a little for the lowest rate since I have no plans to move and the savings will pay for themselves before the end of next year), but the difference was more than wiped out by what appeared to be about a $3,500 commission (!!).

    Went back and forth a little bit but long story short, Better's estimate was always substantially less than the broker. Just closed the middle of last week, was maybe three weeks in total from start to finish.

    I have to admit up front I was skeptical that going through a broker would work out much better. But I was intrigued by Chad’s advice and figured it was definitely worth a shot. Not sure if my experience is typical but I have to say from my two times through the process now, these online companies are tough to beat. They make the whole process so easy and both times I've gotten the price I wanted with very little hassle or haggling.

    Most importantly though I have to thank Chad - he’s doing amazing work in this thread and I am really appreciative that he very quickly put me in touch with someone as soon as I reached out. I ended up not making a deal with his guy but it definitely was good to get another set of eyes on things and I am truly thankful for that and for all the advice that has been shared in this thread. 👍 



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  3. 9 hours ago, ZWK said:

    Correct. Two hall of famers. Even-year Jerry was the best receiver of his era, and odd-year Jerry is a HOFer too.

    Stats-wise, the 1st 10 years of his career (age 23-32) he was one of the greatest receivers of all-time.  Last 10 years of his career (age 33-42) he was basically Michael Irvin.  

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  4. 16 minutes ago, BassNBrew said:

    I'll never complain about a free contest for cash where 95% of the entries can't win because they can't comprehend the rules.  It's like playing the lottery and 95% of the people discard their ticket after purchasing it.

    Sure, that's an apt analogy because basically I get about as much enjoyment out of this contest as I would buying a quick-pick lottery ticket.  I'll play this because it's free and there's a small chance I might win some money but there's nothing really fun about it for me anymore.

    Don't mean to complain too much, it's awesome that FBG do this every year and a nice perk for subscribers, I'd personally just like to see them change up the format to something new.  

  5. On 1/19/2021 at 6:23 PM, Chadstroma said:

    Never heard of them. 

    I got the same letter the other day - I refi'd with Quicken last year and now the loan is being transferred to PHH Mortgage Services.  Dumb question, but other than making my monthly payments on a different website, is there any reason I should really care about this?

  6. 18 hours ago, QuizGuy66 said:

    Always love this challenge.

    I used to like it but it's definitely gotten old for me. I genuinely don't enjoy the format anymore. I still enter because it's free and why not, but i put very little thought into my entry since it's such a crapshoot with all the bad entries inflating the cut. There are other playoff contests I enter that I'm much more excited about these days, would love to see FBG change up the format next year but maybe I'm in the minority there.  :shrug: 

  7. 9 minutes ago, Anarchy99 said:

    In my house, people can have any political views, opinions, and perspectives they want as long as they align with my wife’s. I certainly don’t agree with her, so I keep my opinions to myself. That doesn’t stop her from trumpeting her love for DJT. I just grin and bear it. It’s called “keeping the peace.” It does get tough during family gatherings on her side of the family, as Democrats are considered like sub-creatures. 

    That’s wild. Obviously everyone’s situation is different but if my wife suddenly turned into that, I’d imagine I’d honestly be thinking about divorce. Not because politics are the be-all and end-all of course, but because walking around on eggshells like that sounds like a pretty unhappy/unhealthy way to live, and because being a full-throated Trump supporter is pretty much totally incompatible with some fundamental beliefs of mine. Not sure how I’d be able to reconcile that. More power to you for making it work. 

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  8. On 10/8/2020 at 11:29 AM, jamny said:

    Nah, that's ok. I'm not going through a 2000+ page thread to try and prove a point. Believe what you want.



    eta: I'm busy trying to get a new dishwasher that just crapped out...lol

    pro-tip: when you realize you were mistaken and want to back out of a convo, just do it.  the "i gotta go fix my dishwasher" thing makes it worse 100% of the time

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  9. 4 minutes ago, BobbyLayne said:

    64 months later I still can’t wrap my mind around “Mexican isn’t sending us their best people...” didn’t sink him on Day One.

    I was googling something the other day and one of the top results was an article that began, "Donald Trump might finally have crossed the line..."  It was from July 2015.  There have been dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of things he's said and done that would have and should have sunk anyone in a normal universe.  But here we are.  

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  10. 1 hour ago, Zow said:

    Eh, that was the least alarming thing about that video. If Michigan is anything like Arizona there are hundreds to thousands of statutes and only super nerds have them all memorized. 

    For that reason, I actually viewed it the other way.  Why would he even know it was section 764-dot-something off the top of his head?  Him referencing it, and then playing it off like "dot 4 or dot 5, something like that" made me think he's specifically studied that particular statute recently for some reason.  Even money we eventually find out Sheriff Dar was a Werewolf Watchman himself.  

  11. On 10/7/2020 at 5:23 PM, Stoneworker said:

    Democrats are losing the Supreme Court messaging war, new polling indicates, with support for Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation trending in the GOP’s direction.

    Nearly half (46 percent) of voters in an Oct. 2-4 Morning Consult/Politico poll said the Senate should confirm Barrett — up 9 percentage points since President Donald Trump announced her nomination on Sept. 26 

    Plurality Now Back ASAP Vote on Trump's High Court Pick

    Forty-three percent said the Senate should vote on Barrett’s confirmation as soon as possible, regardless of the 2020 election’s winner, up 4 points since after Trump’s announcement, while 37 percent said the chamber should only vote if Trump wins the 2020 presidential election, down 3 points. 


    Not disputing the results but that question doesn't really make sense.  The options were "vote on her confirmation ASAP" or "vote only if Trump wins the election".  Those aren't exhaustive.  I don't even know what I'd pick if I was given those choices.  

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