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  1. 8 hours ago, Walking Boot said:

     All that said, the time to do something like this is early 20s... Either now or never and live the life of regret. It might be hard but she will absolutely learn something and gain from the experience either way. You'll probably be surprised when you see how much she'll grow up in a year. 

    :goodposting: it’s obviously a terrible idea but sometimes we need to learn these lessons ourselves.  

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Capella said:

    Why little lady I've sold medicine to Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook, and by gum their SAEs were less than the placebo too!


    What's it called?


    Once again!


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  3. 2 minutes ago, acarey50 said:

    Agree, but this can easily be satisfied with setting up times for kids to get together and play in smaller groups - there's no need to jump right into full on 30 kids in an enclosed space for 8 hours. Have them meet a the park and play/throw a ball around, ride bikes, if someone has a pool have a few friends over and hang out in the backyard, just no wrestling in the pool. There are way more responsible ways to scratch the social itch.

    This is exactly what we've done.  Bike rides at the park, swimming in the pool, etc.  Our kids get some social interaction with friends just about every day and they're thriving.  I'll be keeping them home from school in the fall and have no worries about their social health.  Making them sit at a desk with plexiglass dividers and a mask on their face 7 hours a day sounds worse for their mental health than doing at-home learning and still seeing their friends.  :shrug: 

  4. Important to know who's conducting the second interview, as that would guide our answers to some of your other questions.

    Where I work we do several interviews.  When I'm hiring I'll do one, then have someone on the team do one, and maybe have someone from an entirely different department conduct an interview just to assess the candidate's fit with company culture, etc. and make sure we're not too myopic about our team makeup.  

    Different shirt and tie is fine, doubt they care about your pants (wouldn't mix khaki pants with a blue suit jacket anyway).  

    You might end up getting a lot of the same questions you got the first time.  Again, depends on who's doing the interview, but for a lot of people interviewing is not high on their list of skills and they'll be pulling from a list of questions prepared by HR or some website called howtointerviewpeople.net or whatever.  Make sure you know about the role and the company, and have a question or two of your own to ask at the end. 



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  5. Just got a email/survey from our district.  Current plan is for all classes to be half days, as no lunch will be served in the school.  If at some point the state requires districts to cancel all in-person learning, enhanced at home learning will take place, which is a half day schedule with live instruction from teachers, simulating an actual in-school day. 

    And then the survey asked which option we'd prefer: 100% in-school learning, hybrid (every other day) in-school/at-home learning, or 100% at-home learning.  And if the district chooses either of the first two options that involve in-school learning, would we send our kids or keep them home.  

    I believe they have to make a final decision no more than about three weeks from now, to give everyone at least a month to prepare before the school year starts.  :popcorn: 

  6. 1 minute ago, parasaurolophus said:

    I already copied and pasted their words and put the link in this very thread. 

    In other words, no, you don't have a link where it was stated that defunding the police was a necessary condition for returning to work?  I know you're opposed to freely redefining words to mean whatever you want them to, so I figured you'd be able to back this up with a quote. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Grace Under Pressure said:

    But I'd like to see an actual discussion on supplements that could be beneficial to someone looking to improve their immune system without it getting derailed.

    Not a doctor or anything but I was under the impression that no such thing really exists, and any kind of vitamins/supplements you take to "boost your immune system" don't actually do anything.  Would love to find out I'm wrong about that, of course.  

  8. 15 hours ago, ghostguy123 said:

    I haven't decided if I am going to continue on with season 2, though I did enjoy season 1.   Weird though that many of the main people died.  

    Edit....I don't care about seeing spoilers.

    Definitely stick with the show, it's really worth it.  Yes the last 2 seasons weren't as good as everything that led up to it, but not so bad that it would ruin the entire experience or that you shouldn't watch them or anything. 

    And 100% you should avoid spoilers for this show.  I had one big moment spoiled for me and it really detracted from the impact, this show has a lot of amazing moments that aren't the same if you know they're going to happen.  

  9. 7 minutes ago, SoBeDad said:

    I haven't seen any actual results about risky behavior from from contact tracing. Here's are some second hand comments from the Miami Office of the health department: 

    "Director of Health Department's Miami office, Yesenia D. Villalta, says contact tracing shows exposure coming from home, healthcare, daycare, and law enforcement functions (including jails). We haven't seen these reports, but get occasional (very quick) verbal reports like this."


    What about restaurants, indoor, outdoor, beach, beauty salons, etc?

    Without any more context I have no idea if this makes sense is but at first glance, this strikes me as similar to the stat that most car accidents happen within 5 miles of home.  It's not that driving close to home is more dangerous than driving further away from home, it's just that most driving happens close to home.  So like, the idea that most exposure is coming from places where people are spending most of their time (e.g. home, daycare, jails, etc) is entirely unsurprising and doesn't seem to me to be a comment on the relative riskiness of those places.  

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  10. 1 hour ago, NutterButter said:

    I personally think the teacher physically in class rather than an aide is a better use of limited resources.   If hypothetically 25% of kids need to come in you're literally going to need dozens of aides per school when your existing teachers can fill that role.  

    I was admittedly thinking of this in the context of elementary schools, where (at least here) there are already a bunch of aides employed in the school.  They could retain their positions by volunteering to supervise the students that opt for in-school virtual learning.  But I guess that's not applicable to the higher grades.  You could potentially retain / hire from the pool of lunch ladies, substitutes, (possibly furloughed) art, music, PE teachers, etc.  Dunno, it's not a foolproof solution but it's an attempt to find a middle ground where students AND staff who want or need to go to the school can, while the rest don't have to, and allows teachers to provide a single cohesive educational experience for all students.  


  11. 4 minutes ago, The Commish said:

    I guess if they really wanted to get creative...the kids could come to school and the teachers be in a completely different room OR walled off completely by plexiglass in the same room (think recording studio)  :lol: 

    I just don't get the need for teachers to be physically in the building in that scenario.  If they're going to be in a different room or whatever, what difference does it make if that room is in the school or in the teacher's home?  Obviously someone needs to be there to effectively babysit the kids, but that doesn't need to be the teachers.  I'm trying to think if there are specific resources the teacher needs to do virtual teaching that only exist in the school and can't be transported to or replicated in the home - like maybe a chemistry teacher needs to be in their lab to teach chemistry effectively or something?  Just seems for most classes, if the teacher is going to be physically separated from the students anyway they may as well just stay home. 

  12. 16 minutes ago, Mr Anonymous said:

    Then stick to the real reason you don't think it's a good idea to return. If it's safety, then say that

    They did.  Then they said:


    Implementing even a portion of COVID-19 best practices would require additional funding. The American Association of School Administrators (AASA) and the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) estimates that the average school district would need to spend an additional $1.8 million to safely reopen school sites.e Extrapolating using the figures from the AASA/ASBO analysis, LAUSD’s total additional expenses to restart physical schools could be nearly $250 million. These estimates do not take into account measures to address the increased need for mental health and social services, the educational needs of children who may have fallen behind in the shift to crisis distance learning, regular testing of students and staff, or the long-term effects on students that will need to be addressed over multiple years. Finally, these costs do not include investments into distance learning, which will continue to be provided, either to all students under a full distance learning or hybrid model, or to a significant subset of students even under a full-time return to schools model... There is money to safely restart schools, if federal, state, and local governments are willing to finally prioritize pupils over plutocrats.

    And then they provided a long list of ways this could be achieved.  Obviously you're personally opposed to redirecting police funds to education, but don't pretend that agencies fighting over what to do with taxpayer funds is some leftist conspiracy, that's how government works all the time. 

  13. Just now, The Commish said:

    To this post, our county is offering something like this, but in reverse.  The teacher is going to be in the classroom but the kids all at home.  I am sort of struggling to understand the point, but I guess this is a way for the teacher to be in the classroom using all the resources she normally would?  It doesn't solve the "parents who have to go to work" issue.  It DOES quell concern of teachers for it spreading to them.  Generally speaking though, it seems like the approach you lay out here is more advantageous.  

    Yeah someone posted your county's approach as a suggestion in our local FB group.  I don't quite get the point, it seems like the primary concern to address is parents who have to go to work.  I'm fortunate to not be in that boat and virtual learning works fine for me, but it seems like t a fully-virtual experience in the fall is a complete non-starter for many. 

    I like the idea of letting those students go to the school and do their virtual learning from there.  Teachers and all other students who can stay home, will stay home.  All students get (roughly) the same virtual learning experience.  Teachers would obviously have access to the school and all the resources they need, but otherwise the school would be staffed with (presumably young, low-risk) volunteers to maintain physical distancing and supervise.  I'm sure people can shoot holes in it but it seemed like a creative solution to a no-win situation and I've only seen it suggested once anywhere. 

  14. 1 hour ago, Mr Anonymous said:

    A bunch of sensitive snowflakes who hate when I keep slam dunking on them have me on ignore. You should join them.

    :lmao:  OK Shaq.  

    As a general rule I don't put people on ignore.  I prefer to keep an open mind to other thoughtful perspectives, and it's useful to keep tabs on what the resident dolts think about issues, too.  

  15. 52 minutes ago, Mr Anonymous said:

    WTF are you talking about? First you question if there was a source for the claim. I provide one and its not good enough. Then I provide the proposal direct from the Teacher's Union and now you're shifting to me needing to tell YOU why or why not the reason they gave for including police defunding in their demands for going to back to teach is justified or not. Read it for yourself. They don't provide a justification at all other than telling the government to take money from "them" and give it to "us". If a union holding gov't hostage and telling it where to take taxpayer money from to give to them is justifiable in your mind, then good luck living in that warped reality you've built for yourself.

    :lmao:  No wonder everyone has you on ignore. 

  16. 23 minutes ago, Mr Anonymous said:

    Nope, I'll happily say that your assumption is 100% wrong.

    I'll happily continue to believe my assumption was right.  If you already had sourced a 17-page document explaining their concerns, why did you repeatedly act like you had no idea and ask us to make up an answer for you?

    2 hours ago, Mr Anonymous said:

    I'd loved to hear an explanation of what that has to do with fulfilling their contract.


    2 hours ago, Mr Anonymous said:

    Lol, what explanation would justify that demand by the teacher's union in your mind?


    39 minutes ago, Mr Anonymous said:

    What possible explanation would be justifiable for the teacher's union to tie demands for police defunding to their refusal to go back to work?


  17. Just now, Mr Anonymous said:

    What possible explanation would be justifiable for the teacher's union to tie demands for police defunding to their refusal to go back to work?

    What possible explanation is there for you to repeat the same question I already replied to earlier?  My assumption is you're not answering because you "heard" this story (presumably from something like reallyrealnews.com) and, satisfied that the headline aligned with your existing beliefs, didn't bother to look into it any further.  :shrug: Am I close?


  18. 7 minutes ago, Mr Anonymous said:

    I've heard of at least one teacher's union demanding the local police department be defunded before they return. I'd loved to hear an explanation of what that has to do with fulfilling their contract. But it's all about the kids, right?

    I don't understand how you heard about this teacher's union but didn't hear the explanation.  

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