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  1. 17 minutes ago, jvdesigns2002 said:

    Seriously man--just drop it.  I've been polite and articulated my stance clearly and kindly to everybody --including yourself.  All you have done throughtout this entire thread is rain snark and rudeness with every post you make.   Just ignore me as I have zero desire to engage in any discussion with you.  I don't know how much clearer I can make it. Enjoy your day and leave me alone. 

    Like so much else here, you have this exactly backwards. I’m sorry you said something silly and have felt obligated to defend it ever since, but you’re allowed to ignore me. That’s probably the mature and responsible thing to do. You’re not allowed to tell me to stop participating in the discussion, that’s not how it works. 

  2. 3 hours ago, jvdesigns2002 said:

    one can literally just ask for cash back the next time they make a purchase at a store with an atm card

    Cool, I'll do that next time i make a purchase with my ATM card, which will be approximately... never. 

    3 hours ago, jvdesigns2002 said:

    This thread is not about going completely cash versus going completely digital. 

    Right, let's not lose sight of the point here, which is that someone claimed not carrying a small amount of cash on their person at all times is immature and irresponsible. 


  3. 14 hours ago, ghostguy123 said:

    If you want to argue that you dont carry cash because you never need/use it, ok cool.

    That's it.  That's the argument. 

    14 hours ago, ghostguy123 said:

    The arguments pertaining to the effort it takes to get/carry cash are about as laughable as it gets.

    No one's saying they don't carry cash because it's too much effort.  It wouldn't take a lot of effort to carry cash around, just like it wouldn't be hard to carry around a pocketful of leaves.  For many of us, there's just no reason to do it. 

    14 hours ago, ghostguy123 said:

    Child please

    I guess it makes sense to carry cash around if you're still living in 2007.  

  4. 1 minute ago, ghostguy123 said:

    Debit cards.

    So if you ever need cash for something, how long does it take you to go get it?

    Probably longer than the 5 seconds you can spend at the check out.  

    You seem hung up on this idea that I should just want cash in my pocket for no specific reason.  What difference does it make how long it takes to get cash at checkout if I have no use or desire for cash?  It would only take me five seconds to rip some leaves of a tree and stuff them in my pocket, too, but I don't do that either, for the same reasons. 

    It's like you guys are mindblown by the idea of not carrying cash at all times.  The reverse isn't true, of course, we know that some people like to carry cash for various reasons and have acknowledged that's perfectly reasonable.  What's going on with you guys that it's so hard to wrap your heads around the concept of not walking around with cash all the time?  Maybe it's different in different parts of the country or something?  

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  5. 10 minutes ago, northern exposure said:

    This thread started out as an interesting discussion about why people choose to or choose not to carry cash. Then it turned into two posters trying to prove who has the bigger bladder and it kind of ruined it.

    I mean, this thread was literally created in response to the bonkers take we're discussing here because it was muddled up in a different thread, but ok. 

  6. 20 minutes ago, ghostguy123 said:

    Does little Sally down the street accept venmo at her lemonade stand?

    It's 2020, she probably does. :)  But obviously if I'm walking down the street to buy lemonade from a child I'd bring some cash from my house.  I love how in order to try to defend the absurd position someone took, you have to come up with examples that have absolutely nothing to do with the position he took.  

    We're not talking about cash occasionally being useful, we're talking about someone who thinks it's "irresponsible" to not carry a little cash on your person at all times because nothing is "full proof" and some wild scenario might come up where your life depends on having a little bit of cash and it's otherwise completely unobtainable.  The specific circumstances that would lead to such a scenario are nearly impossible to imagine.  He's not even trying to defend it anymore, he's moved on to some other point about how everyone judges other people sometimes so therefore something something he was right all along. 

  7. 57 minutes ago, Aerial Assault said:

    Boy, are you being rude in here.  We get it - you think jvd is wrong.  

    Yes, I think the guy calling other people immature, irresponsible and unprofessional (not to mention snarky and trolling) for perfectly normal behavior is wrong.  In fact, I know he's wrong, we all do.  But, you know, we can just fall back on this old standby:

    17 hours ago, jvdesigns2002 said:

    You are entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to mine.


  8. 42 minutes ago, ghostguy123 said:

    I suppose I can get on board with saying that NOT carrying any cash on you is mildly irresponsible and many times inconsiderate.  

    Seems many dont carry cash just to prove some sort of point or something.  Just throw a few 20s in your wallet people.  

    However, if you have zero self control and just HAVE to spend any cash that you see, then sure, dont carry cash.  However, studies have shown that people who use exclusively cash spend less than those that use cards, enough less to make up for any missed perks.  Just saying.

    Or, you know, if you literally never use cash for anything then there's no reason to carry cash on you at all times.  If you're going to need cash for some reason, go get some.  The cash-carriers are the ones trying to prove that their way is "right," the rest of us have said it's fine if you want to carry and fine if you don't.   

    If I ever end up in some highly specific (and correspondingly extremely unlikely) scenario where I need a $20 bill to save my life and am unable to acquire one, I'll admit bonkers guy was right with my dying breath.  :shrug: 

  9. 2 minutes ago, jvdesigns2002 said:

    You on the other hand have contributed nothing.

    On the contrary, against my better judgment I gave a reason why I wouldn't carry cash and explained why the risk-reward scenario you've presented isn't compelling.  You've actually provided nothing but your bonkers opinion over and over.  And when it was pointed out how dumb it was, you tried to make some distinction between "someone who is immature and irresponsible" and "someone who continuously makes the same immature and irresponsible decision every moment of their life."  It's a distinction without a difference.  There are three types of people in this thread: those who don't carry cash; those who do; and you, out on an island, not just carrying cash but pretending that those who don't aren't adulting as well as you are when you carry cash in your grownup wallet on your way down to the business office to do a business. :shrug: 

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  10. 15 minutes ago, jvdesigns2002 said:

    only contribution to the thread is trolling, snarky jokes and nothing substantive.  

    You pulled up with one of the worst takes of all time.  What kind of substantive response do you want?  There's nothing at all "immature," "irresponsible" or "unprofessional" about not carrying cash on your person at all times.  It's not our job to refute your opinion, it's absurd on its face.  You feel better walking around with cash in your pocket?  That's cool, no one ever said it isn't.  But let's not pretend there's anything substantive in your judgment of others, it's a bonkers opinion that even your fellow cash-carriers wouldn't try to defend. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, FBG26 said:

    The quoted comment was directed at someone else, but I did previously mention not wanting to lose cash and forcing myself to be unable to use most vending machines. I believe those are valid reasons for not wanting to carry cash. 

    It doesn't even matter, there's no onus on anyone here to demonstrate why it's not a good idea.  It's a fine idea, it just doesn't make someone "immature," "irresponsible" or "unprofessional" if they choose not to.  Such an absurd take.  

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  12. If I ever started carrying around an emergency $20 bill, there is a 100% chance I’d use it for something nonessential long before it would ever possibly prove useful in an actual emergency. 

    Basically the idea is we need some event that occurs with no forewarning, that knocks out all ability to conduct electronic transactions, and also I’m not home at the time and also I have no way of getting home and I need cash for something really important, but only $20 or less, and I have no other way of obtaining it.... You know, there are lots of risks that are so tiny that it’s not irresponsible to act as if they don’t exist at all. We all do that all the time. This is one of them. 

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  13. Day 34 since The Event.  Or maybe it’s Day 35.  Not sure.  Haven’t seen another living human in at least two weeks.  I spy a dumpster behind an abandoned grocery store.  Might still be something edible in there.  Seems like I’m not the only one with eyes on this prize.  A feral raccoon is circling the dumpster, looking for a way in.  I clutch my long-dead iPhone in my hand and quietly approach, planning to club it to death.  My mouth waters at the thought of eating real meat.  Suddenly the critter looks up in my direction and then runs off frightened.  That’s odd, I think.  Don’t think he’d give up the hunt that easily.  Then it dawns on me - the raccoon wasn’t running from me.  I turn just in time to see the sickening gray flesh of a zombie lurch towards me.  How are they so fast? I wonder.  In a flash it’s on me, sinking its teeth into my thigh.  Its rotten black teeth shred my chinos.  I brace for the pain of the bite, and in that moment I welcome my imminent death.  It will be a sweet release from the hell of this existence.  But the pain never comes.  The zombie stumbles back, with a look of surprise on what’s left of its face.  I look down.  Where the zombie had tried to gnash into my leg, I spy a folded up portrait of Andrew Jackson, its fibers too strong to be torn by the brittle bone chips sticking from the monster’s maw.  Suddenly my will to live is restored.  Thank god I always carried that emergency $20, I thought.  

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  14. 5 minutes ago, jvdesigns2002 said:

    You think ATM's work all of the time?  You think if there is a mass disaster or large unexpected event that ATM's will have enough cash in them to supply the masses with cash?   How about a weather even that causes power outages or shuts down credit card terminals and ATM's?   I agree that having no cash works beautifully 999/1000 days--but you should always have a little bit on you for those rare occurrences when you actually need it.   Unexpected events arise all of the time and fully depending on systems that you have no control over to function perfectly is risky. That's just my 2 cents. 

    I can cobble together a couple hundred bucks around the house in that event, I can't imagine why I'd ever need to be carrying it on my person.  

  15. 20 minutes ago, jvdesigns2002 said:

    I never implied that the words "irresponsible" and "immature" were used to describe people that do not carry cash in general.  My implication was that the action of a grown adult not carrying around any cash routinely is an "irresponsible" and "immature" thing to do.  

    I still have no idea what you're trying to say here.  I can't imagine what's immature or irresponsible about never carrying cash, though.  It's 2020, the two times a year I actually need cash, I go get some from the ATM.  

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