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  1. I've been working at startups with a bunch of bros half my age the last few years.  Everyone has a robinhood account.  I also have never heard of webull.  (I'm even on reddit all the time, though I don't frequent WSB or any of that stuff.)  I don't doubt that it's huge, must just exist in entirely different circles or something. 

  2. My son saw it fairly recently, apparently it came on in between Roblox playthroughs or something on Youtube (I'm crushing it in the dad department these days, obv).  He was really scared for a few days after seeing it, like didn't want to walk to a different part of the house on his own kinda scared.  He seems to have gotten over it now.  

  3. 1 minute ago, parasaurolophus said:

    If you wear a mask you don't have to wear the cone.

    However if you want to wear a face shield, you do have to wear one that attaches at collar. I thought it was completely made up at first, but googled just to be sure.Maine public radio story

    Right, those exist, e.g. https://aworkstation.com/zshield-flex-a-face-shield-designed-for-service-workers/.  People aren't actually wearing dog cones.  

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  4. 2 hours ago, Chaz McNulty said:

    There should be news this week.

    Haven't checked in on this thread since I sold my CYDY a month or so ago.  Just skipped right to the last page to see what was going on and this was one of the first things I see.  Reminds me of what was being said about CYDY every single week all through the spring. :lmao:

    To be totally clear, I wish nothing but the best for everyone here and I hope it moons so you all get rich, but it felt so good to just get out.  

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  5. 45 minutes ago, fatguyinalittlecoat said:

    I took a lecture class this summer and it was useful to be able to pause and rewind the lecture when necessary.  That's one advantage of online over live.  

    Yeah that's a big one.  Being able to view lectures and do coursework on your own schedule is an advantage.  Also, time wasted commuting to/from classes is better spent doing pretty much anything else.  

    I think in general online is probably worse than in-person, but I'm not sure it's inherently worse.  It's just our typical implementation of online education isn't all that it could be. 

    As others have noted, the real benefit of the on-campus college experience isn't really being in class, is everything else that comes with it.  The value of an online course is probably roughly the same as the same course attended in person, but I wouldn't pay the same tuition for a semester of online college as I'd pay to be on campus. 

  6. 2 hours ago, huthut said:

    From what I have seen in STEM related fields, no matter how tough or specific the interview questions are, the day someone starts they are treated as if they know nothing. I cannot name one thing I learned in college that was useful for a job. The degree was required to GET the job, but for actually doing the job everything was learned after being hired.

    Eh, I'm sure this is true for a lot of degrees/fields but when I hire a statistician or a data scientist I expect them to know how to do those things on day 1.  I ask tough interview questions because I need to know I won't have to teach you that stuff if I hire you.  :shrug:  

  7. 18 minutes ago, munga30 said:

    Was excited by it at first but I've fizzled a little, banging my head against a couple of spots.  Will probably pick it back up soon.  

    If you're stuck on any particular part I could maybe point you in the right direction without spoiling anything.  It is basically a lot of the same thing over and over - wake up, follow some clues, explore something new, figure something out, die, repeat - and if the game had been a lot longer I think I would've fizzled out on it too.  Given the size of the universe and the fact that I pretty much uncovered something new on just about every run through I never really got tired of it though, and ultimately it all fit together nicely I thought. 

  8. 1 minute ago, matuski said:

    Will it?  I understand it can... I am trying to understand the likelyhood.  The dividend pays out and the stock price drops the amount of the payout?

    As an oversimplified example, imagine a company that is worth $100 and has 100 outstanding shares.  Each share is thus worth $1.  The company announces that they're going to take $30 out of the company and pay it to all the shareholders (i.e. a dividend).  The company still has 100 outstanding shares but is now only worth $70.  How much is a share worth?  

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  9. 4 minutes ago, matuski said:

    Someone please explain dividends to me.

    Take DHT... 30%+ dividend.  Why wouldn't everyone here put every dollar they own into this stock over the next week before the ex div date?

    Is it more complicated than that?  Is that dividend date not a sure thing?  The dividend itself not a sure thing a week out?

    Because the price of the stock will decrease by roughly the amount of the dividend. 

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  10. On 8/12/2020 at 8:35 AM, Ignoratio Elenchi said:

    So now here in NJ, the governor is expected to announce today that schools will be allowed to start the year all-virtual (up until now, there was a state requirement that all schools offer some form of in-person instruction when the year starts).  So the weird hybrid plans we just spent weeks hashing out are now likely to get tossed in a lot of districts.  In my town we literally just had a meeting last night to discuss the rollout of the hybrid schedule and I wouldn't be surprised to find out we just go all-online to start the year now that it's allowed.  Shame so much time was wasted.  

    ...and we’re all-remote to start the year now. Announced last night. Some Facebook moms are losing their minds but it was clearly the right call imo. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, Pip's Invitation said:

    NJ is giving school districts the option to go entirely virtual; this after the teachers' and principals' unions lobbied Gov. Murphy. Previously all districts were required to offer virtual and hybrid options. (The hybrid option proposed in my district and others nearby doesn't make any sense, so we picked the virtual option anyway.)

    I haven't followed it, was busy most of the day yesterday, but it sounded like schools are still pretty much required to offer in-person instruction, and in order to opt to do all-remote instruction they need to demonstrate to the state that they won't be able to meet the health and safety guidelines in time for the start of the school year.  So districts still don't really have the option to choose all-online.  I'm not sure what the actual requirements are that need to be met.  But I think my district, for example, already submitted their hybrid plan to the state for approval so I'm guessing we still wouldn't be able to opt for all-online unless something changes between now and September. 

  12. 10 minutes ago, belljr said:

    I have to assume the fall online experience will be much better than the spring when it was ended suddenly

    If the plan all along was to remain all-online in the fall, that would be a reasonable assumption.  If the school spent the summer working out hybrid plans where teachers would simultaneously provide online and in-person instruction, there’s a decent chance it’ll be as bad or worse. 

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  13. 1 minute ago, El Floppo said:

    teacher mom, like my wife, is convinced that all of this will be for naught- that the hybrid plan won't work, and/or the city won't be able to even meet the requirements before hand to allow in-school at all, and that NYC will end up going 100% remote either after a cluster-#### opening, or before school even starts.

    this is what we’re expecting in NJ as well. I’ve said this before but it’s frustrating that we couldn’t have spent the last four months planning the best possible remote experience for everyone, and instead wasted months on hybrid plans that are crappy at best and that seem increasingly likely to not even be implemented after all. 

  14. So now here in NJ, the governor is expected to announce today that schools will be allowed to start the year all-virtual (up until now, there was a state requirement that all schools offer some form of in-person instruction when the year starts).  So the weird hybrid plans we just spent weeks hashing out are now likely to get tossed in a lot of districts.  In my town we literally just had a meeting last night to discuss the rollout of the hybrid schedule and I wouldn't be surprised to find out we just go all-online to start the year now that it's allowed.  Shame so much time was wasted.  

  15. 11 hours ago, matuski said:

    It was your definition.

    I agreed that it was absurd.  :hifive:



    matuski: in-person instruction is infinitely more effective than virtual

    also matuski: they don’t even need teachers, they can learn from a book

    i respect you enough to assume you're just trolling at this point.  we get it, you want to send your kids to school.  we all do.  it's fine to also recognize that it's not going to be anything like pre-COVID school for a while (in most places, perhaps your school is in a minority that is just going back to normal).  we all want our kids back in school, for all the same well-intentioned reasons.  the issue is, the "school" we want to send our kids back to is not what is being offered this fall.  in the interim there's some weird substitute that has at least as many drawbacks as supposed advantages.  it's silly not to acknowledge that. 

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  16. 46 minutes ago, Mrs. Rannous said:

    I take it that you are teaching surgical techniques and skills.  Did you start those lessons in the OR?  If noit, this statement in no way applies to classroom learning with masks on.

    For the sake of the patients, I sure hope surgical skills are taught someplace other than the OR before moving to the lab section of instruction.

    It's such an absurd analogy, I started to respond and decided not to bother.  

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  17. 2 minutes ago, matuski said:

    So all these years in the OR wearing masks haven't counted as face to face interaction?  Come on now.

    So adults wearing masks in an operating room is analogous to kids learning social development while sitting in rows with masks on?  Come on now.  

    3 minutes ago, matuski said:

    My kids have lunch, my kids will be with friends before and after school... perhaps this isn't the case elsewhere, but I'm glad it is the case here.

    Our district has no lunch (they're doing half days in-person).  No other local districts I'm aware of are doing traditional lunches where kids congregate and socialize - they'll be eating at their desks.  My kids will be with friends after school, too - seeing friends is not really a compelling reason to send your kids to school, they're allowed to socialize outside of school.  :shrug: 

    5 minutes ago, matuski said:

    I can't imagine online zoom meetings being better than in person for teaching and learning.  It wasn't for them in the Spring, it hasn't been for me in the last several months.

    Online teaching isn't better than in person.  But it is better than hybrid situations where some of the students are online and some are in person, which is what pretty much every school near me is going with.  If your schools are reopening fully then most of what I've said won't apply.  But if your town allows families to opt for online instruction , then your kid will be sitting in a classroom but not getting the full benefit of being there because the teacher has to tailor their instruction to half the class that is remote.  And of course the kids at home are getting a worse deal because the teacher isn't fully committed to providing a remote educational experience.  It sucks both ways. 

    Of course, online instruction is expected to improve over the spring, since that was all cobbled together with no notice.  Remains to be seen how effectively schools have used this time, however.

    Like I said, maybe your school is reopening fully with few changes from pre-COVID life, in which case my comments don't really apply.  If not, I don't think people fully appreciate the impact of a lot of the changes that are being implemented.  At least from the plans I've seen around here, being in school is not going to provide the better education and the mental health benefits for kids people are touting.  It's gonna suck. 


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  18. 19 minutes ago, matuski said:

    They are face to face with other people (at those desks, at lunch, before and after school).  See their friends, make new ones.  ie social development.  Not to mention the infinitely better learning environment.

    Invaluable imo.  Worth the risk.

    Growing up on zoom and Xbox is a MUCH closer semblance to jail.

    They're not face to face, they'll all have masks on.  Their desks are all 6+ feet apart and all facing the same direction.  There's no lunch, no free play, no before- and after-school congregating on school property.  And I doubt in-school instruction will be infinitely better when the teacher is dividing their efforts and attention between the handful of kids in the classroom and the rest of the kids online, which is where it seems most schools are landing.  The learning environment for all students will be worse in a hybrid plan than if they were all in-person or all online IMO.  

    I'm sympathetic to the argument that kids need that kind of development but they're not going to get it in school this year.  As far as I can tell, trying to learn in this weird environment is more likely to cause anxiety and depression that produce any meaningful positive effects.  My kids get more social development with their friends outside of school than they would in school this fall. 

    Meanwhile learning remotely means no mask, freedom to move around in a safe environment, can get up and go to the bathroom whenever they want, etc.  Will still see their friends after school / on weekends.  For my family, going to school would be an increased risk for a worse situation.  Keeping the kids home is a win-win until things are back to normal.  

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