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  1. Looks like Pogba is getting another shot in a double pivot today. Here's to hoping..
  2. For sure. I don't know if it's the Kante factor or the style of play in the EPL or what. He just doesn't perform well there for United.
  3. I think it's about what gets the best out of the guys you have. This is a similar position to what Bruno plays with Portugal. He just isn't the same. He thrives as a pure 10. And Pogba just can't be asked to do anything defensively. Once he's free though, he's an animal. I totally get what you're saying though. It should work. Especially with Pogba. He has all the attributes to perform as a more defensive mid, but he's just never consistent there. You can't argue with his results in that free role on the left.
  4. I think having Ronaldo in the lineup pretty much assures us of getting more McFred. Especially with how well Pogba has been playing in that free role on the left. Pogba, Bruno, and Sancho roaming around setting up Ronaldo. McFred back there covering them so that they can do whatever the hell they want. Rashford, Greenwood, Cavani, VDB ready to jump in. 🤤
  5. Two games in and our season is over. Small price to pay for bringing Ronaldo back to United. 🥰
  6. You saying that he could've prevented a botched exit by leaving 3k troops indefinitely. It's a non-sequitur.
  7. The problem is that people didn't want to leave until they saw we were actually pulling out. It's like they thought they were calling our bluff or something. Unless you're saying that we should have rounded them up and forced them on to planes.
  8. This is certainly reasonable. However, it completely undermines the "I want to leave Afghanistan but Biden botched the exit" narrative.
  9. Even if they were certain that the collapse was imminent what could they have done differently? If they had just said, "yeah it's going to collapse and we're pulling out anyway", how is that going to lead to a more peaceful exit? It seems it's either what we have or a forever war.
  10. Hopefully we get every US citizen that wants out before the negotiated deadline. I'd prefer we not go back to war with the Taliban.
  11. I'm sure the is a variety of reasons why people stayed. Any yeah, blaming them isn't going to do any good. Regardless of the circumstances, we've got to help them out.
  12. Thanks, I'll check it out. Your heart breaks for these people.
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