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  1. Do you see the situation for buyers getting any better in the near future?
  2. Okay, let me see if I've got this right: housing prices are nuts, but if you want to buy a house in the next few years now is the time to do it with how low interest rates are right now. Do I have that right? Any experts want to weigh in?
  3. - Henry McKenna BiB - EHT SB BiB - Early Times BiB - 1792 BiB - Old Fourth BiB (no idea)
  4. I've seen this mentioned by a few people. Are folks thinking that the media knows Biden has dementia but are not saying anything? That they're knowingly giving him softball questions that he can only respond to because he has the answers in front of him? Is that the claim?
  5. That sucks, man. Hopefully she is getting the care she needs. Do you think Biden needs to be in a nursing home?
  6. Yeah, I think it's reasonable for people to think that there is some cognitive decline. Maybe even more than what is associated with healthy aging. You can never know for sure. I get kinda pissed off when people say that he has dementia though. I think it trivializes what people with dementia and their families go through.
  7. I'm not sure how to do the double quote thing. Do ya'll think Biden has dementia?
  8. I absolutely agree. I think the question to ask is whether or not the response is bringing more compassion into the world. The Dr. Seuss thing, I would say yes. Vindictively ruining someone's career, no. I think that we can apply this same logic when evaluating our own behavior and attitudes. Some folks for sure have a ways to go in that regard.
  9. I think it's way too much. To go farther, I'd say that any therapist that would feed into her overly-critical and perfectionistic self talk would be doing her a disservice. People that identify with cancel culture are not only unfair to others, they're unfair to themselves. It's a huge mental health problem.
  10. Basically the same thing. As with a bunch of the incidents talked about in here. It's weird to see these type of issues talked about in the same thread as the Teen Vogue thing. Completely different issues for me.
  11. If everything is too hot, try Basil Hayden's. It's overpriced but inoffensive.
  12. Pour something good, but also easily found. Buffalo Trace to Knob Creek Single Barrel range.
  13. Did you read the next sentence? I don't want to leave anyone behind. I don't see how you can argue that these folks haven't been left behind though. They're toiling away in meaningless low paying jobs. Those blue collar jobs that you could retire from, that you could provide for a family of three on, those aren't there anymore (at least in the number that they used to) and they're not coming back. The gap between these folks and the college educated is widening by the day. These folks have little economic power. They don't see themselves reflected back in the media and entertainment
  14. The bolded is what I think of as cancel culture. Some people think that because things like racism, anti-semitism, transphobia, etc are so harmful that it justifies going on the attack and ruining people. That these issues are so high stakes that if you get a whiff of it, it's no holds barred. It's real and it happens. I agree that a lot of the stuff that people complain about in here is just a reluctance to join in on the advancement of our culture (the Dr. Seuss thing for example). They're being left behind. The world is changing in ways that they don't like and so they're all freaked
  15. The Dr. Seuss estate decided not to publish the works any longer. Basically an incredibly effective marketing ploy. I don't see the need for outrage here. eta: I edited to remove a racist Dr. Seuss cartoon, because I thought it might get me banned here. It's easily googleable and definitely not milquetoast.
  16. From twitter: "It’s March. By May the U.S. is expected to have enough vaccines for everyone. Cases are way down. But they’re still very high, and in a tenuous plateau. Ending precautions now is like entering the last miles of a marathon and taking off your shoes and eating several hot dogs."
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