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  1. Caustic's post had POTUS quoted as asking aides on several occasions "Am I going out like Stan Chera? Am I?"
  2. 2 days in, and the POTUS is asking people if he's going out. Man, I so DONT want to catch this bug. It must hit like a ton of bricks.
  3. My comment "That's messed up" referred to the poll where 31% said that MLK "brought his assassination on himself". That's messed up. If someone were to say that Trump catching COVID "brought it on himself", frankly I'd have to agree. He has the resources to bubble up real good, and chose not to because he's alpha or something.
  4. Quite a few kids in my grade school, modeling their parents no doubt, were happy when Reagan got shot. Blew my mind.
  5. I'm in the same boat, to some extent. Get Trump out - he's awful - but I'm not comfortable voting Blue into office up and down the ticket. And that's OK. I will absolutely vote for Biden. However from 1988 to 2018 I was a registered Republican. That means that I have a very long history of not appreciating the Democrat "you're a victim and I'm your daddy" message and their general attempted balkanization of the electorate. The perpetual hand-wringing over every topic under the sun, saying how awful it all is. Very little optimism - there is always some injustice we must all care about with all our being. It is always existential! Maybe I don't want all that in my face all the time. Tell me something good once in a while! Lie to me! 🙂 I switched to Democrat in early 2019 (wifey did same this year). I wanted to have a voice. The specific issue was the government shutdown, which was just so dumb and so needlessly (even gleefully) harmful. My switch had been coming for a while, however. I know, I know, nobody cares about your fantasy team or your personal political story. Once Biden is in office I'll probably be unhappy with him and his party. If the Republicans can somehow turn back the clock to GHWB I'll VERY happily return. If they remain negative, xenophobic, and know-nothing (my opinion, maybe not someone else's) at the core I won't. A little of that around the periphery, well, they've always had a little. Perfection is unattainable. Best to all on each of your political journeys!
  6. Excellent point. The hand is on the other foot.
  7. Doesn't matter. The charges have stuck (because we all know he's a massive bigot) and the news cycle is moving on.
  8. The best of all outcomes! The Commission changes the rules, Trump says I'm Out, Biden says I was good to go. The Commission becomes the bad guy, acting like the stern dad. Biden looks like he was ready to give it another shot and wasn't "Hidin". Trump doesn't have to bother with another debate (he's sick of it - that's not the forum he enjoys or scores well in). The American people are spared two more nights of orange bloviation and grey mumbling.
  9. Nope. Fight every fight. Make rubble bounce.
  10. I talked with a few moderate to slightly conservative (financial not lifestyle) suburban women yesterday, and asked them how they felt about the debate. I tried not to be prompting, mostly just a general "who do you think won", followed by a more focused question on candidate behavior. Like most of us, they thought the debate was awful with no coherence and no traditional winner. What struck me was their unanimous visceral reaction to Trump's behavior. They were NOT impressed, and strongly disapproved of Trump's tendency to interrupt and talk over Biden and the moderator. A lot of women dislike interacting with "that kind of guy". So yes, he may have pleased his fanboys with his "dominance" of Biden especially in the first 30 minutes before his stimulants wore off, but he's not moving the needle where it matters, and could be sinking even a little more. The clock is ticking...
  11. He's whistling past the graveyard. This race is over. In 2016 people, especially a certain kind of people (white, male, no college degree), were looking for any excuse not to vote for Hillary. She was that obnoxious. Consequently her numbers were always soft, and "undecideds" broke hard for the iconoclast Trump. 4 years later, and Iconoclast Trump is just an ####### after all, and Joe is not obnoxiously unlikeable like the harpy Hillary. Joe's numbers are much harder. Trump is done.
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