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  1. Thanks Doc. Unrelated question, do you expect us to be living to 100+ years on average the next generation, the millennials? Things seem to be moving fast in this field.
  2. Dont take it personal. If your guy wins the nomination it will be pounded into the ground. Lighten up a bit, its still only March. Good luck Tuesday.
  3. It will take more than one man, we would need a man on the scope of a Napoleon to make any meaningful change. Those people cannot exist in our government. We get crumbs of change as the train barrels down.
  4. I agree with everything you just said. I wish It was possible to fix.
  5. It gave you goose bumps didnt it? You love that anthem.
  6. Keep fighting comrades! Thanks for playing. Great movie, we know the winner!
  7. Im all ears, Im undecided as of right now. The only thing I see coming from Bernie is higher taxes, free college, bad nafta and protests.
  8. He has openly attacked Wall St., where the heart of capitalism lays and advocating taxing it to death. If you can refrain from personal attacks and tell me how he is going to solve our problems without taxing me into the grave please share. Or is this the snobby bern bro thread where we shoot down people that dont agree with your socialist plan for America?
  9. He can call himself what he wants, but it all comes from the same source material.
  10. I wont vote Ted Cruz, I dont like people that are introduced by preachers that want to murder gays.
  11. I dont like self proclaimed Marxists preaching tax and spend big daddy gov. will save you. I dislike both of these populist movements. Bernie scares me more.
  12. Are you rooting for Bernie to take the Dem nomination? He is more dangerous than Trump to the American way of life.
  13. I preferred your unedited post. Im looking forward to more violence from the morally superior Bern bros, its just getting warmed up.
  14. They put your Bern bro stage rusher on CNN for an interview. Secret Service is going to have their hands full attempting to stop rabid bern bros trying to attack him all summer. Bernie, the candidate for anarchists, violent suppression and attacks on presidential candidates. Attack Trump and get on CNN. Feel the Bern.
  15. Im not talking about Trump. Im asking Bernie fans if they think that using violence and intimidation to shut down political events is a legitimate reaction?
  16. Do you look at violence and intimidation as a legitimate way to progress your political aims?
  17. Spring is about to hit the Detroit area. Forecast calls for 70 on TUE. Gonna get out there and hope my back works the next day.
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