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  1. 2.02 Karl Malone, PF, 90s First, Malone is a total turd of a human and I have no respect for the dude, but this is all for pretendsies. Malone was very arguably the second best player in the 90s, making First Team All-NBA for every year of the decade, plus a couple MVPS, and averaged 27.2 points, 10.7 rebounds and 3.7 assists for the decade while missing a total of three games over those 10 seasons. Probably not an all-time defender, but certainly a plus (4 All-Defense teams). He is 2nd all time in points, 3rd in rebounds, 12th in steals. Baylor and M Malone would have both been my pick
  2. I was a bit surprised to seem him still standing. I probably would have preferred to take somebody more relevant to my BB watching days, but I think there is a fairly significant gap between West and the remaining more modern guys. I was hoping Shaq or Duncan was going to fall.
  3. I'm not necessarily surprised that he wasn't #2, although that is definitely where I would have taken him, I'm blown away he dropped to #6. The only argument I could really make not to take him ahead of Wilt and Russell is that in this format there are a lot of really good players from the 10s whereas the the 60s are very shallow. I don't think there is a real argument to make for Magic or Kareem (especially since Kareem's longevity is a bit diluted in this format).
  4. 1.15 Jerry West, G, 60s The Logo. West made 14 All-Star teams in each his 14 years, 12 All-NBA teams (10 first team) - only missing out on in his first and last seasons, and the All-Defense team every year from it's inception to his second to last season. If not for Bill Russell and the Celtics being possibly the best dynasty in modern sports, we might remember Jerry West as a top 5-6 player rather than somebody on the fringe of the top 12. Sorry for the delay - you all moved a lot quicker than I thought and I was out of the office for half the day. @Yo Mama
  5. They kinda had to do it if George was willing to take the extension but that is going to be a rough contract in the last couple years.
  6. I think it is more true then ever. How much better is Adams then, say, Dwight Howard or Hassan Whiteside (in addition to the previously mentioned Gasol)? Adams is a good player, but I think that list of centers show exactly why he isn't worth the money - he doesn't have the perimeter skills defensively to keep up with those guys and doesn't have the offensive skills to make small ball teams worry playing a PF at C. OKC was +1 with Adams on the bench these playoffs, -50 with him in the game.
  7. Almost every center making more than about $5 is overpaid other than the top 6-8 because the production in the next 30-40 is so similar.
  8. I ####### hope not. Grant was a good player and I'm sad to see him go, but if that is the money he was going to get, it's probabaly for the best.
  9. His shot fell more than I thought it would and I thought he did better against the big time SFs (Leonard/George/Lebron) than expected - he can't lock them down, but he can be left alone on them well enough. Paired with Porter, he can take the tougher assignment defensively and has just enough offensive skill and shooting ability not to muck things up. Porter's rebounding negates what is Grant's biggest weakness.
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