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  1. I looked up his stats last night... I knew he didn't play much and didn't really deserve a roster spot BUT he's only played like 500 minutes in the last 6 seasons TOTAL. I can't imagine there has ever been a player that was full time on a roster with fewer minutes over 6 seasons.
  2. I think fouls and free throws are at about all time lows. The unnatural shooting motions getting fouls needs to be addressed, but otherwise, I think the refs are better than ever (low bar to be sure) and making a more free flowing game. There are definitely some things the NBA could do on the margins, but generally, I think they legislated a better NBA over the last 25 years.
  3. I understand the angling for Denver but they are now 9-1 without Murray. They are playing their best basketball of the season while playing trash heap guards significant minutes. It's pretty impressive.
  4. I don't know about that. They have maybe the biggest ##### owner in the league and they are the Knicks... Hard to really pull for the organization. Aesthetically, they aren't much fun either - they play at a horribly slow pace and have a poor offense with bad ball movement and mediocre spacing. The players seem likeable and they haven't been good in a long time, so I could see the excitement for New Yorkers though.
  5. Nuggets after tonight's win are 8-1 since Murray went down. The got a hell of a five game stretch coming up - LAC, LAL, NYK, Utah, BK. We're about to see how good they really are without their second best (and 5th and 6th best) player.
  6. At some point don't the chemistry issues of the last three season come back to Stevens? There was a ton of Stevens dick riding over the past half decade but it seems something isn't working any more. They excuse I've seen this year is injuries, and they've definitely had more injuries than most of the teams at the top of each conference (underrated reason for Utah's record), but not to the point that they are hovering around .500. At least you Celtics fans got to see Brady win another Super Bowl earlier in the year.
  7. I'd feel a lot better about piling on the Boston fans here if I didn't have to side with the Philly fans.
  8. The Mavs have a pretty easy schedule remaining, they are only 1.5 games back of the Lakers, and they now own the season series. I'm hoping they can leap frog the Lakers.
  9. Will Barton went down with some sort of hmu leg injury. Malone said that Barton heard a pop. Their backcourt is getting awfully thin.
  10. Statistically, things don't look much different these last couple years from his "peak" in LA. His usage is down a bit, he's quit taking FTs (which is concerning), and he's traded some mid rangers for threes, but otherwise he looks like the same player. I haven't watched him much over the last couple seasons so I don't know if he sucks worse or not, but he'll fit better as a combo guard in the starting lineup than the other options they have.
  11. Nuggets signed Austin Rivers to a 10 day. He might be the starting PG for most the remainder of the regular season with Murray out for the year and Morris out for a good while with a pulled hammy. They started Facu at going last night and the Grizz were leaving him open. He's making a decent % of his threes on the season (.373 and nearly 3/4 of his shots are from 3) but he's only shooting 5.5 per 36 and they are mostly open. The team needs a guard that is at least a bit of a threat off the dribble and somebody that will at least be guarded at the 3 point line so the team isn't playing 4 o
  12. Kevin's All-Time PG - Steve Nash - HOF, 2x MVP, 7x All-NBA, 8x AS. Revolutionized the NBA with the 7 seconds or less Suns. One of the greatest distributors, shooters, and the best pick and roll PG of all time to time behind Stockton. He’ll split time as an on-ball creator in the PnR and a deadly off-ball shooter. 30 MPG SG - Jerry West - HOF, 12x All-NBA, 5x All-Defense, 14x AS, 1x Finals MVP. An amazing player in every sense with a game that would have translated well into the modern NBA due to his defense, shooting ability, and ball handling ability. 40 MPG SF -Dave Debussche
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