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  1. Disagree about Zion's talent. If they could surround him with shooting and defense, you could run him as basically prime Westbrook at point forward and he could wreck the league. The combination of his conditioning and injury issues with the management's inability to build a decent team around him could very well make him a total bust though. I think he has about the largest range of variance over the next 2-3 years in the NBA. Wouldn't be surprised to see him win an MVP, wouldn't be surprised to see him eat and injury himself (those seem to be very related in his case) out of the league.
  2. Sounds like the Nuggets gave MPJ the full boat on his extension. Not sure how I feel about that, but I guess it isn't my money. We're about to see if Kroenke actually is willing to pay the luxury tax.
  3. So is Mythic Quest. I was loathe to get Apple tv but so far it's been well worth the $5/month.
  4. Buyouts go through the waiver process for the original salary, so if they were to do this in the off-season, anybody with $35m in cap space could sign him. Alternatively, if the agreed to a buyout right now, there is hardly any salary cap money out there, so he would likely sign for an exception somewhere which would be a massive hit to his salary. So, hypothetically they could agree to a buyout but it'll never happen because he either looses tons of money or he'd likely end up with a horrible team that he would have no control of.
  5. One of my favorite sports memories of my childhood was when I met him. My family (my mom's parents, first row of the second level on the aisle right at the edge of the big scoreboard) had season tickets back in the late 70s through early 90s and for years season tickets holders would get a pass per seat to the player meet and greet. In probably '92 when I was 6 or 7, I got to go and that meant lots of autographs. The session was ending as I was in line to meet (at the time) Chris Jackson - I was close to him in line, but still a few people/groups deep when the time ended. I started crying so he came around the table and picked me up and held me while he talked to my dad and me for a couple minutes while signing a couple things for us. My memories are fuzzy but my dad told me he was a fantastically warm and genuine person and that tracks with how my 6 YO self felt. Between that and other things I've read about him, he seems like a great person. From a purely basketball standpoint, he was a man before his time. He could have been Lillard or Curry-esque with his handle and shooting ability. Also kind of a man before his time politically/socially. I think the current BLM movement owes him a bit of a tip of the cap to his stance with the anthem 30 years ago.
  6. This is one of the worst transactions in the history of the NBA. This would have stuck out in the drunken spending spree that was 2016 free agency BUT they also dropped a first round pick and two seconds. Amazing. Eta: And a player of fairly similar quality that fit the roster better.
  7. More proof that the Lakers are one of the worst run organizations in sports, they just happen to fall ### backwards into success because they are the Lakers.
  8. Grant had a fantastic playoffs after a very mediocre season. Gordon was very good in the regular season for the Nuggets (other than his shooting) and was really bad in the playoffs. I still think Gordon is the better player.
  9. Hell of a last 16 minutes for the Nuggets. I thought they were cooked half way through the 3rd.
  10. 6-7 from three so far tonight in 9 minutes of game action. Career 44% 3 point shooter and a lot of those are with a guy all over him.
  11. The Nuggets aren't trading Murray, even for an improvement in talent - he is too central to their culture. I also don't think Lillard is necessarily an improvement over MPJ AND Murray (if healthy). Porter might be the best shooter in the league behind Curry, Thompson, and Lillard and he's only in his 2nd season and Murray is a pretty good facsimile of Lillard.
  12. McCollum for Harris works straight up and would be a decent trade for both sides. Philly might have to throw a little something in there, but it's a decent start.
  13. Nurkic seems like a guy to hold onto as well. He's gotten into a lot of foul trouble but he's been fantastic. It seems he's improved his athleticism since his broken leg and dropped a bit of weight.
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